The time has come …

shuggie… to roll a Hunter.

Yes, as the nerfbat of Damocles hangs over Hunters everywhere, I (Anelf) have chosen this moment to roll my own.

I’ve never rolled a Hunter before, because Tinuviel has so many Hunter alts. I’ve generally rolled classes that run alongside and support her (i.e. healers). Tin plays a lot more than me though, so her alts tend to level faster and leave my alts behind. However, she’s recently lost a little of her altitis and is focusing on Tinuviel (her Hunter main) and Kibeth (her Death Knight, who is rapidly becoming her primary alt). In the meantime, I seem to have taken over the altitis bug.

I set myself a new year’s resolution to finally roll a Hunter (after playing for two years), so best bite the bullet. I like to roll an alt some time before I start to play them seriously, level them up to about level 10, and park them in an inn to get full rested XP. Then I hop between my alts, making sure I maximize the rested bonus across them all.

First choice I have to make is what race to roll. But which is best?

The three Alliance  classes that can hunt are Night Elf, Draenai and Dwarf. Racial characteristics that are useful to a Hunter are:

Night Elf

Quickness – gives +2% dodge. This is particularly useful for PvP (which I don’t do).

Shadowmeld – Won’t be quite so good once its ‘fixed’ in 3.0.8, so not a fantastic racial for Hunters (who have feign death). Very useful again for PvP – you can stealth and wait to ambush the enemy.


Gift of the Naaru – A racial HoT. A great addition to Mend Pet.

Heroic Presence – gives +1% Hit Rating. This is a great racial for raiding, and means less itemization has to be spent on Hit Rating.


Stoneform – Increases armor by 10%, dispels poisons, diseases and bleeds, and grants immunity to these debuffs for 8 seconds (3 minute cooldown). This is a fantastic racial for raiding and PvP. (I laugh in your face, rogue 🙂 ).

Gun Specialization – gives +1% crit chance with guns.

Find Treasure – Not a Hunter-specific talent, but really cool to be able to easily find hidden treasure chests. Shows gathering quest items on your minimap as well. This ties in well with all the other Hunter tracking skills.


For the Horde, we have Orc, Tauren, Troll and Blood Elf. Racials that are useful to a Hunter are:


Blood Fury – A 15 second Attack Power bonus (2 minute cooldown). Scales with level.

Hardiness – decreases the time you’re stunned by 5%.

Command – Damage done by your pet increased by 5%.

Particularly good racials for a BM Hunter.


War Stomp – A stun. Good for escaping someone who has you at melee range.

Endurance – gives 5% health increase.

Combined with the inconvenience of their large size, the Tauren racials really don’t lend themselves to Hunting. Only choose this class if you really like cows. (Its a shame about the size – which really is a problem indoors – because I love the Tauren areas).


Berserking – Increases Haste. Scales as your health decreases.

Regeneration – Increased health regeneration – good for every class.

Beast Slaying – gives 5% damage bonus on beasts (great for leveling or if you’re grinding your skinning).

Bow Specialization – gives an extra 1% crit when using a Bow.

Da Voodoo Shuffle – 15% reduction in duration of all movement impairing effects. More important for PvP.

Another race with good Hunter racials.

Blood Elf

Arcane Torrent – Silences enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds and returns 6% of your mana. (Mana is increasingly important to Hunters since the expansion, but you’d hope to keep your enemy more than 8 yards away).

The weakest Hunter racials of all. And the Belf laugh is like scraping polystyrene down a window.


I’d like the support of my alts (and my guild), so I’m rolling an Alliance race on Antonidas. For me (a non-PvPer) the choice is obvious – I’m going to roll a Dwarf. I tend to go with female toons. (This was initially because Tin dared me to, but then I carried on because they’re smaller – they don’t block the screen – and they’re nicer to look at for four hours a day 😉 ). But I’ll make an exception for Dwarves – I’m going to roll a male Dwarf. (If you read Pratchett, you know that you can’t tell the difference between male and female dwarves anyway).

For professions, I’m making him a Skinner and a Herbalist. I like to give my alts gathering professions, as its an easy way to make money. (They pick up a manufacturing profession when they graduate). Skinning is easy to level as you quest, and you don’t need a tracker for it. Herbalism will give my Hunter an extra pet heal – Lifeblood – to make up for not being a Draenai. After all, not all healers are as pet-friendly as Anelf.

Finally, a name. I was pretty disappointed that Adwarf was taken, as was Ahunter, so I have to move away from my favored naming convention. Being a Hunter, I decided to give him a name starting with ‘H’ (like ‘Harry the Hunter’ or something). And Dwarves have Scottish accents, so I settled for Shuggie (Shuggie is Scottish for Hugh).

And so Shuggie is born. Until I get bored with him, I’ll be blogging his progress as he levels, and passing on the advice Tinuviel gives me as he gains talents. Hopefully this will be helpful to any new Hunters reading this blog, and give you experienced Hunters a chance to laugh at my ineptitude 🙂 .


2 responses to “The time has come …

  1. have u decided what spec to go with, and please if u go with bm, dont say because tin told u to (even if she really did)

  2. As Shuggie has a rich auntie, he’s quite happy to respec a few times when levelling. The early talents that are best for 10-25 are often not the best starters as you rise up the talent tree.

    I’ll probably start out as BM and then review it again after 3.0.8. Survival could be fun (and a little different) – depends how it looks post-patch.

    Fast levelling with the minimum of graveyard runs are my main two criteria. That means I want a build that is very forgiving.