Setting up a private in-game voice channel

In her Children’s Week post, Tin talked about setting up a private voice channel when you join a BG as a group. A lot of people we mentioned this to didn’t know how to do it, so I thought it was worth a quick post.

Obviously, if you have a vent server or something similar you already have a private channel, so you can stop reading now. For the rest of us who use the in-game voice channel – read on …

You can create a private in-game text chat channel at any time, simply by typing

/join ChannelName

where ChannelName is the name you want to give the channel. So for our guild, we often use 

/join sof

You then tell anyone you want to include in the channel to type the same thing – /join sof.

Now you have a text channel. The WoW interface assigns you a channel number (its normally 5 for me, but it depends how many other channels you already have active), so you can now type

/5 something I want to tell my friends

to say something you want to tell your friends in that channel. (Replace 5 with whatever your private channel number is).


Turning this into a voice channel is an easy extra step …

Let’s say you’re forming a group to join a BG as a pre-made. You’ve got everyone to ‘/join sof ‘or whatever. Turn on your in-game voice chat as normal. By default, it will join your party sound channel – you can hear all five people in your party talking.

Now find the little speaker symbol on your minimap. Right click it, and select your private channel. As shown in the screenshot.

Now you’re all talking on your private channel. Anyone who wants to join in the conversation can do the same thing. Even people who aren’t in your group.

Now join the BG queue as a group. When you zone into the BG, your group have sof as their voice channel, rather than battleground chat. 

Use your voice channel to coordinate your group in the BG, and you don’t have to worry about all those BG chat spammers joining in and trash talking because they can’t hear you.

As well as BGs, this is great for coordinating quests (like Amphitheater of Anguish) where you can’t form a raid, but a few extra people have come along to lend a hand.


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