Shadowmeld – Enjoy it while you can

According to the PTR patch notes for 3.0.8, Blizzard will be ‘fixing’ the Night Elves’ Shadowmeld ability. Right now you can use it to take yourself out of combat completely. This means (for example) you can stop mid-battle to drink in BGs, and you can use it to take an extra health/mana potion per fight in instances. 

The fix will implement the intended behavior – to take you off the threat table while active, but then return you to combat at the same threat level as before when you unmeld.


2 responses to “Shadowmeld – Enjoy it while you can

  1. X 180PROOF X

    Dang, i played a night elf priest to current lvl 72. shdowmeld saved me mulitple times in instances when i would pull aggro from healing. im gonna miss it. i just started a hunter lvl 11 (priest now forgotton) and im thinking its the funnest class EVER! my hunter is also a night elf.

  2. As a hunter shadowmeld was giving me a second feign death total aggro dump – when it is fixed it will only be useful to me when soloing. When you are the only person on the monsters hate list, it will put you out of combat and reset the monster (a second feign death for that bad pull you want to reset).

    However, other classes should still be able to use the fixed shadowmeld in groups to manage aggro. It will still act as a temporary, but not a permanent, aggro dump. While you are shadowmelded your tank or off-tank will need to generate some extra threat to overtake you again on the aggro table, or the mob will need to be cc’d. When you unshadowmeld, your threat will be reset to its previous level, so as long as someone has overtaken you on the threat table, or the mob controlled, you will be OK.

    The other thing it will no longer do, as Anelf said, is let you drink in the middle of a fight, as it will no longer take you out of combat.