Where in the WOW is Tin?

sickmooseApologies for not posting for a while, I’ve been sick with bronchitis and asthma, spaced out on drugs, and not been able to string anything sensible together.  I’ve been playing WOW, of course, from my sick bed, but all I’ve been able to cope with is leveling up a new little alt.  And here’s a surprise, this committed night elf hunter, and occasional night elf druid, has fallen in love with…wait for it… a gnome mage!  I created her on a whim, I’ve never been able to get a mage, or a gnome past the doldrums of the mid 20s before, but this time I am flying ahead and loving every minute of it.

vertyHere’s Verty at 45 (I know, not the sexiest gear ever, she looks like an Outland wannabe – it’s chosen for stats, not style).  Her main spec is frost for leveling, but I splashed out about purchased dual-spec at 40.  I got heckled by a guildie wondering why the hell I wanted to waste my money doing it, but here’s the thing;  I like to learn how to play.  I like to try different talent specs, experiment with the different trees and do the research.  I know that if Verty gets to 80 and runs heroics and raids she won’t be a frost mage, so I want to understand the other trees before I get there.  If you can afford to buy the dual-spec, its a great way to do it.  It allows you keep a main spec and experiment with the other, or run two specs side by side and test the difference.  My off spec is fire.  I originally off-specced in arcane, but realized that was a mistake before level 60, as you do not have your major arcane nukes in your arsenal before then, and so the rotation is nothing like your end game play style.

The’ boom boom mob is dead’ of fire is great.  I use that when duoing with Anelf’s shaman, Shambolic, or when soloing non-fire resistant mobs, where one can be pretty confident of pulling one at a time.  I can usually 2 of 3 shot mobs of my level, with my decent gear, which includes a number of bind on account hereditary items.  Frost, though, is great for survivability, for handling multiple mobs and for kiting.  Ice barrier is awesome sauce, and cold snap allows for a rinse and repeat of frost nova and blizzard when you get adds.  With frost nova, cone of cold, blink, and the slowing affect of your frostbolts you can kite mobs to your hearts content.

For someone who likes pure damage dealing from range, the mage has an awful lot going for it.  Watch out Tin, you might have competition from a little green haired gnome 🙂


2 responses to “Where in the WOW is Tin?

  1. Glad you’re liking the mage. I’ve got a gnome mage on Corner’s account at lvl 46, and another at lvl 44 (i think) on the main account, but I haven’t been able to take them past that.
    Agree that both frost and fire can be awesome in their respective moments — maybe a second spec is just what the doctor ordered for me to get one of them back on the leveling track… something to think about if I get time to get back into WoW.

  2. My gnome mage is languishing at 64. Its not gnomes or mages I dislike, its levelling through the Outlands. Maybe I’ll let her go on a killing spree again when the next patch lets me buy her a flying mount.

    Although I do prefer classes who can heal themselves. I’m not used to having to eat all the time 🙂