News from Ulduar

Anelf here. Tinuviel is really happy tonight because we downed our first boss in Ulduar – the Flame Leviathan. And (even better) she got her first drop – Pyrite Infuser – the loot she was hoping for. The other (non-hard mode) drop from this boss that’s good for Hunters is the Kinetic Ripper.

First impressions of Ulduar: Wow! Just wow!

I’ve not done much BGing in WOTLK, but those of you who’ve been grinding Strand and WG will already be familiar with the idea of in-vehicle combat. Now I understand why our mage (Kzin) has been spending every night in battlegrounds  – driving tanks around and destroying buildings is fun 🙂 .

The raid itself was a bit of a mess. Tin already described our problems last night in an ‘easy’ Naxx farming run. People were still having problems tonight – particularly with sound for some reason, so two or three people out of 10 couldn’t even hear the raid leader. Because of this, our first couple of attempts were quite comical (I tell you this so you can avoid the same comedy or errors 🙂 :

Attempt 1: Everyone mounted onto their vehicles and rushed into the gauntlet event. We all died, but had a great time shooting every Iron Dwarf in sight.

Attempt 2: The obligatory wipe over, we moved to a more clinical approach. Siege engines up front, demolishers and motorbikes behind. We cleared all the trash, but someone forgot (or hadn’t heard) the order not to engage the last two Colossi (Colossuses?). The boss engaged us as they died, and sealed off the back of the room with half the raid on the wrong side of the shield wall repairing their vehicles.

Attempt 3: This time we all got the right side of the shield wall. Lots of carnage and very little coordination (the motorcyclists had no sound). But we got him to 44% before we wiped.

Attempt 4: We got him. Still very little coordination. We rarely got him to drive over any burning oil, but at least the motorcyclists remembered to pick up me and Tin after we’d disabled our turrets on the tank and parachuted down.

He’s a pretty easy boss really, and no doubt follows the usual Blizzard strategy of lulling you into a false sense of security befoe hitting you with a really hard second boss 😉 .

(Afterwards, Tin told me she was quite pleased we wiped a few times because she got to spend more time shooting stuff from her demolisher. 🙂 )

The really strange thing about the fight is that it doesn’t depend on class mix at all. Its handy to have a healer who can throw a few heals on themselves after parachuting off the turrets, but its not essential. (I used my dual spec to switch to Balance so I could take out the turrets quicker). 

Because you’re mounted on vehicles, the only thing that matters is your gear level. The vehicle’s health is dependent on the item level (iLevel) of your gear. Your stats don’t matter at all. So equip your highest level gear for this fight – even if the stats are really bad on the highest level items you have. Its even worth grabbing a high level drop from lower raid instances that is useless for your class (cloth wearing tank anyone?) if it has a higher iLevel (and if no-one else in the raid wants it 🙂 ). Rumor has it that its the average iLevel of your gear that counts, but that seems to be still unconfirmed.

No loot for me this time (and there’s not much for Resto Druids from this boss), but I did get the Take out those Turrets achievement as a consolation prize 😛 .

We stopped after the first boss because of our sound problems. Here are some strategies that helped us plan for the raid (thanks to Keeferblah for rooting them out):


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  1. I loved that fight. Being a healer, my job is to save people from the smashy-smashy. Being in that siege engine with a giant ram on the front was a blast! I was hesitant at taking it at first because I was still unsure of what I was doing, but after that second attempt I got the hang of it and smashed away 🙂