Patch 3.2 – new gear for hunters

Patch 3.2 is a pretty large patch, with additional content, gear tiers, and changes to the badge system.   I have attempted to summarize the current proposed changes to the badge system, below with some thoughts.  And to make it easier for you to pour over the hunter loot, I have tried to pull out most of the new hunter related loot I could find from MMO champion lists of loot and elsewhere.  Let me know if I have missed anything.

Changes to token system

  • Emblems of Heroism and Valor will no longer drop.
  • 5 man heroics, VOA 10 & 25, OS 10 & 25, Naxx 10 & 25, Ulduar 10 & 25 will all drop Emblems of Conquest.
  • The new 10 & 25 man Coliseum raid will drop the new Emblems of Triumph.
  • Daily normal and heroic quests will reward Emblems of Triumph (1 for normal, 2 for heroic).
  • Emblems of Conquest can be exchanged for Emblems of Heroism and Valor in order to purchase gear from vendors.
  • Emblems of Conquest are likely to purchase Tier 7, Tier 7.5 and Tier 8 gear (item level 200-226), plus heirloom bind on account items.
  • Emblems of Triumph are likely to purchase Tier 9 (item level 232+ gear)

What do you think about these emblem changes?

The emblem changes are causing a lot of controversy and conflicting views.  Many top end raiders are angry that beginning raiders will be able to get their hands on the new badges, and eventually (after lots of heroic dailies) some T9 gear.  This to me is a rather self-centered and irrelevant argument.  Beginning raiders are not going to be able to buy everything they need to rival a top end raider for gear or access top end content without going through the progression, they still need BOP drops from instances to complete their gear.  Some people are arguing that it will be harder to judge whether someone has cleared content when inviting them to a PUG.  But with achievements now on the armory, it is possible to check out someone’s achievements as well as their BOP armor.

What this will do is help gear up alts, and help raiders who are struggling to see the new content, like Ulduar, access that content.  I am one of the top geared people in a relatively small, non-hardcore raiding guild.  We can only raid 10 man content currently, and then often have to taken under-geared and inexperienced raiders with us to make up the numbers.  This will help us gear everyone up, and give those of us running Naxx and other low level content with our less well geared guildies something to run it for.

T9 armor


The picture about shows the horde T9 set.

There will be three sets of T9 armor reflecting different levels of difficulty (item levels 232, 245, 258).  MMO champion has screenshots of the stats, although they say the models are only placeholders at the moment, so the armor will probably look different from the picture, and the three sets will look different from each other:

Hunter (232)
Hunter (245)
Hunter (258)

New badge gear

New gear available with the new badges dropped in 3.2 includes:

Helm of the Brooding Dragon

Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Hunter Helm

Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Hunter Shoulders

Dexterous Brightstone Ring

Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Melee DPS Trinket

Other Epic gear added in patch 3.2 (datamined and published on MMO champion)

Crusaders Dragonscale Bracers

Crusaders Dragonscale Breastplate

Windrunner’s Hands of Conquests 232 T9

Windrunner’s Hands of Triunph 245 T9

Windrunner’s Hands of Triumph 258 T9

Windrunners Headpiece of Conquests 232 T9

Windrunner’s Headpiece of Triumph 245 T9

Windrunner’s Headpiece of Triumph 258 T9

Windrunner’s Legguards of Conquest 232 T9

Windrunner’s Legguards of Triumph 245 T9

Windrunner’s Legguards of Triumph 258 T9

Windrunner’s Spaulders of Conquests 232 T9

Windrunner’s Spaulders of Triumph 245 T9

Windrunner’s Spaulders of Triumph 258 T9

Windrunner’s Tunic of Conquest 232 T9

Windrunner’s Tunic of Triumph 245 T9

Windrunner’s Tunic of Triumph 258 T9

*Note the Windrunner are the Alliance versions – horde get very similar statted items titled ‘Thrall’s”

Epaulets of the Devourer

Etched Band of the Kirin Tor

Titan forged band of triumph (item 226 pvp gear)

Ttitan forged chain leggings of triumph (item 232 pvp gear)


7 responses to “Patch 3.2 – new gear for hunters

  1. I like the change to emblems, as it makes heroics more viable for everyone again.

  2. I agree Tzivya, except that it means I’ll have to go into Occulus :-).

    I’ve felt for a long time that its silly that people in small guilds have to PuG 25-mans to get better gear (and the progression above Naxx-10 is a pretty big jump if you’re only geared from 10-man raids). This way we can gear up better without having to put ourselves at the mercy of the PuG god.

  3. Nobundo is shaman gear, so even though the stats are nice, the items are useless for the majority of your readers and don’t belong in a post titled “… for hunters”.

  4. Thanks Daniel I’ve edited the post – hadn’t spotted the class specific use on the items – though I was wondering why gear that hunters could also use was named after a shaman lol 🙂

  5. I think the badge changes are alright, However it is quite a slap in the face to the people who actualy spent the time learning strats and working with a guild though progression to have scrubs who can only run H runs getting awesome gear.

    Otherwise thanks for the list of gear. Cant wait to Do the new BGs and PVE with my hunter 🙂

  6. I understand how you feel Scorch, but its par for the course for Blizzard to do this. Think how hardcore level 60 raiders felt when BC came out, or how much time lvl 70s spent farming Kara compared to now. (Do any lvl 70s stop on the way to 80 to do the BC raids now?)

    The thing I’m miffed about is that I have over 200 EoHs I can’t buy any useful gear with 😦 .

  7. How do i get the heroic version (lvl 258) of each one?