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Aspects – one of the hunters’ defining tools.  Aspect of the Dragonhawk and hawk gives additional attack power; Aspect of the Viper gives mana back, but at a cost to DPS; Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack makes you run fast unless hit;  Aspect of the Wild gives your raid a nice nature buff.  Make sure you have the right aspect on for the situation.  I am terrible at leaving Aspect of the Viper on throughout boss fights by mistake, even though I have ViperNotify addon that dings like a microwave when I am mana’ed up, and power auras which shows a little icon to indicate I am not in Aspect of the Dragonhawk.


brkBestial Wrath and Big Red Kitty.  Bestial Wrath is the hunter pet talent that turns you pet into a big red unstoppable killing machine.  Big Red Kitty is the hunter who is a small red unstoppable…err.. dwarf thing.  A hunter legend in his own making he has blogs, podcasts, movies, t’shirts, and pull along toys.  He also knows his hunter stuff 🙂


Chimera shot – the Markman hunters big hitting 51 point talent.  Deals 125% weapon damage and refreshes the sting on the target dealing an additional effect depending on the sting (e.g. for Serpent Sting, instantly deals 40% of the stings damage).  One of the longest tooltips in the game.


devilsaurDevilsaur – formerly the huge monster than crept up behind you in Un’goro crater and stomped on your head, killing you before you knew what had hit you.  Now the huge monster that stomps along next to many a BM hunter, making enough noise to wake the undead.  Hit bestial Wrath, and you need a flying mount to feed him.


Explosive Shot – the survival hunters 51 point talent.  Deals fire damage over 3 ticks, the first hit and for 2 additional seconds.


Feign Death – the very best aggro dump in game when used correctly, or an easy way to annoy your group and wipe raids?  The hunter watches his aggro and feigns before he out-aggros the tank, dropping down the aggro list, and hardly breaking his stride in the massive amount of DPS he is putting out.  The huntard, on-the-other-hand,  pulls aggro off the tank, stands their meleeing the mob for a second or two, while the priest, with no throught for their personal safety frantically throws on the heals to keep the fool alive.  The huntard then remembers his nifty feign death button and hits the dirt.  Mob runs straight for the priest, chews her up, and proceeds to eat the rest of the group.  Welcome to the feign death wipe.


gorilladinGorrilladin – with the changes brought in for WOTLK, hunters found their volley could kill something more than harmless bunnies.  Then they were given Gorilla tenacity pets with improved growl and thunderstomp, and the fun began.  Cue BRK Gorrilladin movie, t’shirts, keyrings, the whole shebang. As of Patch 3.1 all tenacity pets are supposedly getting thunderstomp – welcome to the Turtledin, Bearadin, Crocadin, and Wormadin patch!


Hunting Party – Survival hunters replenishment talent.  Gives the raid mana back each time (when 5/5) the hunter crits with arcane, explosive or steady shots.  Survival hunters are one of the three/four classes with replenishment, along with shadow priests, ret paladins and I guess you could count shaman for their mana totems.


ice-spearIce Barbed Spear – alot of us had one.  You can get it as a quest reward from running one successful Alterac Valley battleground as early as level 51.  The same quest also gives a nice crossbow reward as an alternative option.  Even for power-levelers they are useful, although you may feel a bit sheepish with all that strength on your weapon.


Jump Shot – the kiting move, whereby the hunter runs forward and while doing so jumps around and fires a shot at the chasing enemy, before continuing to run.  Something I have never tried to master because of being (guilty secret here) a keyboard mover!  Yes that’s right, I use the Q,E, and arrow keys to move and a laptop with a track pad 😦  I know, I know I should start using a mouse – but I usually play sitting in an armchair, with the laptop balanced on the arm, and a cat on my lap, so there is nowhere for a mouse, as well as a cat to go.  In my defense I can strafe shot kite, I’ve never died on the Heigan Dance (except once when I D’cd but that doesn’t count) or frogger, so I can’t be doing that badly.  Just don’t ask me to do fancy jumps.


Kill Shot – the hunters big execute shot, introduced in Patch 3.0.  Can only be used on targets with less than 20% health.  You get your first rank of Kill Shot at level 71, so don’t forget to visit your trainer when you hit 71 if you are leveling a hunter.


spiritLoque’nahak – needs no introduction.  The first spirit beast.  Rare spawn from Sholazar Basin.  One of the most sought after hunter pets in game.  Need to be a 51 beastmaster hunter to tame him and have oodles of luck and patience.


mazzMazzranache – the pink flamingo.  Rare pink tallstrider from Muglore for those who like a different looking pet.


Nessingwary – NPC who pops up in Stranglethorn, Nagrand and Sholozar Basin, and singlehandedly helps to keep several animal species on the endangered list.  He also writes trashy novels.  Gives out hunter orientated quests – kill a petting zoo – and nice hunter rewards.


Overpowered?  There have been times throughout the game where a well played and reasonably geared hunter can easily top the damage charts in a raid.  Early WOTLK was one such time, and through much of BC, BM hunters were top of the damage meters.  However, more recently nerfs and uncertainties around future changes have meant that hunters are no longer topping the charts.  It seem much more gear dependent now between hunters and other classes, and different hunter specs, and certainly in our raids a well geared a played mage can do significantly more damage than a hunter.


Petopia – The hunter pet site on the internet.  Looking for pet information – go there – accept no substitute.  Thanks Mania for this awesome site 🙂


Questing, leveling and soloing – the hunter is one of the easiest classes to solo and level.  With your ranged weapon and trusty pet to tank for you, as well as your means of healing said furry friend, you are a mini group – dps, tank and healer all rolled into one.  You can solo high level mobs, elites, and group quests that other classes would not be able to attempt.  I am currently leveling a ret pally, granted her gear is not as good as Tinuviel’s, but while she is very easy to level solo and oodles of fun, she cannot solo all the elite mobs that Tin and her pet could take out at the same level.


ranged weapon – other classes can use bows, guns, crossbows, but only the hunter uses them as their primary means of DPS.  A ranged weapon is a thing of beauty.  I would rather run around in blue gear with the best range weapon in the game, than have all reasonable epics.


Steady Shot – during Burning Crusade BM hunters could top the DPS charts by doing not much more than spamming Steady Shot.  My blog is called Steady Shot, because at the time that was where most of my damage was coming from.  Several nerfs later, it is now much reduced in power, although still in all hunters rotations.  For a MM hunter like myself, it is the shot you use when no others are off cooldown, but is not longer the shot of choice.


Traps.  Hunters are known for the pets, ranged weapon and their traps.  Whether we are cc’ing, slowing mobs, doing extra damage, or wreaking havoc with snakes, traps are a hunter thing.  Most hunters though, wish Blizzard would throw a little more love traps way.  Freezing Trap is not well designed for chain trapping, snakes have not scaled well, only one trap can be shot, and while the trapping talents in the survival tree actually go someway to making them useful, most survival hunters don’t take many of them as there are other higher priority talents to take.


gorillaskinwhiteUhk’loc – unique white gorilla.  Rare spawn found in gorilla cave in Un’goro crater and sought after by gorilla lovers.



Volley – oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.  There was a time when hunter aoe was so pathetic I gave up doing it in raids.  We used to stand on the stairs before Moroes’ room in kara pulling the groups of dancers to AOE.  My group consisted of an uber warlock (Neokia), several mages and me.  My AOE damage and DPS was so pathetic in comparison to theirs, that I used to stand back and watch in awe as they rained firey and icey destruction down on the mobs.  At the end of the night I would still top the damage chart from single target damage, but I couldn’t kill a bunny with my volley.  Now, thanks to a well needed buff to volley (it was nerfed back from an original very powerful buff), it is a very useful tool indeed.  And given I am now a MM hunter with talents in improved volley, I can now out damage and DPS almost every on AOE fights.


rifleWolfslayer Sniper Rifle – I loved this baby.  I loved its looks, its name, its stats, and the fact I pulled it from the belly of a wolf (the Big Bad Wolf in the Karazhan Opera Event).


eXpose Weakness – this used to be why it was good to have one survival hunter in a raid.  It was formerly a raid wide buff, increasing everyones attack power by up to 25% of the hunters agility every time the hunter critted.  It is also why agility and crit rating are so important to survival hunters.  This now only affects the survival hunter 😦  


Yellowtail, Spotted – A fish that is a good source of pet food for many levels, and if caught raw and cooked is also a good way of getting your fishing and cooking skills up.  Ok, OK, I strugged with Y 🙂  Can you find a better hunter related Y?  


zebra1Zebra – wouldn’t it be cool to tame one?  Other mobs on my ‘I would love to tame that list’ include stags, the other types of dinosaur in un’goro, sharks (aquatic pet only of course), dragon whelpings, and murlocs (I know the last 2 aren’t beasts – but gobbler as a hunter pet, now that I would like to see!!!)

Thought:  This A-Z seems like a bit of an advert for the little red dwarf (aka BRK).  It just shows how much of the basic hunter stuff BRK has covered in his global enterprises.  Thank you BRK and Hobbes for all your efforts on behalf of hunterkind!

Your turn:  What’s in your hunter A-Z?  There were other good ones I left out, and some letters I was stretched to think of a good hunter representative.  Add your comments here.  Write another class blog?  What A-Z sums up your class, link your blog entries in the comments.


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  1. Very cool post that I had a lot of fun reading. Makes me want to do something similar for Warlocks lol.

  2. That was great! X, Y and Z… those are some pretty tough ones too… I can’t say I can think of anything else to fit though 🙂

  3. y, hmm, how about-y not to make a hunter. their are no reasons why not to make a hunter.

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  6. “Y” is the short code for the achievements log. Maybe a quick list of good hunter achievements??

  7. Good thought Bristal (though I rebound my keys – so I drink a potion on pressing Y, now). Maybe, good hunter achievements is another post 🙂

  8. tyler(aka mclovinurmom) frostwolf server

    Lol. Very nice. had a lot of fun reading this. Most the animal comments I did not know about.

  9. Incase any of you have not heard brk might now be no more, if u are not one of the tens of thousands that have gone to his sight the last few days or the almost thousand people who have written him a farewell u might want to, one of the biggest figures in wow is going away. but hey, maybe now that hes gone there wont be as many hunters and huntard remarks and competion over gear will decrease.

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