Patch 3.1.2 live on US

A small patch dropped today.  You can find the patch notes to Patch 3.1.2 here.

Ghostcrawler also made an interesting announcement for hunters able to access the higher level end game content.  In order to balance hunter DPS in Ulduar, which has apparently been too low, and becuase they are scaling back their planned ammo changes, they are buffing the damage of ranged weapons with ilevels 226 or higher.  Ranged weapons with item levels under 226 are not mentioned, and therefore unaffected, so don’t expect your Nesingwary 4000 to be buffed.

You can read Ghostcrawler’s blue post here.  And a brief summary article on WoWinsider here.

Hunter changes:

  • Disengage cooldown reduced to 5secs – presumably mainly for arena and pvp, but useful for kiting in pve too.
  • Bug fix – explosive shots’ critical strikes now trigger go for the throat
  • Bug fix – lock and load tooltip
  • bug fix – Rabid tooltip

General changes of note:

  • Equipment manager implemented
  • Increased health and mana restored from Northrend food and drinks.
  • Most scopes now have an item level requirement, and will bind item to which they are applied.

One response to “Patch 3.1.2 live on US

  1. Its was reduced by 5 sec. Not reduced TO 5 sec. Though a 5 sec disengage cooldown would be great too 🙂