Happy Noblegarden

Happy Noblegarden from Tinuviel and Anelf.

Those darned eggs are the reason Tin hasn’t written a blog post for a couple of days. Every time I see her she’s sitting in one of the starting areas camping egg spawn spots – along with half the population of our server. I try to remind her that egg camping is still preferable to farming Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor, but farming all those eggs required to get the Noble Gardener achievement is about as dull as a rainy day in Rhyl. (Come to think of it, its about as dull as a sunny day in Rhyl too). Unfortunately, she has to do it, because Tin is still on track for the What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been protodrake achievement.

We were going to write a short guide to the Noble Gardener achievement because the information on WoWInsider wasn’t that good. But then we found the one on MMO Champion, and decided we couldn’t write a simpler one than that. And we found the one on Wowhead, and decided we couldn’t write one much better than that.

So Happy Egg Camping! And don’t forget that next week is Children’s Week :-).


6 responses to “Happy Noblegarden

  1. I’ve picked up enough eggs to feed a third world country but finally finished off the meta achievement. The dress was elusive and took around 500+ eggs to get >.>

  2. wow! I completed the meta achievement after about 300 eggs (bad luck with drops only shirts and branches), had to buy everything else. I didn’t complete the achievements that aren’t part of the meta to find the dress or tuxedo pants.

  3. I am finally almost done just gotta go to start areas to let my bunny do his thing, and find a dang female orc!! (i cant blame anyone for not making one they are very ugly but still their has to be a few).

  4. My female dwarf has never been so popular 🙂 She has crowds of admirers following her around.

  5. I play on an RP server.. so you can imagine the lack of female Dwarves =X

  6. My problem was the female Troll. I ran everywhere in the first person view looking for one. My funniest experience was stalking an undead. I found a safe place to watch from and would peek out to see what they were doing. Unfortunately my cooldown took a bit longer than I thought and the Undead ran off to a portal. 🙂