Resto Druid A-Z

Tinuviel’s A-Z of Hunters was such a great idea, I decided to do one for Resto Druids as well. Feel free to point out glaring omissions …


A is for Applebough, Dalaran’s most famous Druid turned fruit seller. Its also for Arbor Day – the day when Hunters everywhere plant trees in honor of their favorite healer class. Ahem … cough … Oh yes its also for me – Anelf 🙂 .


B is for Barkskin. Mostly used in PvP, but can make the difference between being one-shotted and two-shotted, giving your tank a chance to respond to you screaming like a girl over vent. Can be handy when grinding too – Resto Druid grinding is slow at the best of times, so the last thing you want is spell pushback.


C is for Cenarius, Lord of the Forest and patron god of all Druids. Guardian of Cenarius is the only achievement worth grinding for as a Druid.


D is for /dance. The only dance better than the Tree Dance is the Moonkin Dance. The first rule of Druid Dance Club is you don’t talk about Druid Dance Club. The second rule of Druid Dance Club is …  YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT DRUID DANCE CLUB.


E is for Earthmother, as in Gift of the Earthmother. Reduces the global cooldown on your instant cast heals, so you can cast them even quicker … erm …


F is for Fandral Staghelm, Arch Druid of the Cenarion Circle, and possibly the most rude and annoying NPC in the game. (Tinuviel makes a point of slapping him whenever she has to visit him on a quest – go slap an Archdruid today 🙂 .


G is for Gift of the Wild, a great raid buff. Tell your Pally to turn off his Frost Aura and use this as your only resistance buff on Sapphiron if you’re chasing the The Hundred Club achievement.


H is for HoT, the healing style that separates Druid healers from the others. That is until patch 3.1 gets dumped on us from a great height. H is also for Healing Touch, if you’re into that sort of thing.


I is for Innervate, without which we’d go OOM quicker than a naked critchicken.


J is for reJuvenation, our most mana efficient single target heal (unless someone overwrites it). … Cough … cough.  Yes, I know that one’s a bit contrived.


K is for Kel’Thuzad, one of the few fights where I’ve found Nourish (see N) to be really useful. Its a fast enough cast that you can dither over Grid and still heal the Frost Blasted raider before the four second DoT kills him.


L is for Lifebloom, the Resto Druid’s signature heal. Keep them rolling on your tanks until 3.1 hits. L is also for Leather, which Night Elf Druids look really good in, and which Tauren Druid’s skins are made into 😛 .


M is for MP5 – the more the better. Being civilized folk, Resto Druids like to get their’s from Spirit.


N is for Nature’s Swiftness. Macro Nature’s Swiftness with Healing Touch on your emergency heal button. N is also for Nourish, a direct heal that Blizzard are determined we should use. (Should I mention Nerf? No that’s not just a Druid thing).


O is for Omen of Clarity, which used to be a PvP talent until Patch 3 brought it into the Resto mainstream. Free cast anyone?


P (of course) is for Phaelia, erstwhile Queen of the Trees. Who will take on her mantle?


QQ is for Lifebloom.


R is for Rebirth, another Resto Druid defining talent. Allows you to let your tank die once every 20 minutes.


S is for Spirit – gives you mana regen and a healing bonus. S is also for Shadowmeld, a lifesaver for Night Elf Druids when the Hunter above them on the threat table Feigns Death and dumps aggro. Not so good for the Priest just below you though 🙂 . 


T is for Tree of Life (Treeform) and Improved Tree of Life. Mana cost reduction for heals and healing bonuses are an added benefit to its primary function – dancing.


U is for Ursal the Mauler, a level 12 Furlbog in Gnarlpine Hold on Teldrassil. Night Elves have a quest to kill him cos he’s messing with them Druids of the Fang. Naughty Ursal.


V is for Valstann Staghelm, son of Fandral (see F). Got himself ripped apart by the Qiraji boss dude in front of his father, which is probably why Fandral is so bad-tempered 😦 .


W is for Wild Growth, introduced as part of Blizzard’s initiative to turn Resto Druids into Holy Priests. Initially treated with suspicion, but now a staple for Druids on raid healing duty. Everyone stand a little closer together please.


X is for Xarantaur, a level 80 elite Tauren Druid and Horde quest giver at Camp Tunka’lo in the Storm Peaks. He is said to be over 10,000 years old, which is why he smells a bit funny.


Y is for Ysera, the green Dragon Aspect, who is charged with the protection of the Emerald Dream. She’s also known to us Druids as the “Mother” of Cenarius.


Z is for Zhevra. Druids don’t have a Zhevra form, but we do have Bear, Cat, Travel (Cheetah), Tree, Moonkin, Flight, and Epic Flight forms so we’re doing pretty well really. Z for Zhevra is also a nice link back to Tinuviel’s original A-Z post, which caused me to spend all evening writing this one 🙂 .


(Edit from Tinuviel: Tinuviel takes no responsibility for any anti-Tauren sentiment implied in this blog post. She points out that Anelf is Resto-specced, and therefore not very likely to hurt you if you hunt him down 🙂 ).


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