Don’t wave goodbye to your consumable ammo just yet :(

Just when you thought they were throwing hunters something good after nerf-on-nerf:

Breaking news – Consumable bullets/arrows will not be removed in patch 3.1 after all.


6 responses to “Don’t wave goodbye to your consumable ammo just yet :(

  1. Well the big part of that imo was that we’d have another bag slot. And it seems that we will. I don’t mind having to buy the ammo as much.

    I’m guessing that the ammo will stack to at least 1k so that we can just use our normal bags. And we still get the haste buff somehow.

    Not a perfect solution, but i’ll be happy with it until they do remove the ammo entirely.

  2. Having an engineer alt, and selling crates for 40-45 gold each, this makes me a happy camper. It’s the only thing engineers have that’s worth selling. (at least until I waste tons of gold levelling up on green gnomish army knives to get to 450 so I can sell a bike)

  3. boo hiss.

    blizz you poo poo us sometimes. stop teasing us.

  4. The ammo better stack to at LEAST 4K. 1K stacks will still mean I have 14 slots of my bags for ammo (current quiver is 28 slots).

  5. OK, my maths skills suck. NM me. I R retarded

  6. The compromise they are making should definitely be an improvement on the currently situation. But it still doesn’t see quite as good (proving there are no hidden nerfs) of what they had originally promised.

    You can imagine the programmer pulling his hair out as the press guy’s publish the statement that they are going to get rid of our consumable ammo. “But I only said I might be able to do that!” “If you think it’s so easy, you write the code then… stoopid press guy.”