Anelf’s Resto Druid Easy Naxx-Ready Gear Guide (Part 3)

AnelfItem enhancements

In Part One of this guide I reviewed armor; in Part Two I covered bling and weapons. This final section covers item enhancements. That’s stuff like enchants, spellthreads, and armor kits.

My philosophy with item enhancements is choosing an enhancement level to match the item. I tend to use the cheaper enhancements with Blue items I’m expecting to replace quickly, and move to the more expensive ones when I get my purples (that I expect to last me a while).  For example, I’d use something like Golden Spellthread on my Overcast Legguards and move up to Brilliant Spellthread when I’d farmed enough mats for my Earthgiving Legguards.

The top enhancements usually cost a lot more, but normally don’t give a huge improvement over the lesser (cheaper enchants). For example, the  (Sons of Hodir Exalted) Greater Inscription of the Crag only gives 6 Spellpower and 2 MP5 more than the (Honored) Lesser Inscription of the Crag. That’s an awful lot of rep grinding for 6 Spellpower. Its worth it in a raiding guild where competition is insanely fierce. But does it make that much different if you’re in a more casual guild?


Stamina isn’t the best stat to stack, but if you’re saving up for a particular enhancement, you might as well equip a Borean Armor Kit or Heavy Borean Armor Kit in the meantime. They give you 18 and 12 Stamina respectively, and can be equipped on head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands or feet.


Grind rep to revered with the Wyrmrest Accord by doing the dailies as you level and you can buy their Arcanum of Blissful Mending at the same time you buy your healer mace.

There’s no point going back to Hellfire Peninsula for their helmet glyph, as this one is better.

And if you PvP a little, or of you get some Stone Keeper’s Shards as boss drops, then the Arcanum of Dominance makes a good stopgap while you’re grinding for your PvE Arcanum.


Inscription of Faith or Inscription of Discipline (Aldor honored) is a good starting inscription for your shoulders, and gives +15 Spellpower. It costs 2 Holy Dust (you get one Holy Dust for handing in one Fel Armament), which is pretty cheap now the price of Fel Armaments has plummeted – they sell for around 10g each these days.  I use these for my blue shoulderpads because they’re nice and cheap.

Moving up a level takes you to the Greater Inscription of Faith (or Discipline) or the Lesser Inscription of the Crag (Sons of Hodir Honored) These both have the same stats (18 Spellpower and 4 MP5), and cost about the same (8 Holy Dust/75G).

(The Scryer equivalents of the Inscriptions of Faith are the Inscriptions of the Oracle. These give 5MP5 for the Lesser and 6MP5+12 Spellpower for the Greater).

Then we have Greater Inscription of the Crag (Sons of Hodir Exalted), giving 24 Spellpower and 6MP5, and costing 100G.

Sons of Hodir rep is very hard to grind. Even getting to neutral with them takes a very long quest chain, and then you get 3 daily quests that give you 250 rep each. The daily quests are always very busy, so you’re competing to grab the quest mobs as they spawn. If you want these Inscriptions, consider leveling your last couple of levels in the Storm Peaks so you hit 80 already with some Hodir rep in hand.

If you’re an Inscriber, you’ll be making yourself the Master’s Inscription of the Crag. 61 Spellpower and 6 MP5 and not having to grind Hodir dailies are a big reason to take up Inscription.

The Inscription of Dominance makes a good stopgap while you’re grinding for your PvE Inscriptions if you have Stone Keeper’s Shards available.


There are lots of chest enchants suitable for a Resto Druid. Choose one of these according to your pocket:

Greater Mana Restoration – 8MP5.

Powerful Stats – +10 on all stats.

Major Spirit – 15 Spirit.

Super Stats – +8 on all stats.

Restore Mana Prime – 6MP5


Enchant Cloak – Wisdom gives you 10 Spirit and some threat reduction. Or the old BC Enchant Cloak – Subtlety gives 2% threat reduction.


The Wrath expansion introduced the Blacksmithing item Eternal Belt Buckle. It adds a gem slot to your belt that will take any color gem. These are selling on the AH for around 80g. This is the only enhancement you can get for a belt, so its this or nothing.


Pants are all about Spellthread. If you’re a Tailor, you get a cheap version of the best Spellthread – Santified Spellthread. This is the same as Brilliant Spellthread, but costs you less. (Its only usable by Tailors).

Now I have my purple pants, I’m watching the AH to get the Brilliant Spellthread at a decent price. For blue pants, you can make do with the cheaper Shining Spellthread (or even Golden Spellthread – I had a couple of those saved up from pre-Wrath, so I’ve been using up my old supplies).


At last a reason to be a Leatherworker. Fur Lining – Spellpower can only be equipped on your own Bracers, and gives 67 Spellpower. Lovely 🙂 .

If you aren’t a Leatherworker, you’ll probably want an enchant for Superior Spellpower, Greater Spellpower, or Major Spirit.


The best enchant for your gloves is probably going to be the cheapest, as it uses the standard Northrend enchanting mats. Find a friendly enchanter and give him some Northrend greens to DE and get yourself Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower (+28 Spellpower).


Choose between these enchants –

Greater Spirit – 18 Spirit.

Greater Vitality – 6HP5 + 6MP5.

Vitality – 4HP5 + 4MP5. This is an Outlands enchant, and is very cheap on mats if you can find someone who has it.

Rings (if you’re an enchanter)

Enchanters can enchant their own rings. Use one of these:

Stats – +4 on all stats.

Healing Power – 11 Spellpower

Spellpower – 12 Spellpower


Assuming you have a one-hand weapon, go for one of these:

Mighty Spellpower – 63 Spellpower.

Exceptional Spellpower – 50 Spellpower, and so much cheaper mats than Mighty Spellpower. Go for this one over Mighty, unless you really need those extra 13 Spellpower.

Spellsurge – 3% chance to give 100 mana over 10 seconds to everyone in your party.

Major Healing (or Spellpower) – 40 Spellpower.

There are also Intellect and Spirit enchants if you’re short on those stats.

… and that’s the end of the guide. I hope this was useful to you, dear reader. Please do post a comment if I omitted something useful. This is not a definitive list.

Edit (1/23/9) – I’ve noticed since posting this that making a general search for enchants on wowhead (Browse->Items->Recipes->Enchanting) seems to miss some enchants off the list. (For example, he Weapon Exceptional Spellpower is one of those missing). So be careful about relying on that method to get a definitive list. Its possible that this problem has caused me to miss out some useful enchants from the above list.


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  3. good guide, but for weapon enchants, you could also always get the Exceptional Spellpower since it is more affordable than the Mighty Spellpower.

  4. @A – Good catch. Missing that was an error on my part – especially because that’s the enchant I have. I’ll edit the post to add it. I had to enchant a new mace earlier this week, and nearly fell off my chair when I realized the difference in mats between Mighty and Exceptional. The comments I made at the beginning of the post about choosing appropriately priced enchants for your gear definitely apply here.

    BTW I recently noticed when looking up suitable glove enchants for Tinuviel that wowhead doesn’t correctly list all enchants when you search through the enchanting formulae.

  5. This is very useful. Thanks.

  6. For head and shoulder enchants there he a vendor in Wintergrasp that sells nice enchants for stone keeper shards. 30- shoulders + 23 SP, 40-head +29 SP. For anyone running heroics they should have some. Head to WG when ulu have control or do a battle there and pick them up. They also give resilience, but for 52 SP and virtually no cost, it is worth it!

  7. @Miknoc – Good point. I’ve added them to the list.

  8. What about the inscriptionist shoulder enchants? Master’s Inscription of the Crag adds 61 spellpower and 6 Mp5

  9. Thanks Sanah. Not sure if I missed that first time around or if its been added to the game since. I’ve added it to the list now.

    I’ve also realized a few items have changed (or been added) since I wrote this, so I’ve updated a couple of other entries (Maces, Daggers and Off-hands). I’m sure there are some other changes/additions since I wrote this that I’m still missing.

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  11. AWESOME GUIDE very helpful!