Hunter raiding checklist

How many times have you ended a boss fight wondering why you DPS was lower than it should be, only to notice that you had Aspect of Viper on through most of the fight, or were doing something else a bit dumb?  For me it’s a few more than I would like, so I thought I would write myself a checklist.

Before Flying to the raid from Dalaran

Repair   –   Armor repaired at 100% duability

Armor equipped   –  No stupid items equipped on char (e.g. Skyguard’s Drape or Lucky Fishing Hat)

Ammo   –   Enough raiding ammo.

Ammo equipped   –   Is the raiding ammo equipped on my char?

Pet control    –    Is my pets growl off and cower on?

Pet fud    –    Enough pet food

Drink    –    Do I have some of those lunar festival buns that are cluttering up my bank, in case we don’t have a mage?

Mana pots    –    Plenty of Crazy Alchemist’s Potions or Mana Potions

Buff food 

Flasks     –   and/or elixirs

Scrolls     –    of Agility if I have any

Bandages     –    and Gnomish Army Knife – I’m a good girl scout don’t ya know.

Before the first ready check

RL Dr Pepper    –    Do I have a drink next to my computer?

RL Bio    –     Have I had a bio break or do I need one?

Buffs    –    Do I and my pet have all the buffs I can possible get?  Where’s a Warlock with Unending Breath when you need one?  Ah, Levitate, thanks Neombra I didn’t have that one 🙂

Happy Pet    –    Is my pet happy?

Controlled Pet    –    Is my pets growl off and cower on?  Is he on passive or defensive? 

Get with the program    –    Do I know what I am doing here?  I know my role and who the main and off tanks are – check.

Non-combat Pet    –    Have I got out my preferred non-combat pet of choice.  (Our guild raids often look like petting zoo excursions.)

Before a fight, especially a boss fight

Buffs   –    Do I have all the buffs I need – speak now, or go without.

Tracking    –    Am I tracking something hunterly for the Improved Tracking bonus (i.e. not herbs or fish or a mailbox)

Ammo equipped   –    I did check I was using the right ammo, right?

Aspect    –    Is Aspect of the Dragonhawk on and Viper off, or maybe we need Aspect of the Wild for this one?

Focus    –    Do I have the tank or person I intend to Misdirect to set as my Focus

Range    –    Can I stand somewhere that is more than 30 yards away from where the boss will be tanked?

Get with the program   –    What am I doing here again?  Ah yes, killing Gluth, I know how that goes, where’s that Tranquilizing Shot hot key?

Ready!    –    Ready Check – lets kill some puppy chow 🙂


2 responses to “Hunter raiding checklist

  1. Yes, the unlucky fishing hat has struck before!!

  2. Now that you said something, I will be buffing the entire raid with levitate when I do my standard Priest buffs 🙂