Au revoir Kel’Thuzad

This will be old hat for many of you, but Tinuviel and I were really excited tonight to finally down Kel’Thuzad and get our The Fall of Naxxramas achievement. We normally only raid on Fridays and Saturdays, but we just had to get back in there tonight with only the end boss left – even though we only started at midnight for our east coasters.

From a healer’s perspective, the fight is really exciting. Even more fun than Sapphiron. I was almost disappointed when I realized KT was going to die and the fight was going to end. Almost 🙂 .

I know a lot of people complain that Naxx is too easy. But for a small, casual raiding guild like ours, I think Blizzard got the level about right. It was hard enough that we had to spend a little time in Heroics improving our gear before we could really hit the ground running, but not so hard that we had to farm one or two bosses again and again to slowly get the gear we needed to progress. And making it quite a short instance gives us Weekend Raiders a reasonable chance of clearing it over a couple of nights before we get to the stage where we’re totally overgeared for the instance.

Anyway – many congratulations to the Soldiers of Fortune ‘Weekend Raiders’ team who killed the end boss (with only 3 tanks tonight 🙂 ):

And congratulations and thank you as well to those who helped clear the instance over the weekend:

Here’s the ubiquitous screenshot of us sitting on Kel’Thuzad’s throne. Tinuviel and her trusty Raptor (Letin) are at the front, Anelf is the wooden looking one 😛


Soldiers of Fortune celebrate clearing Naxx

Soldiers of Fortune celebrate clearing Naxx


Tinuviel’s hunter perspective on the fight:

The Kel’Thuzad fight has three phases.  In the first, the group stands in the center of the circular room and waves of adds attack.  There are three types – Abominations, low health skeletons, and Banshees.  My main priority here was to focus on the banshees, followed by helping out with the Abominations and one-shotting the skellies.

In phase 2, Kel’Thuzad teleports to the center of the room.  I misdirect to the main tank to help him pick it up.  The group needs to spread out to be 10 yards apart.  Both Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wigs Addons have a range indicator, which is really helpful for this.  Finish burning down any final adds and then turn your attention onto the boss.  There is a lot to watch out for, and a number of reasons to move or need to call out on vent.  It is also not a pet friendly fight because of the voids that open up and do massive damage; with 4 melee classes, my main tank was tending to pull the boss away from any voids, leaving the void behind him – just where the pet was.  I successful recalled him out of the void a couple of times – but he died on each fight.  Watching to see whether I was about to be engulfed in a void (a red circle opens around you, and you have a couple of seconds to move), encased in ice (need to shout out on vent, and pray a healer gets to you in time), mana exploded (you need to make sure you are well away from everyone), really affected my shot rotations and therefore my DPS.  I don’t use a shot-rotation macro these days, finding I can get more DPS without it, but its hard to keep up the timing when you are watching the fight so intensively and moving about a lot.  It is also a long fight, I found I had to go into viper twice with no replenishment in the party.  I hope that once I am more familiar with the fight, I can improve my DPS.

In phase 3, 2 crypt-lord beetles appear.  I misdirect these onto the tank (with the help of readiness to reset my misdirect, I was able to ensure I helped glue both to him).  Towards the end of one attempt, our main tank died, again I was able to use misdirect to quickly help the off tank pick up the boss and the adds.

And that’s about it, it’s great to be able to say we have finally cleared Naxx.  And it’s great that we did it with an all Soldiers of Fortune group.  We have a fantastic group of raiders, and it’s true what they say, ‘bring the person not the class’, we were able to get Sapphiron down with 4 tanks in the party and Kel’Thuzad with 3, I think there should be an achievement for that too! 🙂


3 responses to “Au revoir Kel’Thuzad

  1. You use 3 tanks for Naxx10?

  2. 🙂

    Read my previous post if you think 3 tanks is a lot. We don’t have many raiders in our guild, so we don’t have the luxury of optimizing our class mix. While we’re possibly the only raiding guild in the world with a shortage of DPS classes, we are blessed with an abundance of tanks 😛 .

    Having 4 people melee-ing Kel’Thuzad makes it very interesting when he hits one of them with Frost Blast.

  3. Awsome post Tin! The battle was epic and so were we 😀 I have learned in my many battles alongside you that,with alot of healing and great misdirects Entrigan can talk all the smack he likes with no retribution! Thanks for making me look good Tin and Anelf!

    *sidenote* Good job on Naxx … Ill see you next week 😀