Patch 3.0.8 To Do list

tinuvielHi all. As you know by now (unless you are hiding under a rock from the nerf bat) Patch 3.0.8 is upon us.  It is not all doom and gloom for hunters. Yes – if you stick to your previous play style of just spamming Steady Shot and not much else, then you are probably going to seeing stars as said nerf bat strikes you repeatedly on the forehead.  But spend a bit of time researching your build, shot rotation, and play style, and I think you are going to find that your damage output will not be badly affected.  That is certainly what I am going to be doing over the next week or so, and I will report my results here.

A very cursory test on a target dummy, unbuffed except for AoDH, emptying a mana bar, with Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Bestial Wrath, Rapid fire and my cat auto casting his damage skills gave a DPS count a little over 2,200DPS.  Doing something similar before the patch had produced a little over 2,4000DPS.  Most of the difference was lost by my cat.  Not a very scientific test, but the difference did not seem as bad as I feared, so I am going to look on the bright-side, and deal with what I have now, not navel gaze over the difference before and after.

Edit:  Bah – a couple of further very cursory tests only produced DPS of 1835-1860 – more like the drop I expected to see. 

To Do List:

1. Test Specs:  I am also going to be shelling out some gold to test different specs. (Don’t you wish Blizzard allowed you to test specs for free on a target dummy, without having to pay 50G a time to test the difference a talent point makes?)  If you haven’t listened to them already, check out BRK’s latest two podcasts (12 and 13 – itunes links), where he works with Lienna of Lienna’s Log to build a Survival Hunter raid spec and Nassira of Diary of a Marksman Hunter to Build a Marksman raid spec.  Most of my wow career I have been a full BM hunter.  I have, though, spent some time as a raiding Survival Hunter and as a BGing SV/MM hybrid, but have never been a deep MM hunter.  I must say that I was very impressed with Nassira’s podcast. The MM build seems to tie in quite nicely to the changes to Arcane Shot and to some of the things I had been thinking about around the changes.  So I will be testing at least one build from each tree – probably at least 2 BM (51 and 50 with readiness) and at least 2 Surv (trap dancing and sniper builds) and reporting the results.

2.  Test Pets:  The big changes to pets (and particularly to cats (which I do raid with) and scorpids and spirit beasts (which I don’t)) mean that I will also be running some pet tests.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for the results of these tests and my research.

Tinuviel - Leader of the Cavalry - on her albino Drake

Tinuviel - Leader of the Cavalry - on her albino Drake

And other stuff:

The patch made some other nice changes, some of which I have already capitalized on.   If you haven’t already done so, check out these:

  • Racial restrictions have been lifted on faction mounts – I was able to buy 6 mechanostriders.  Yes, as a Night Elf, I look very silly on them but that was not the point.  This allowed me to achieve Leader of the Cavalry and get my Albino Drake.
  • Turn in all those Relics you saved up for Sons of Hodir rep.  I was able to go from Honored to Revered and get a Mammoth to add to my mount collection.
  • Cooking Small Feast and Gigantic Feast now turn yellow later, meaning you can finally max out your cooking at 450.  You can also learn 3 new cooking recipes Fish Feast and Worg Tartare both bought with Dalaran cooking awards, and Kungaloosh from a sleeping mage in the Dalaran sewer.
  • You can now buy 1 Snowfall Ink for 10 Inks of the Sea from the ink trader in the inscription shop in Dalaran, making the production of Darkmoon Cards a bit easier.
  • There are a couple of new alchemy recipes – so alchemists (and I guess people with other professions) go revist your trainer.  Also, flask no longer need an alchemy lab to create them /cheer.
  • Alchemy research cooldown has also been reduced from 7days to 3, so hopefully I can finally level my alchemy (if I don’t use all my herbs making Darkmoon cards, which I am obsessed with).
  • Some enchantments have had their mats reduced – see here for list.  Unfortunately Massacre remains unchanged.

9 responses to “Patch 3.0.8 To Do list

  1. as u mentioned there have been changes to arcane shot so it is now more raid efficient, i did some testing pre patch putting it in my raid rotation and it wasent very god because of mana, now i have tried it and i have seen a big damage boost while not hurting my mana to badly, also about the pets, i just got done testing (and yes i use cats, i have 3 because i hate having the same skin as someone else) i did notice a significant decrease but i for the first time tried putting in serpents swiftness (never thought it would be that great) and i saw a damage increase of almost 15 or 20% from my previous build, all i did was take points out of bloodthirsty, guess i will have to heal and feed my pet more but its worth it for a big damage increase… by the way try this marks raiding spec i dident put my glyphs because i think what u think is best is a personal opinion
    (try copy paste, hint hint)

  2. hmm my data is fluctuating alot on my pets im thinking serpents swiftness is only giving about a 5% increase now

  3. As a survival hunter since pre-WOTLK, I have gone from a valuable raid member due to expose weakness being raid wide to becoming a mana battery (of which there are many!). The changes I feel should bring Survival in line with the other spec’s DPS wise (still to confirm) and would be selected for raids on that basis.
    With regards to your build for Survival you need TNT, Lock and Load plus Sniper training to give your explosive shot over 50% crit rate in Instances/Raiding and chance to stun is nice too.
    Before these chages I was going to hang up my survival boots and head back to being a marksman Hunter but think will stay true to my colours for a week or 2 to see how my build holds up.

  4. As a survival hunter just like Baradin I personally think the parch was a good one. Now that my expolsive trap hits a lot harder and more dps with it that is great considering the raids and stuff. As for the deterence I think that that was a bit uncalled for. They did not need to do that by making it not block anymore or send back. The way the raids have been going since the patch is that I personally think the raids are a lot easier as for the dps for the hunter. I will give the patch a 4 out of 5 for this one. But they did good. 🙂 🙂

  5. Good to see you are in somewhat good spirits about the patch. It was something you knew was coming, just like the holy priest coh nerf. All these holy priests around me are all QQ and I’m sitting there healing like, “What patch?”

    I’m thinking about Anelf’s offer btw 🙂

  6. Just as a note, her name is Lienna, not Leanna. =)

  7. As far as I go with the patch, I’m annoyed but coping. Patch day I did a PuG of H VoA while I was still BM specced. It wasn’t the best raid, and we wiped much, but I came out top dps which was heartening.

    Then I did naxx 10 that night, and it all went bad. Solid raid, geared as good as me (Some better), and I was just barely out dpsing the tanks. Humbling!

    In both cases I was using a rotation of keeping SS up, arcane when it popped, and steady in between, which from what I am reading seems to be the best rotation for BM’s.

    Unhappy with that performance, I respecced survival. I did some testing before/after on target dummies, 5 minutes worth of each. Not perfectly scientific, but enough for my purposes.

    I gained about 110 raw, unbuffed DPS just switching to SV, which is a decent upgrade, so I decided to give it a whirl.

    We did Naxx25 last night, and even with a sub-optimal pet (Wolves raid poorly, but it’s what I had), I was having little trouble staying in the top 5 overall, and was usually in the top 3-4 on bosses. Patchwerk I rocked the house and was top DPS for.

    So, all in all, it could be worse. I don’t like that I had to respec to be viable. I like my spirit beast, and I miss her very much. But at the same time, I was MM in vanilla, BM in BC… So now it looks like I will be SV in WotLK. All things in balance.

  8. they said the prowl bug is fixed…. they dident fix it for me, anyone else still having prowl randomly turning on??

  9. Whatever pet spell I can’t put in my pet’s cast bar (lack of available spots) seems to be the one that autocasts at random intervals. What I have done to defeat this glitch is take out of my cast bar the spells I do want to autocast, the attacks, and put the ones I want to control myself, prowl and growl, in the spell bar and that seems to fix the problem.

    Good luck!