Steady Shot for the Twittering generation

We’re trying something new for this blog as an experiment. We’ve created a Twitter account to which we’re feeding our blog posts. So if you’d rather be notified of new posts on Twitter instead of through an RSS feed, this is for you. 

Our Twitter account is


To follow our blog twitters, just navigate to that page and hit the follow button (once you’re logged into your own account).

For some reason, the steadyshot username doesn’t appear when you search users for ‘steadyshot’. We’ve reported the problem to Twitter, but its not been resolved yet.

To start with, we’re just going to use it to twitter links to new blog postings, and occasional news and tips, so no need to worry that you’ll be spammed with Barrens chat if you follow us.

Please let us know how its working.

BTW We’re using Twitterfeed to automate the blog posting twitters.


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