Survival Hunter – round 3 – patch 3.1

Edit:  I have edited this post slightly in response to people’s questions in the comments (thank you to everyone who left a comment), and to my couple of hours play time on buggy patch night.

Patch 3.1 is going live today, the realms are currently down as I write this post, so I haven’t had chance to try out the new spec yet.  When I wrote Survival Hunter Round 2, I expected it to be relevant for a couple of weeks before the patch hit, but now the info in there needs updating.  I am writing a quick update now, as I do my own reading, and I will further update this post once I have tried it out.

1.  Spec

The front runner for the top DPS spec from people over at Elitist Jerks, who have been trying out the new talents on the PTR and the hunter spreadsheet, appears to be a 1/15/55 spec.

There are a couple of changes worth noting.  Firstly, the spec takes Aimed Shot.  Previously some hunters used this, others did not take the point and used Multi Shot in their rotation.  However, the redesigned Sniper Training now increased the damage of Aimed Shot, but not Multi Shot, therefore Aimed Shot should be your instant cast of choice.

The build takes Sniper Training but not Hawk Eye.  This is due to the redesign of Sniper Training.  Previously Sniper Training gave the hunter bonus damage if they were standing 30 yards or more from the target, hence the need for Hawk Eye.  Now however, Sniper Training gives a 15sec bonus damage buff if you have stood still for 6secs.  Hawk Eye is still nice to have for the extra range, but no longer part of the raiders max DPS talent build.

Trap Mastery is now 3 points and has been moved to Tier 2.  It is worth having because it gives an extra 30% bonus to the period damage from you new key talent Black Arrow.

Similarly, 3/3 in Resourcefulness are taken because of its effect on the mana efficiency and cooldown of Black Arrow.

2.  Shot rotation.  

The Survival hunters biggest shot (after Kill Shot common to all hunters) is Explosive Shot, which does the following:








Shot rotations are based on a priority list:

1.  Kill Shot

2.  Black Arrow

3.  Explosive Shot

4.  Serpent Sting

5.  Aimed Shot

6.  Steady Shot

(If your raid is fighting 3 or more mobs at the same time, you are probably going to be gathering them up and AOEing them down using volley.)

3.  Lock and Load

If Kill Shot is not available, you want to fire Explosive Shot whenever that is available.  To give yourself even more Explosive Shots you want to get Lock and Load to proc whenever possible.  Currently Lock and Load does the following:








*Note Arcane Shot also uses up a lock and load proc.  In addition, it shares a cooldown with Explosive Shot.  Explosive Shot does significantly more damage.  Survival hunters almost never use Arcane Shot.  Just take it off your toolbar.

You will now be using the new talent Black Arrow to proc your Lock and Load.  Black Arrow does the following:








Other talents like Trap Mastery and Resourcefulness also improve Black Arrow.  Fire Black Arrow whenever it is off cooldown (only Kill Shot takes priority).  It’s the period damage that has the chance to proc Lock and Load.  With Resourcefulness the cooldown is reduced to 24secs.  It lasts 15 secs, so there are 9 secs in between when it is not possible to get a Lock and Load proc.  Black Arrow counts as a trap and shares a cooldown with your other traps, so you cannot use traps to cover this gap.  Serpent Sting no longer procs Lock and Load.  However, Serpent Sting still does a reasonable amount of damage, so keep it in your rotation.  In addition, Noxious Stings, means that ALL your damage is increased by 3% to a target affected by your Serpent Sting, so don’t forget your sting.

When Lock and Load Procs you want to change your rotation slightly.  I used to get this wrong.  I would just spam my Explosive Shots.  This is a no no, and lowers DPS, as it overwrites the DOT the explosive shot leaves on the target.  Instead, I now fire explosive shot > aimed shot > explosive shot > steady Shot, or something to that effect.  Watching the explosive shot DOT, to make sure it has finished it’s last tick before applying the next one.  My DPS is a lot higher since I worked this out.


As I said before, Sniper Training has changed, so that you now do not need to be 30 yards away to get a damage increase, instead you need to have periods where you are able to stand still for 6secs at a time.







I am sure there’re going to be some fights where this will be hard to do, and other fights where you will want to try and time the periods in which you stand still i.e. make sure you stack the buff on you just after a tsunami in OS, or in good time before another is due.

5.  Addons for the survival hunter

I will write a separate article on addons.  I turned all my addons off when logging in for the first time to 3.1.  However, the ones I would find it hard to live without are:  OmniCC (which counts down your cooldowns on your spells); PowerAuras (which shows your when things need refreshing); Recount (damage meter); Omen (threat meter); and Deadly Boss Mod (raid help – tells me to “run away little girl” when a tsunami is about to hit in OS).  I use a whole raft of other things, including Bartender4 and X-Perl to modify my UI, but I will try and play with the vanilla UI for the first few days of the patch, until I work out how well these guys work with the changes to action bar swapping for dual-specs.

I am a great fan of PowerAuras.  I will write an article on Power Auras, which is quite a complicated addon, but well worth it.  I use it for several things on my hunter and level 77 pally, but the big one for a survival spec is a big flashing Lock and Load Icon which shows when Lock and Load is available.

If you are familiar with PowerAuras you can use my Lock and Load Icon.  You will need to import the following text into lock and load:

timer:bofalse;customname:stLock and Load;target:bofalse;
unitn:stOnly for raid/group.;bufftype:nu1;
texture:nu13;buffname:stLock and Load;anim2:nu0;opt1:nu0;r:nu1;

To do this, install powerauras, copy the string of blue text above, open powerauras in game by typing /powa, click the import button, paste the text string into the window that pops up, then click accept.  (Hope this works, I had to put returns in to fit the text in.)

I intend to set up power auras to show clearly when the Sniper Training buff is active and when it has worn off, as well as when Black Arrow needs to be reapplied.

6.  Kill Shot

Kill Shot will still do more damage than explosive shot, and so should still be fired when it is available as a priority.  As you know, it has a long cooldown and can only be fired when the target is less than 20% health, but then you want to maximize it.  Previously I hot keyed it separately and macroed in with my steady shot, so that if I go to fire a steady shot when Kill Shot is available, I would fire a Kill Shot instead:

#showtooltip Steady Shot 
/cast kill Shot
/cast Steady Shot  
Edit:  This doesn’t work anymore 😦  Thanks to the reader who pointed out why.  Kill Shot is now on the Global Cooldown (GCD) and you cannot have two spells in a cast macro that are on the GCD or not instant cast.  A cast sequence macro might work.  But as I always had kill shot hot keyed to the button next to steady shot in anycase, I will just have to move if I find myself firing steady shot as kill shot becomes available.

7.  Glyphs for survival hunters

Up till now I have been using the following glyphs:

Steady Shot

Serpent Sting

Improved Aspect of the Hawk

I didn’t change these from when I was MM specced.  However, there are now some new glyphs added to the game, and the one for Kill Shot looks interesting for all hunters, while the one for Explosive Shot looks pretty mandatory for Survival Hunters.

I might go with glyphs of:

Steady Shot

Explosive Shot – Increases the critical strike chance of explosive shot by 4%

Kill Shot – reduces the cooldown of Kill Shot by 6secs

These new glyphs are available from books of glyph mastery found as drops from nothrend monsters.  Reading one learns a new random glyph.  The patch notes do not say whether these books are BOP or only lootable by inscribers, or whether that can be traded, farmed for alts or sold on the ah.  I hope it is the latter, my inscriber is level 70 and just sits in Dalaran making glyphs for the guild.

8.   Gear Stats

Gear is about balance these days.  Gone are the days when survival hunters ran around in rogue leather.  Agility is still very important to us, but not quite as important as it once was, and Intellect is more important than it was, and is not something rogue gear comes with (you don’t need to be smart to be a rogue, just sneaky.)   Look carefully at your talents, you agility, stamina and intellect will buff other talents, such as your attack power.  Go with balance, and don’t forget the hit cap.  Armor penetration has been buffed in this patch somewhat, and haste has been buffed for some melee classes, but not for hunters.

9.  Raiding pet for survival hunters

The raptor used to be the number 1 DPS pet for the survival hunter.  The raptors DPS may still be the highest, but changes to the wolf’s furious howl means that it might contribute more to the pet and hunters overall DPS.  The wolf’s furious howl now only buffs the hunter not his party.  However, it now stacks with other AP buffs such as Commanding Shout and Blessing of Might (previously these overwrote it).  It is now like getting a double Blessing of Might, although the longer cooldown does mean it will not be up 100% of the time.  The jury is still out on whether this will constitute more DPS than the raptor, but it could well do.

10.  Other changes worth noting

Remember ammo now stacks to 1,000 in any bag slot.  Ammo pouches and quivers no longer give haste.  The 15% haste from them has been applied to all shots, but via auto shot.  Most hunters will disgard their ammo pouches.  The only reason to keep on is if you really intend on carry around 32,000 bullets.  I think I might collapse under the weight of all that ammo.  An added advantage of this is that you can now carry both arrows and bullets around with you, and swap between a gun and a bow/crossbow on the fly.

Some of the changes to Mana Regen may effect hunters –

“Mana Regeneration: The amount of mana regeneration derived from intellect and spirit has been reduced by 40%; however, talents that allow for mana regeneration while in combat have been increased. As a result, in-combat regeneration for classes with those talents will stay the same, while out-of-combat regeneration will be lower.”

I cannot see mention of them increasing maan regen from Aspect of the Viper, so I am not sure whether this is an undocumented change or not.  However, they do say,

“Viper Sting redesigned: Stings the target, draining 4% of mana over 8 seconds (up to a maximum of 8% of the caster’s maximum mana), and energizing the hunter equal to 300% of the amount drained. Only one Sting per hunter can be active on any one target.”

Given that Serpent Sting is no longer causing Lock and Load procs (although remember it does give a 3% damage increase with Noxious Sting talents), it might be worth experimenting with applying Viper Sting if you have to go into Aspect of the Viper during a fight, in order to regen mana quicker and get out of Viper sooner.  Without testing it, I don’t know if this (possibly shorter) period of Aspect of the VIper would yield higher overall DPS, than a slightly longer period with Serpent Sting remaining up (remember Serpent Sting does damage so also refunds mana from Aspect of the Viper).

Read the patch notes for the rest, there are a lot of changes both for hunters, and more generally.  Don’t forget to go respec all your alts and visit your profession as well as class trainers to learn any new recipes or skills.  Edit:  I had to visit my trainer for extra ranks of explosive shot, aimed shot and black arrow (I think this was another bug, especially in the case of explosive shot, and one that cost me gold.  It didn’t happen with my pally, low level warlock, or my friends on other classes.)

Check out the new Argent Crusade Tournament up in Icecrown on your level 80s, and the Dalaran fishing dailies on you fishermen or fishergnomes.  If you are a hordie you can go buy some new mounts if you have faction rep, or get yourself a westfall chicken from the cluck quest (there is a guy in Brill selling the chicken feed).

Apparently they have fixed the cooldown on cower so that it displays correctly – shame they haven’t actually fixed the cower bug!

9.  Concluding thoughts

It looks like survival is till going to provide the highest raid DPS, although MM should be closer than it was, with better mana efficiency and buffs to Piercing Shots and Wild Quiver.

I am now pretty comfortable playing all three specs, so I will pick the highest DPS one for raiding, and a BM tanking spec as my off spec.  As it looks like SV is currently the higher DPS spec, I will be sticking with it, despite enjoying MM a lot.  As for my off spec, well that’s another post, but I intend to go rep and mount farming in some old instances with my trusty bear, Beren, thunderstomping his way through the mobs – fun times 🙂


51 responses to “Survival Hunter – round 3 – patch 3.1

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  2. Hmm. How do you fire a Black Arrow if you use a gun?


  3. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t see a use for Noxious stings unless you are pvping.

  4. Noxious sting increases ALL damage done to targets afflicted by your serpent sting. So as long as you have 3/3 in Noxious Stings, and you keep Serpent Sting up, you overall damage will be increased by 3%. That’s why it is such a good pve talent.

  5. Just wondering if it would make sense to take a point from somewhere else (like Imp Aspect of the Hawk) and put it into Expose Weakness for 3/3?

  6. You shouldn’t need 3 points in Expose Weakness. 2/3 means that you have a 65% chance every time you crit of triggering the expose weakness buff, which lasts for 7secs. If you think that most survival hunters have crit ratings of between 30-40% once buffed, and attack speeds of just over 2 seconds, that means you are pretty much guaranteed to have the buff up close to 100% of the time, even without the full 3 points. It is probably not a good use of the extra point to max it out. If you look at some of the top hunter DPS specs throughout 3.0.8 a few did max out Expose Weakness, but many didn’t.
    Not sure I like that weedy point in Improved Aspect of the Hawk though. One or two points over there is supposed to help, but it seems kinda lonely 🙂

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  8. Anelf that kind of thing has bothered me for a while as well. In wotlk most of the better ranged weapons are guns, but glance over to tins computer screen and u will see most of the pictures for the different shots… are arrows, the only one i can think off the top of my head that is a bullet is probably scatter shot. As for the spec changes, yeah they will be interesting but im not seeing any difference in whos the top dps’ers and other things, but i still cant wait to see everything, i dident download the pre patch ( i should slap myself) so my computer wont finish downloading untill probably 5 or 6 tommorow morning :-(.

  9. Cíllítbang

    This guide has helped me a great deal, as i have only just recently returned to my Hunter as Main. However in reguards to the shot rotation, is that just focussed on single target DPS (for example bosses only), or is that general damage, was thinking maybe use multi shot instead of where aimed shot is placed if its more then one target ofc.

    Also if any one could help me out with any useful addons to increase DPS that be great (rotation timers etc.)

  10. The rotation is a single DPS rotation. For Groups of 2, I tend to use that on one and then switch to the other one when the first is dead. You could experiment with replacing aimed shot with multi, previously I used to use multi, but I will be using aimed because of the talent changes I stated above.
    For groups of more than 3, we gather them up and AOE them down. I love those volley numbers!
    I am going to be updating my addons today and introducing them back slowly and them will write a post on the ones that work. Off the top of my head I think the ones you might want to look at are OmniCC, powerAuras, and maybe Quartz.

  11. Thank you so much. Your break down was awsome!!!

  12. Thanks for the new hunter info. This has been greatly helpful!

    Any chance you can post a recommended pet spec to accompany this survival spec? I have a raptor, Ferocity seems to be the best type of pet for high dps in raids, right?

    Thanks again.

  13. great info on the changes in 3.1. kinda pissed the rumors about them making BM great again didnt happen…. (oh well… its blizzard =P). but anyway… good stuff!

    i agree with arjunas statement above. lets see some suggestions for max pet DPS. especially since its hard for survival hunters to access the new talents without gimping another talent in their pet’s tree.

    i have a wasp personally. it annoys my guild with its massive size =P…. but its sting (-1200 armor and a small DoT) makes it worth it imo.

  14. Great post!

    There is one thing I don’t understand, that is the shot priority, why not put it like this:

    1. Kill Shot

    2. Black Arrow

    3. Serpent Sting

    4. Explosive Shot

    5. Aimed Shot

    6. Steady Shot

    So Serpent Sting (SrS) before Explosive Shot (ES), since SrS adds another 3% dmg (via 3/3 Noxious Stings) so applying SrS before ES will result in higher dmg.

    I’m probably missing something but could anyone point it out to me please.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Re: point 6 – that macro won’t work as Kill Shot is now on the GCD. Shame, really, as this means 1 more button to click/press (2 with Black Arrow)

  16. @Cabo – expl shot basically does more dmg, so you don’t want to delay it any more than you have to.

    @Arjuna – my pet spec is:
    (My SV spec is: My gear sadly is bobbins)

  17. Regarding moving Imp Aspect of the Hawk. Why not move it to Hunting party. Even if the mana regen proc gets “to” high. You still get 1% agi.

  18. I’m with Roberth. The agil boost seems to be worth more than the hawk proc. I’d love to see some theorycrafting on that.

    Also does anyone know why Improved Hunter’s Mark is never used? Straight AP bonus seems nice, but I guess it just not enough for the point?

  19. @ Kirrina thanks for explaining why my macros doesn’t work, I missed that Kill Shot was now on GCD, that explains that. I will edit the post.

  20. @ Roberth – I have a Mac without Excel – so can’t use Cheeky’s Spreadsheet – my research is therefore based on ingame stuff or lots of reading. At the moment, the concensus seems to be more for the 1 point in IAOH providing more overall DPS, but I think it probably very much depends on your gear etc. For some people the extra Agi boost might be better. If you have access to the spreadsheet you could try setting it up and swapping the point. As it happens, I had to skip that point anyway, some gear upgrades lost me some hit, so I had to take 2 points in MM to improve my hit rating.

  21. @Arjuna – Kirrina’s is a good pet spec. I often run with that, or swap the top point in stam and drop it into dash.
    Alternatively, you could try out one point in the new Wild Hunt or Shark Attack, Something like the pet build linked on in the comments on the BM post above. I will add something in, but work calls today.

  22. id also have to agree with roberth. only 1 point in IAoH is not worth it. 3% haste increase… you’ll hardly see a change.

    i agree that kirrina’s pet spec is good….. but i think “Cobra Relfexes” is hurting her DPS more then helping. while the haste is nice, the loss in damage delt could be a burden. probably would also be a good idea to put the 2 points in “Bloodthirsty” elsewhere as well, since it no longer increases damage.
    i redid my pet’s spec to but maybe thats must my preference. seems to work for me.

    I tried your shot rotation….. works excellent. with only dragonhawk on… i capped out at like 2.6k DPS. thanks a bunch! =) pretty much turned my opinion around on how good 3.1 is.

    but yeah, the kill shot macro doesnt work. neither for some reason does a macro combining Black Arrow and Explosive shot. did blizzard make it so you can no longer combine 2 abilities into one macro?

  23. remember the steady shot glyph? serpent sting is need for the 10% increase to SS. so, points in noxious stings as well as that glyph kinda go together, dontcha think?

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  25. More questions:

    The reason for one and not two points in “go for the throat”? Does it generate too much focus with two?

    Anyone knows how much the first point is worth?

    How do you compare focus generation with other stuff like agi? I guess you just have to test in game?

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  27. Ok so I have a few questions.

    1) why do you have 1 point in wyvrm sting? and 3 in noxious stings? i do believe all bosses are ammune to wyvrm sting thus makeing it useless and also makeing noxious stings not worth it unless ur soloing quests then yeah i can see how it would be good.
    1.5) this is what i am useing

    2) I am at work right now but will be testing out the shot rotation you have i think it will work out right now i just have all shots on my bar havent re built my macros yet (was wondering what you do use) the rest of my macros still work but need a new shot one yes i am a spammer and love it.

    3) So is it true that wolfs are best dps instead of rapter? dont they have the same buffs or ami completly r tard atm?

  28. To Robeth,
    Raid buffed my crit as a survival hunter is close around 40%. Therefore, I point in GFTT is enough for my pet to generate the focus he needs. I am also a bit less reliant on my pet than my own DPS. For a BM build, with lower crits, and more reliance on the pet I would got for 2/2 in GFTT.

  29. To Scootz,
    Re noxious stings – someone else asked that and I have edited the post to include the answer. Read the tooltip – those 4 points give you a 3% bonus to ALL your damage on a mob as long as it is affected by your serpent sting. You’re not taking them for the cc effect, but for the damage boost.

    I used to be a macro spammer too. I use macros where they are helpful. However, with the changes to macro code and global cooldowns, I think it is virtually impossible now to come up with a survival hunter or markman hunter shot rotation macros that would improve your DPS over weaving your shots. If you find one post it and I would be happy to test it too 🙂 Instead of macros, I use the addons OmniCC and PowerAuras to help me weave my shots, they provide clear indicators when shots need refreshing or are off cooldown.

    Jury is still out on wolf vs. raptor. They are both ferocity pets, but their family skills are different. Raptors ravage gives it more personal DPS than the wolf, but the wolfs furious howl buffs the hunter with attack power, which since 3.1 stacks with a pallys Blessing of Might. It’s like getting a double Blessing of Might now, which is why the wolf has become so popular.

  30. Ok I see your point on the noxious sting but it does state “if wyvrm sting is dispelled” it can only be dispelled if it can be applied IE a boss in any raid will not be affected by wyvrm sting because it cant be effected by it thus the shot is never disspeled unless I am completly rong (which is all the time) that is why i put the 3 into imp serpt sting

    I did have a macro pre 3.1 that maintained atleast3k dps i usually just pressed kill shot on my own

  31. I think the talent is a bit confusing because it is both a pvp and pve talent. The dispell affect does indeed refer to the cc affect usually used in pvp and dispelled in pvp, so not of interest in boss fights (usually). But the 3% damage increase if a flat damage boost that has nothing to do with wyvern sting, but is dependent upon serpent sting. It should give you more dps than sepent sting talents .

  32. But, aren’t the 30% extra damage done by Serpent Sting with 3/3 in “Improved Stings” better than the just 1% in all shots?

    (And if you have mana problems it gives you extra 30% mana drained with “Viper Sting”)

  33. Excellent guide Tinuviel.
    It helped me allot to understand the new changes and figure out the new rotation.

    Good work.

  34. @Greenblood – As Tin mentioned above, 3 points in Noxious Stings is 3% +damage to all shots. Not 1%.

    But its easy to test which is best for you – try both specs on a target dummy. Let us know your findings.

  35. This article is been amazing for me. The break down has just made my day. I did take the time to fiddle with the spec using the base here and I find that I keep stick with this one. After reading this article and a suggestion of another hunter Power Auras is a major saver. I’ve done some major changes and organization to my UI because of this patch and it’s made me much more efficient.

    Also a note for the heavy raiders, you do a lot of running around at the Uldar raid bosses so those who still want to use multi-shot in your rotation may want to consider aimed anyways. It’s an instant cast and can be done while on the move. There have been many times that I can’t even get out my steady shot to help unless there is a breather period with a boss.

    When considering your pet talent tree keep in mind there is a lot of pet management in Uldar. Trying to keep the little guys alive can be a challenge. Re @ Duneraider, Why take the talent Charge? In Raids its so useless since everything is immune to it.

    Anyways, this has been great for me and some of my guildies. Thanks!

  36. Thanks for the comment Aysen.
    I agree about the pet management, I keep experimenting, and currently have Phoenix in my pet build to give him a self rez every 10mins. I take dash rather than charge to get him between mobs quicker, for soloing, and because I personally hate a slow pet, but taking a point in stamina is another option.

  37. to Aysen…. i take charge for many reasons. #1, when dash is down, it still gets to the mob quicker (hate slow pets). #2, the stun effect i could care less about and im well aware everything in raids resists it… but the added AP on the next attack cant hurt right? =). just my preference really.

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  39. did every thing u said and my dps is still in the 1500s dont see what im doing worng tryed everything… help

  40. to Lex: Hmmmm well if u followed the guide u should be doing more. THe only thing i can see going rong is not useing the shots when they are u again and in shot sequence or order. i had thr same problome when i first used it (i was a macro spammer) buy after a few rounds at the test dummy i got it down really quick. pending on yout gear ypu should pull 1.5k(bad gear) 2.5k (good gear) 3.5k+ (great gear) this based on no blood lust no food or flask buff amd dont judge ur dps on a voss you have to tun aroundalot (ie heigon dance) i myself with a few tweaks pulled 3k+ on heroic dummy( only used kill shot twice btw) useing my own cd (orc racial+rapid fire+kill command) and no flask no food no other spell on me. it just takes yimrs to get leet dps

  41. what are you doing Lex when you have 1500s DPS? What buffs do you have, and can you link your armory profile so I can take a look at your gear and stats. I would agree with scootz assessment of the DPS you should be able to pull, though great players with great gear might get even more fully buffed in a 25man.

  42. the numbers i was giveing were solo on target dummy if ur in a 25man full buffed and flasked and inchanted u should pull around 4k easy on a boss u can stand still on 5k+ if u blood lust and blow all your cool downs. maybe lux is useing the beginer arrows or bullets hell i did that once thought all my equipment broke.

    side note im not the same spec as the guide says i took out noxious stings and the other talent that gos with it and went imp stings 3/3 imp hm 1/3 and im apoth 1/5 and pulled 5kdps on patch 4k i sustained will have broof soon if no one believs me

  43. loved reading this even though you said everything id already figured out 😛 this is the first patch i actually liked. im doing 2-2.5k dps unbuffed with a shot rotation based around steady shot and im not even geared that well yet (just hit 80 a few days ago)
    its ❤

  44. Wow great blog!!! i just hit 80 yesterday and cant wait to try out your suggestions. Keep up the good work!

  45. btw whats your in game name and server?

  46. I link my armory page on the right so you can look me up – its Tinuviel of US Antonidas Server and the guild Soldiers of Fortune. The Tree is Anelf, same server and guild. Glad you like the blog Sage – we aim to please 🙂

  47. they need to increase the range of that “Furious Howl” for wolves. i didnt, until today, realize how far from the mob i usually am during battle, and when my wolf does Furious Howl, it doesnt reach me haha. either that or i do get it, but by the time i look up to check, its gone =/. maybe ill go try a raptor.

  48. Like i stated in my previous post i just hit 80 the other day. Im using your build atm but my hit is at 104. Ive been hitting the heroics up and my average dps is about 1.7-1.8k. Well the question is what should i give up for Focused Aim and should i max that talent out till i get 260 hit?

  49. @Sage – I would work on maxing out my hit cap if I were you, and even more so if you intend to start raiding soon. I would steal the points from the 1 point in Improved Aspect of the Hawk and probably from Master Tactician.

    I might also not put them all back in those slots, but top up Hunting Party as I moved points out of Focused Aim once I got armor upgrades and final put the last point back into Master Tactician. With the improved Hunting Party now also increasing your agility, it seems worth having this maxed out now.

    That’s what I did anyway. Also, focussed Aim is even better than it was as it now affects your pets hit too, so pop some points in there and see how it affects your DPS and hit/miss percentages, especially on bosses or the boss target dummy.

  50. Great article. Its been very helpful in switching to survival. I keep coming back to it. I hope there will be updates for 3.2. Curious as to the approach on using multiple traps in dungeons and raids.