Good bye Entrigan and Carys


Ent, Anelf, Tin, and Carys - after farming Brewfest, Fall 2008, we finally got a Kodo drop 🙂

Yesterday was a sad day for our guild – Soldiers Of Fortune on Antonidas. Our guild leaders – Entrigan and Carys – announced that they would be canceling their WoW subscriptions because of a number of real life issues that were making it impossible for them to spend any significant time online.

Its very strange when someone you’ve spent so much time in-game with, but have never met in real life, stops playing. You tend to identify people you know in-game as their in-game avatars, so this almost feels like I’m writing an obituary for Entrigan and Carys (a Draenai Paladin/Mage  team), even though I know the RL husband and wife team who play those characters are are just making a few necessary re-prioritizations.

Entrigan and Carys founded Soldiers Of Fortune in February 2007, which was about a month after I’d managed to get Tin addicted. We can’t remember exactly when we joined SOF, but we remember we were on our level 40 primary alts when we were interviewed. That was probably the latter half of 2007. When we joined, most of the guildies were still leveling their mains or leveling a serious alt, so we had a lot of events aimed at lower levels. I still remember my first carpet party in the Wetlands when the higher level guildies (greater than level 40) rampaged through the area killing everything in sight while the lower level players filled their bags with the loot. (I was so proud to be a level 40 killer, rather than a collector 🙂 ). Such carpet parties were a staple in the early guild days, when a bag full of wool or silk meant a lot to a new player working slowly towards their first mount.

The guild continued to go from strength to strength, reaching the 500 member limit with about 300 different accounts at its peak. For quite some time we were the largest guild on the server.  There was the odd drama along the way: Before we started raiding, end-game players would leave for raiding guilds; and when we started raiding some players left because they considered raiding to be ‘elitist’. Entrigan’s and Carys’s strong leadership guided us through each setback.

Very few people have the leadership skills required to keep a large guild running for so long. Entrigan managed this by being incredibly patient and forgiving most of the time, but he was quick to act when decisive action was needed. (Ent once told me that almost all his time online he’d have someone from the guild whispering him – asking for help, or advice, or complaining about some small issue that had gotten their hackles up. I think I would have gone mad in the same position). And Carys was the perfect complement to Entrigan – kind, helpful, and a great recruiter. (If someone asked for quest help on guild chat, it was almost always Carys who offered to go and help – even if the person was at the opposite end of Azeroth).

So goodbye Entrigan and Carys – you will be missed 😦 . Although we hope its really just au revoir 🙂 .

A message to SOF members reading this

Although Ent and Carys are leaving the game, they will not be disbanding the guild. Entrigan announced yesterday that Soldiers Of Fortune will remain a home for you as long as you like. However, Entrigan will remain Guild Leader. This means there will be no active Guild leadership for the foreseeable future. You are welcome to remain in the guild with your friends, or you may prefer to move to an actively managed guild.

And if you are reading this, please join us in wishing Entrigan and Carys well by adding a comment to this post and tell us your favorite memories.

I have added some of my memories in the photos below:

Entrigan on his headless horseman mount, Fall 2008

Entrigan on his headless horseman mount, Fall 2008


SOF conquer Kara - downing the Prince - note Ent's typically great positional sense 😉

Soldiers of Fortune celebrate clearing Naxx

Soldiers of Fortune celebrate clearing Naxx


3 responses to “Good bye Entrigan and Carys

  1. Soldiers of Fortune will be missed, although i have a question, why did your leader entrigan decide not to give up the role of guild master to someone else, i can think of a few reasons he might but it still seems odd, best wishes if you stay or not remember a guild is not a raid its a second home, go where you want to be, whether you want a quiet small raiding guild or big rambunctious friendly bunch of people is where you want to be, hopefully you will be in a guild a long time, do you really want to be unhappy for that time.

  2. Thanks For the poetic goodbye Tin! Carys and I love you and Anelf and appreciate everything you have done for us and our guild! You have been a champion for us and you will excel in everything you do. I wrote a message to all guildies on the website as promised but I wanted to come to your awsome blog to tell you myself 😀

    Good luck and keep in touch. ohh and remember Always blame Letin and Praise Entrigan! 😀

  3. Well it has ben a long time sence I have talked to Ent or Carys, but I know they are both wonderfull people. They will be missed by all. I just want to take this moment to thank them both for all the wonderfull memories and fun times we had together. I hope the family is all doing well and good luck in all you do.

    Oh, remember that one time (at band camp) when the whole guild took over that Horde blimp in Ogermar, fun times.