How to be Eye of Eternity Geared and hit 3k DPS within a day of hitting 80.

bbMy Druid Bluebear hit 80 a couple of days ago.  Within a day of hitting 80 WOW heroes recorded her as being geared for Naxx 10 and 25 man and Eye of Eternity 10 man.  The day after hitting 80 I went to Obsidian Sanctum 10 man with my guild where I was dealing over 3k damage on the trash (AOE) and 2.7k damage on the boss.  I am not writing this to boast, I am just writing it to say it’s possible, especially with an alt, and here’s how.

1.  Plan ahead.  I researched a pre-naxx gear list and a raiding gear list well in advance of hitting 80.  For druids, Grey Matter does a great job on both.

2.  Make money and gather mats with your main.  Most of Bluebear’s gear on stepping into OS was crafted or BOE blues and purples, either made by myself or friends with mats I had gathered, or bought from the ah.

4.  Follow the prices of your gear list on the ah and buy low.  I started looking for, and buying up, Bluebear’s gear from the time she was about 73.  This gave me time to find good low deals, and to spread my purchases, rather than having to spend all my cash at once.

5.  Get the appropriate gems, enchants and armor kits.  Too many people go into raids not appropriately enchanted.  Enchants make a huge difference to your gear.  I sent nearly every green I got when levelling to Anelf for disenchanting to stock up mats for my enchants.

6.  Learn to play your class.  Err, this sounds obvious.  Do some research on blogs like this one and Elitist Jerks etc.  about the best spec, stats, shot rotations, etc. for raiding.  Playstyle for raiding is often very different from that for soloing and grinding or even from 5-mans.  I respecced to my raiding spec at 78 and practiced it both when soloing (even though it wasn’t optimum for that) and on the target dummies.  Don’t forget practice on the target dummies with recount or a damage meter allowing you to measure your shot rotations.

7.  Get the appropriate raiding addons for your class.  For Bluebear, Squawk and Awe a boomkin addon allowing me to measure Eclipse cooldowns helps enormously, as does PowerAuras.

8.  When you raid ensure you have the right buffs, flasks, food, etc.

Now OK this might be a bit easier with some classes than others, there is an excellent range of BOE caster leather and cloth out there (BB is wearing a lot of cloth), but there are crafted epics and BOE pieces for most classes if you do your homework.


4 responses to “How to be Eye of Eternity Geared and hit 3k DPS within a day of hitting 80.

  1. I know Bluebear’s owl butt is not fond of Wintergrasp, but for those of you who don’t mind WG, or even the traditional BGs, there are additional “welfare epics” available. WG marks can buy some pretty awesome i-level 213 gear (I happen to think some i-level 200 gear is better for Moonkin, but if you enjoy WG (as I do) then you can start grinding these marks at lvl 77 and be well on your way to welfare epics and mega-face-melting by the time you ding 80).
    Also, WG is also a great place to grind honor, but even if you like the traditional bgs, honor alone can get you some pretty solid i-level 200 epics. For instance, I opted for the Hateful cloak, rather than the more common BoE epics recommended because I needed the hit, and it really is a solid caster cloak.
    You can also start the Argent Tournament at lvl 77. I didn’t do this with my Boomkin, but my lock got the caster dagger from them just a couple days after dinging 80. Not only is the token-bought dagger is slightly better (imo) than the BoE crafted titansteel equivalent, but it saved about 1K gold too.

  2. I’d also add that this guide could just as easily read “within a day of buying dual-spec.” Though I wasn’t quite as on the ball as Bluebear, most of my prep-work for Moonkin spec was done before I ever purchased the dual-spec for Balance. In fact, I didn’t even tell anyone I had a balance spec until it was raid-ready.

  3. I agree with Paul’s comments (as always of course 🙂 ) I did start grinding the argent tournament at 77, but was a little short of the dagger, and had most of the mats for the titansteel equivalent (my level 80 Paladin being a blacksmith). There’s also a pretty good necklace and belt I was considering, but I got lucky with a really cheap neck off the ah and a belt drop. I really keep meaning to go to WG and have kept the level 78 starter pvp gear in my bank for when I get the nerve to do so.

  4. Suddenly everyone wants to be a Druid. 🙂