Food for hungry hunters

meatBuff food is a good opportunity to balance your stats and buff up on those stats you are a little bit lacking in.  If all your stats are generally good you are probably going to reach for some agility or attack power food, but if you are a low on hit or feel you need more haste you could experiment with those foods instead.  There are no foods that boost intellect, but there are some MP5 foods.  However, the amount of MP5 they restore is small and if you are constantly running out of mana a better option might be to look to your talents, shot rotations and gear.  There is also food that gives an armor penetration buff, but the consensus now seems to be that this is a fairly weak stat, so again it is better to chomp on agility, Ap or hit food for preference.

Here are the options:


Have yourself a feast

Feasts can be shared by all members of your party, they buff up a range of stats including attack power and stamina:

Fish Feast – level 70 – 80 Ap – 450 c00king

Great Feast – level 70 – 60 AP – 375 cooking


Agility Food

Blackened Dragonfin – level 70 – 40 agi – cooking 400

Oronok’s Tuber of Agility – level 65 – 20 agi – quest reward shadowmoon valley

Warp Burger – level 55 – 20 agi – cooking 325

Grilled Mudfish – level 55 – 20 agi – cooking 320

Grilled Squid – level 35 – 10 agi – cooking 240


Attack Power Food

Mega Mammoth Meal – level 70 – 80 AP – cooking 400

Poached Northern Sculpin – level 70 – 80 AP – cooking 400

Grilled Sculpin – level 70 – 60 AP – cooking 350

Mammoth Meal – level 70 – 60 AP – cooking 350

Dalaran Clam Chowder – level 70 – 60 AP – cooking 350

Ravager Dogs – level 55 – 40 AP – cooking 300

Charred Bear Kabobs – level 45 – 24 AP – cooking 250


Hit food

Worg Tartare – level 70 – 40 hit – cooking 400

Snapper Extreme – level 70 – 40 hit – cooking 400

Spicy Hot Talbuk – level 65 – 20 hit – cooking  325


Haste Food

I have experiemented with Haste food, I am not sure it made a whole lot of difference, and on the whole I think agility or AP food will produce higher DPS at least for me.

Imperial Manta Steak – level 70 – 40 haste – cooking 400

Very Burnt Worg – level 70 – 40 haste – cooking 400

Baked Manta Ray – level 70 – 30 haste – cooking 350

Roasted Worg – level 70 – 30 haste – cooking 350

Shoveltusk Soup – level 70 – 30 haste – alliance quest reward howling fjord


Stamina Food

A lot of the foods already mentioned also buff stamina.  Looking for stamina specifically maybe useful for you hunter tanks out there – pets get 45% of your stamina, or for fights with huge amounts of damage to you – e.g. I used to take eat Spicy Crawdad back in the days of Kara for the Shade of Aran fight – he really didn’t like me and would focus all his attention on killing me.  There are lots of foods that give stamina out there at all levels, here is a link to the full list:

Foods providing Stamina – 102 foods here


Don’t forget your pet

hungrydogjk5There are a couple of pet foods in the game.  To buff your pet, you eat it (don’t ask me why).  You can also eat your own food too, it doesn’t overwrite that.  Note, if you are buying raw meat off the ah, Kibler’s bits gives exactly the same buff as Mammoth Treats, but is made from Outland Buzzard Meat instead of Northrend Mammoth meat, which is usually a lot cheaper on the ah.  Plus it doesn’t require Northern Spices to make.

Spiced Mammoth Meat – level 70 – 30 stam and strength for 1 hr – cooking 350

Kibler’s bits – level 55 – 30 stam and strength for 1 hr – cooking 300

Sporeling Snacks* – level 55 – 20 stam and spirit for 30mins- cooking 310

*Not sure why you would ever use Sporeling Snacks, if you could get your hands on Kibler’s bits  (err, that sounds a bit wrong! lol)  But Sporelings are still better than nothing if you need to buff your pets stamina a little.


3 responses to “Food for hungry hunters

  1. Sporeling snacks are good for Imp using warlocks, as they don’t use strength, afaik. Imps are prone to kicking the bucket (or at least were) when not phased shifted. The stam and spirit buff helps them. For every other pet it’s the other foods.

    Apparently you can buff the priest shadowfiend when he is cast. I haven’t tried it, but will start carrying the cheaper, +strength buff food just for that.

  2. Good to know sporeling snacks still have a use!
    I can make them btw if you want to farm up some strange spore to buff your demons and fiends Neo 🙂

  3. Tyler(aka Mclovinurmom on frostwolf)

    Wow I honestly had no idea cooking did that much for everybody. Thank you for all the info.