New cat skin on PTR for 3.1

A new hunter pet has been found on the PTR.  The cat, a full sized combat pet but with a Siamese-skin, is a rare spawn found lounging around on the beds and soft furnishings of Dalaraan.  It’s unique feature is that the hunter only has a chance of taming it if he/she can catch the cat when it is asleep.  Also, in addition, to the regular cat family skills of Rake and Prowl, the Siamese combat pet also has a crab-like pin, sitting on the target and pinning it in place for extended lengths of time.  When unhappy the pet makes a deafening yowl, which can only be stopped by feeding it its favorite food.

The rare beast is pictured below:



6 responses to “New cat skin on PTR for 3.1

  1. I don’t believe this pet is either “new” or “rare.” In fact, it is my belief that this beast has been using its pinning talent on our hunter (and perhaps even on a healer every now and then) for many a raid.
    Happy April Fool’s Tin & Anelf. Hope to see you both at the realm dance-off later. I won’t be showing off my mad dance skills, but may be sporiting my pimped-out ride 🙂

  2. Awsome!, read my email address i u know how much i love cats… alot!


  3. There’s another cat with an orange skin which has this same pinning ability. His name is Oliver.

    Unfortunately, he’s glitched and only uses is on me.

  4. lol@klinderas 😀

  5. Haha. Yes I have one of those … in the orange skin that Klin mentions. Mine also has the ability to send coded messages to other pets via the trade channel.

  6. lolz! I have seen a variation of this beast stalking my bed. It’s most fearsome attack is the Ennui Flop, in which the full weight of the beast is flopped down upon the bed, pinning me in whatever position I currently occupy and making it impossible to get enough covers. /shudder!