Malygos 1 – Anelf 0

This was bound to happen as soon as I started talking about how easy Naxx was πŸ™‚ . Last night Soldiers of Fortune ventured into Eye of Eternity for the first time. “You live and learn”, they say. In our case we died and learned. And we must have learned an awful lot judging by my armor bill at the end of the run.

Of course, there’s no trash in Eye of Eternity – just straight into the boss fight, so no complaints about AoE trash pulls πŸ™‚ . And we did it without a Replenishment class, so I had to quickly polish off my rusty mana conservation skills – HoTting up my targets and trying to spend a few seconds here and there outside the five second rule. I even took a few Mana Potions during the night – which is very unusual.

Health is a big issue in the Malygos fight. You take a lot of damage during the vortex phase followed by a big drop damage splash, so I took advice from the TankSpot video and favored health buffs over spellpower and mp5. I tookΒ Blessing of Kings instead of Blessing of Wisdom, and a Flask of Stoneblood instead of Flask of Pure Mojo. I also switched in a couple of armor items I had lying around in my bank that had slightly higher stamina than my preferred gear. Β This added to the lack of Replenishment to make my mana bar quite an interesting part of the fight. (Mana was still ok, but I just couldn’t go spam crazy like I do for Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad).

BTW The TankSpot strategy videos are excellent. I recommend them. My only criticism is they make the fights look a little too easy πŸ™‚ .

The main problem we had through the night was coordinating tanking and DPS so the Power Sparks died in the middle of the room to stack their buffs on us. A Death Knight’s Death Grip makes this easy, but we don’t have any raiding Death Knights in our guild 😦 . Instead, we adopted the TankSpot strategy of moving the tank so incoming Sparks had to travel over the DPS group. That’s tricky – especially when you’re disoriented from falling out of the vortex, at which time the Power Spark summoned before the vortex speeds up. We were improving a lot during the night though, so hopefully we won’t burn all our time in this phase next week, and will have enough time for phase 3.

We made it through phase 2 as well. As a healer, that’s just raid healing while running between the purple anti-magic domes. If you don’t hit the enrage timer, then its pretty straightforward. (Probably not so simple for the DPSers, some of whom get to ride around on frisbees).

We also made it to phase 3. But we didn’t last very long because we’d burned too much of the enrage timer on phases 1 and 2. My main advice for this phase is practice the Aces High quest in Coldarra. And don’t just practice alone. Group with one of your designated healers so you can focus on your respective roles in the phase 3 fight.

So the first battle goes to Malygos. But Tin and Anelf will return. And we will win the war. Time is on our side – Malygos only has to die once for us to win πŸ™‚ .

Anelf’s Resto Druid tip for Malygos:

When you’re swept up in the air by the vortex in phase 1, you can still cast instant spells. But the vortex will take some of the raid out of range. When Deadly Boss Mods (or whatever you’re using) warns the vortex is coming, your first priority is to make sure everyone in the raid is topped off. Hopefully your other healers can take care of this, so you can focus on spreading HoTs around the group.

The important job for, you just before the vortex comes, is to start throwing Lifeblooms on the raid – paying most attention to those with the lowest health. This makes sure that even the players out of range in the air get some healing before they drop.

Up in the air, continue with Lifeblooms on those within range – again, paying most attention to those with very low health (the ones who will die when they land πŸ™‚ ). Don’t bother with Wild Growth while you’re in the air – you’re not likely to be close enough to the rest of the raid for it to be effective. (Might be helpful if you can cast it just before you’re swept up).

When you hit the ground after dropping from the vortex (and everyone is low on health) is a good time to use Wild Growth.


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  1. FYI –

    When we are without a DK we have druids root the sparks and hunters hit them with Concussive Shot not perfect but a big help.

    I enjoy your blog – thanks.