Shuggie’s first pet

shuggie-lvl-12Welcome to the second installment of my occasional Shuggie series. A Druid’s perspective on starting out as a Hunter (fortunately getting advice from a real Hunter along the way).

Its been a while since Shuggie posted on this blog. Such is the life of an altaholic. My new Shammie (Shambolic) has already overtaken him in leveling (as I follow another of my New Year’s Resolutions and start getting one of each healer class to 80).

Level 10

Shuggie hit level 10 in Kharanos – pet taming time. Grif Wildheart, the Hunter Trainer/Quest Giver in Kharanos stands across the road from the inn, and gives a series of three quests. You have to tame a boar, a bear and a cat – that’s two tenacity pets, and a ferocity pet (but not a cunning pet – probably because those three are the local beasts around Kharanos). This gives you an idea of what its like to use each of these pets before you go off and train one for yourself. 

Training a pet couldn’t be easier. You get within range of a beast you want to tame (that is at your level or below), and hit the tame pet button you dragged onto your action bar from the Beast Mastery tab of your spellbook. You can cast this at range so you don’t take too much of a beating from the beast. (You can even hit the beast with Concussive Shot to slow down its charge a little. And at higher levels, of course, you’ll be able to use a Freezing Trap instead).

For the training quests, you’re given a training widget you have to right click instead of the spell, but its the same idea. (Note – if you drag the widget to your action bar, remember its a different widget per quest, so you have to drag across the new widget each time). After taming each beastie, you can go play with it for 15 minutes before dismissing it and handing in the quest to your trainer. (Don’t make the mistake I made and go kill every cat in the area with you earlier pets before you’re asked to train a cat 🙂 ).

Tin also pointed out that the pets you tame for the quest have skills that aren’t available to train for your pet when you tame it (they seem to be the skills the beast has in the wild). The Boar had Charge, and the bear had a swipe that leaves a DoT. 

When you complete the Taming the Beast quest sequence (or whatever its called in your starting area), you learn the Tame Beast, Call Pet, and Dismiss Pet skills. Then you’re sent to Ironforge to learn Feed Pet and Revive Pet. (Its best to train these last two before taming your first real pet – it’ll run away pretty quickly if you don’t feed it).

I opted for training a nearby bear as a stopgap. I then went onto Petopia to look for the pet I really wanted, and decided I was going to go for Mangleclaw (level 11) – one of two low level white bears available (the other is Bjarn, a rare level 12 spawn). Both these are in Dun Morogh. The next white bears become available at level 53. Bears have the added advantage of being omnivores.

As luck would have it, I found Bjarn walking by the road as I was running to Loch Modan. I couldn’t tame him because I was only level 10, so I killed him instead. My temp bear was only level 9, so he died defending me. But he did his job and Bjarn is now a nice rug in Shuggie’s den. And the XP from killing Bjarn pushed me up to level 11, which was perfect for getting Mangleclaw 🙂 .

Taming Mangleclaw took a few attempts. He has a swipe with a knockback which interrupts your Tame Pet, so you need to have a health potion handy to get up to max health before restarting your taming (or hope you manage to get him before he decides to swipe you). If its not working, just run away and then try again.

It took me a while to get the hang of it, so it then took me a few extra attempts because the cats I’d cleared from the area started respawning again – a pain once you’ve abandoned your current pet to start training a new one. Once I’d finally tamed him, a new Mangleclaw quickly spawned in his place. It was with mixed emotions that I used the tamed Mangleclaw to kill the wild one, but quests are quests.

So now Shuggie and ‘Hugh’ are off to do the early Loch Modan quests before moving on to Westfall for the Defias quests (their quest chain ends with a fantastic leather vest for Hunters).


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