Argent Tournament grinding tips

Ok. So this isn’t exactly hot off the press, but it always takes Anelf a while to try new stuff after content patches hit. I like to let other people find the bugs for me 🙂 .

The Argent Tournament is a great place to grind for gold and rep. Here are a few simple hints for people even later to start the tournament than me:


Don’t hand in a faction’s Valiant quest until you hit Exalted. If you want the Ambassador title, but can’t be bothered going back and doing all those starting area Dwarf quests, then don’t hand in your 25 Valiant tokens for a race until you’ve completed enough quests to get to exalted with that race. You’re getting 250 rep per quest, so it shouldn’t take very long (unless you’re a Death Knight – but then you deserve the longer grind 🙂 ).


Don’t hand in your last faction’s Valiant quest if you’re grinding for gold. Once you’ve completed your Valiant’s quests for all factions, you don’t get anything to replace them. As long as you don’t hand over your 25 tokens, you can keep doing all the Valiant quests and all the Champion quests. And since some of the quests overlap, that’s a lot of easy cash. (Thanks to WoWInsider as was for that tip).

Sell your Argent Tournament pets. If you care more about money than pets. The 40 Champion token pets are BoE, and are selling on my server for 2-4000 gold each. I’m not yet sure if the price is just bouncing around a lot, or if some pets are more sought after. Some players are even transferring pets between factions – these fetch the highest prices. Watch out as well for people selling their pets below the going rate, snap them up and resell them.

Obviously, if you’re a pet collector, you’ll want to use the pets you grind for. But prices will go down as demand starts to wane, so you can always sell your first pets and buy new ones off the AH later when prices are lower.

Finish the Black Knight quest chain. This adds another Champion’s daily for you, so its worth completing the chain as soon as you become a Champion.


Grouping. Grouping for the dailies makes them a lot easier. Particularly the quests where you have to kill the scourge troops outside their citadel. Get one person to melee the Commanders or Lieutenants and the other to throw spears and charge.

Bring a tank. Even for the jousting at the tournament, you can ‘sort of’ group. You don’t get credit for your partner’s victories, but you can beat your opponent a lot quicker if your partner pulls aggro on him and leads him away from you so you can charge. Entrigan, our guild leader, tanks the opponent while his wife jousts. Then they switch, and she DPSs while he jousts.

Jousting for beginners. If you’re having trouble beating your jousting opponents on your own when you first start, try this technique: 

Keeping your shields at maximum, melee your opponent (spam the ‘1’ key); when he walks off to get to range for his charge, throw your spear at him (‘2’ key); then quickly close to melee range so he can’t charge or spear you; rinse and repeat.

As you get better, you’ll be able to charge him instead. On the Valiant quests, charge your opponent as soon as the fight starts (as he’s walking away). The valiant opponents don’t start the fight with full shields, so you can charge  him with 2 shields up, and throw a spear as you turn to melee him again. This brings him to zero shields, after which you have to work really hard to lose the fight.

Start early. Not everyone realizes you can start the Tournament quests at 77, so this is a good place to grind faction rep and gold. Some of the tournament rep rewards are nice gear to have when you hit 80.

Those are the simple tips. Feel free to add comments with some more advanced suggestions.


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  1. I just got my Silvery Sylvan Stave; it wasn’t all that hard considering you start champion rank with 10 seals so you only need 15 more to buy it! Had a hard time with some of the jousting mechanics, but made sure to do the ‘kill X scourge’ ones daily. BTW those can be combined with dailies from the Shadow Vault, as the Vykrul you need to kill for those dailies count toward your scourge kill count 🙂 Best of luck everybody!