Old Cliff Jumper


Tinuviel and Mithril (aka Old Cliff Jumper)

Tinuviel and Mithril (aka Old Cliff Jumper)

Just a quick post and a piccie of Tinuviel and her new pet, Mithril.

I tamed him today.  Until I renamed him, he was Old Cliff Jumper, a silver rare spawn from the Hinterlands.  He is the only worg with this grey skin type, and  I have always loved his looks.  With so many wolves around, particularly of the oulands underfed type, it’s nice to have a more unique looking one, especially one I have always wanted.  Now I just have to level him from 75 to 80 /groan.

I also have Ironjaw in my stable, another attractive and unusual worg skin, at some point I might have to level him too.  But Cliff Jumper is the worg for me.  

Good night for now, but I can feel a post on wolves coming up 😉


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