10-Man Raiding – Hunter Gear – Wish List

In previous articles I covered the gear you should try and get to be prepared to begin raiding.  I am now going to cover the gear that’s out there for 10-man raiders. Many of these items are my wish list, although in some cases the gear from heroics or Emblems of Heroism is better, so compare this to my previous list.

I will do a 25-man raid list too, but I am keeping them separate for those people, who like me, are in smaller guilds and rarely get the chance to do 25-man content (I’m just not a pugger).

(Again smiley faces are the pieces I have – not many yet.  **Items are upgrades for my current gear – a checklist for me.)


**Heroes’ Cryptstalker Helm – Kel’Thuzad – Naxx 10

**Arc-Scorched Helm – Thaddius – Naxx 10

**Helmet of the Vast Legion – Sapphiron – Naxx 10


**Pendant of the Dragonsworn – Eye of Eternity 10

**Gem of Imprisoned Vassals – Kel’Thuzad – Naxx 10

Icy Blast Necklace – Sapphairon – Naxx 10


**Spaulders of Resumed Battle – Noth the Plaguebringer – Naxx 10

**Heroes’ Cryptstalker Spaulders – Loatheb or Gluth – Naxx 10

**Pauldrons of Havoc – Gluth – v.rare drop – Naxx 10


Tunic of the Lost Pack – Heigan the Unclean – Naxx 10

Heroes’ Crypstalker Tunic – Archavon the Stone Watcher – VoA 10 (also with Emblems of Heroism) 🙂

Blade-scarred Tunic – Obsidium Sanctum 10


**Cloak of Mastery – Sapphairon – Naxx 10

**Cloak of Darkening – Instructor Razuvious – Naxx 10


**Bands of Anxiety – Grobbulus – Naxx 10


Rusted-Linked Gauntlets (BOE) – Grand Widow Faerlina (also available on the AH) 🙂

Heroes’ Crypstalker Hanguards – Archavon the Stonewatcher VoA 10 – Sartharion – Obsidium Sanctum 10 – or Emblems of Heroism 🙂


Spectral Raider’s Girdle – Gothik the Harvester – Naxx 10 

Blistering Belt of Decay – Grobbulus Naxx 10


**Heroes’ Cryptstalker Leggings – Archavon the Stonewatcher VoA 10 

Leggings of Discord – Maexxna Naxx 10


**Tresspasser’s Boots – Noth the Plaguebringer – Naxx 10

**Boots of the Worshipper – Grand Widow Faerlina Naxx 10


Loatheb’s Shadow – Loatheb – Naxx 10

There doesn’t seem to be many in 10 man raids.  Emblem items, BOP crafted items, Darkmoon Faire Cards, and some heroic trinkets are still the best.


**Surge Needle Ring – Eye of Eternity 10

**Great Ring of Collision– Obsidian Sanctum 10

Signet of the Malevolent – Gothik the Havester – Naxx 10

**Sealing Ring of Grobbulus – Grobbulus – Naxx 10

Ranged Weapon

**Nerubian Conquerer – Kel’Thuzad – Naxx 10

**Accursed Bow of the Elite  – Inscructor Razuvious – Naxx 10

2-handed weapon

**Black Ice – Eye of Eternity 10

**Wrath Spear (Polearm) – Maexxna Naxx 10

**Claymore of Ancient Power (sword) Four Horsemen Chest, small chance from Gluth – Naxx 10

1-handed weapon

**Hailstorm – eye of eternity 10

**Anarchy (dagger) – Kel’Thuzad – Naxx 10 (don’t roll against a rogue)

Silent Crusader (sword) – Naxx 10 world drop 

**Hatestrike  (sword) – Patchwerk – Naxx 10

**Crimson Steel (fist) – Sapphairon – Obsidium Sanctum 10

The Stray – (fist) – Naxx 10 world drop

**Avool’s Sword of Jin (sword) – BOE world drop incl. Naxx 10 and OS

Omen of Ruin – Naxx 10 world drop

Kel’Thuzad’s Reach (fist) – Kel’Thuzad – Naxx 10


2 responses to “10-Man Raiding – Hunter Gear – Wish List

  1. Excellent wishlist. I just went to 10man Naxx for the first time last night, but none of the stuff you listed dropped. We got 3 quarters done.
    Fingers crossed for the rest I suppose 🙂 And there’s always next week!

  2. Thanks!! I have been looking for a list like that for some time. I’m kind of a noob raider and I sometimes panic with only 30 seconds to decide to roll/bid on a drop. My GL understands and tries to slow things down, but having a list to be a bit more familiar with drops is VERY helpful. Thanks for all your work.