Children’s Week Tips

orphanI am not going to write a how-to overview for Children’s Week, as there are already a couple out there.  Instead, I thought I would write a couple of tips as they come up.  I have completed all of it except the pvp part so far.  I will update this post once I have completed that.

1.  You can collect an orphan from either the Matron in SW (near the cathedral) or the Matron in Shattrah in the lower city.  If you already have a pet from last years’ quest, you should already have an achievement Aww, Isn’t It Cute!  So you don’t actually have to do their quests, except you probably want some more pets 🙂  You don’t need the achievement Veteran Nanny (which takes 3 years of children’s weeks to get) in order to complete the meta achievement For the Children needed for the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been, which gives the Violet Proto-drake.

2.  You can hand in your quests in sw and Shatt to get your new pets even if you haven’t completed the rest of the children’s week achievements.  Either Matron will give you another whistle anytime during the week.  So don’t worry about completing the quests.  Same goes if you delete the whistle for some reason, just go ask the Matron for another.

3.  The quest Daily Chores gives the achievement if you do 5 different dailies on the same day, despite what the description says.  I got this achievement on the first day of the event.  This was changed and is correct, it seems (The Children’s Week achievement “Daily Chores” has been slightly altered from the text you will see in the achievement window.  It now requires simply that you complete 5 daily quests with your orphan out. There is no longer an extra step in doing things over consecutive days. (Source)).  You don’t seem to have to have your infant out during the daily, just when you hand it in.

4.  Don’t forget to have your infant out when you are eating all the treats for bad Example.  I forgot and ended up spending another 14G on a Lovely Cake.  The lovely Cake provides 5 slices, you can collect them all and then give them to alts, share them with friends or sell them on the ah.  I shared my first one out to my UK run, hence the second cake purchase.

5.  You can make a lot of money on the ah selling either small eggs, mageroyal, Northern Eggs, Tasty Cupcakes, or Delicious Chocolate Cakes.  Or you can be nice and give them out to your guildies 🙂  Remember there are vendors selling the icecream outside Org and SW banks, you don’t need to go all the way to Thousand Needles for it.

Watch this space for an update on my BG experience – I expect it to be bad!!! lol.

Update!  Yeay!  I now have my achievement – thanks to a great bunch of guildies – Keeferblah, Neombra, and Anelf 🙂

Before I give some tips, I have to say I still think this achievement was badly thought out.  It makes you play a BG badly.  Playing to get achievements and even leaving when done, rather than playing as a team effort to win.  I don’t usually PVP, although I have in the past (to get my T4 set for instance).  And when I do, I try my hardest, even when it is a lost cause, so this goes against the grain.  But Blizzard set it up like this, and while I don’t like it, I jumped through their hoops like everyone else to get it done.

Apologizes to horde my tips are alliance achievements.

6.  School of Hard Knocks – is hard if you try and do it alone if you don’t have any pvp gear like yours truly.  I did my Arathi Basin achievement alone but it was not fun.  The Horde in our BG are strong and usually dominate the BGs (I’m a little alliance).  Two horde hunters repeatedly reminded me that I needed some resilience on my gear, a pvp spec, oh and a crab or hyena might be nice too.  I got it done – even capping the farm – but I was shouting in anger at myself by the end.  Later I grouped up with 4 other guildies.  The make up is not important, though a healer is always nice.  Just stick together, have a plan, and have a way of voicing.  We don’t have guild vent so we created an SOF channel.  We then joined that channel and set our in game voice to SOF, meaning we could talk to each other in the BG without being in the same groups in the raid.

7.  Arathi Basin – as a group we zerged the mine as soon as the gate opened – seemed to work quite well.  If a horde comes to up to an alliance base – let them cap it and then you can re cap it if you need the achievement.  Remember you need your orphan out when you click on the flag.

8.  Warsong Gulch – you need to return the flag – so stay in your flag room as a group – let a horde come in and grab the flag – then kill him and click on it to return.  Rinse and repeat until everyone has it.  The people in our BGs were cooperating a little, except for an alliance rogue.  One horde would run in grab the flag and we would kill him.  

9.  Alterac Valley – we had to do this twice to get it – but its not that hard just a bit of luck needed.  Suggest you make a beeline for Tower Point tower.  Try and be the first to cap it, and then wait for the horde to come and recap it.  Again don’t kill them (at least until they have capped the tower) then you can recap.    We chose TP as the horde tend to come past that one and assault it regularly so it was likely to change hands.

10.  Eye of Eternity – run run as fast as you can for that flag.  The easiest way to do it is to be the very first person to get the flag, and have your group escort you back (hopefully to the mage tower that has been taken by the alliance).  Bit of a scrap after the first flag is taken, but just stick together as a group.

11.  If you are veteran PVPer and killer player type you may have a lot of fun this week killing all use noob pvper in our squishy PVE gear.  Good luck to you 🙂


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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the hotfix but this was announced earlier today on MMO-Champion =)

    “The Children’s Week achievement “Daily Chores” has been slightly altered from the text you will see in the achievement window. It now requires simply that you complete 5 daily quests with your orphan out. There is no longer an extra step in doing things over consecutive days”

  2. yup,, just read that too, altering the post accordingly 🙂