Anelf’s Resto Druid Naxx-10 Guide (Part II)

Part II – Plague Quarter

Continuing my Naxx-10 passnotes for Resto Druids, we move to the Plague Quarter. Part I was, of course, the Arachnid Quarter. Refer back to there for my introductory notes.

Our raid normally hits the Plague Quarter first. If you have the DPS to down the gargoyle’s at the start, then I find its a better warm-up wing than Arachnid (because Maexxna can be tricky if you’re not fully into your raiding state of mind).

Noth the Plaguebringer


  • Shadow – From Noth’s curses if not dispelled
  • Arcane – Arcane explosion from summoned Plagued Guardians

Noth himself is a pretty straightforward tank and spank. Until he teleports, when it becomes an AoE tank and spank. The two hard parts are the curses he casts and the Plagued Guardians he summons during his teleport phase (2nd phase onwards) that cast Arcane Blast – this causes a lot of raid damage if they get in amongst the raid.

Main Tank/Off tank:

Whichever you’re healing, just keep your usual hots up. Try not to let your lifebloom stack expire as you’re decursing (see below). There’s really nothing unusual about this fight.


Be ready for the arcane blasts from the second teleport phase onwards. Keep the raid clustered together well away from the tanks and apply Wild Growth liberally, along wih whatever else you prefer as raid heals.


You have to dispel all three curses Noth casts within 10 seconds, or the cursed player causes massive AoE damage. Ask a mage to help you decurse. I like to ask the mage to prioritize one group in the raid while I focus on the other. (E.g. If I’m in group 1, I decurse those and put the mage in group 2 to decurse them. Not that being in the group matters – it just allows us to decurse ourselves 🙂 ). Assuming one Druid in the raid, then you will be decursing, whatever your assigned role is. Its really not that hard – just make sure you setup Grid to display curses.

Heigan the Unclean

We don’t really have a clear tank/raid healing split for this fight, and the off-tank is DPSing (although he may want to stay in tanking spec in case the main tank dies).


  • Nature

Main Tank:

Main tank healing means keeping the main tank alive during phase 1 (the slow waltz). Its the usual stack of hots – nothing special, unless the tank gets his timing wrong, when you’ll have to Swiftmend or Nourish to get him back to full health quickly.

You’ll mainly be using Lifebloom and Rejuvenation for your hots on phase 1, and not Regrowth. If the tank brings Heigan too close to the platform during the tanking phase, then his debuff will massively slow down any non-instant casts. I get through this fight only using Lifebloom, Rejuvenation and Swiftmend, and the odd Wild Growth if we have a lot of melee DPS following the tank around.


The ranged raid members won’t be taking damage during the slow tanking phase – except for the disease (Decrepit Fever) cast on one player as you run back to the platform after your dance (but you’re a Druid, so you have to leave someone else to dispel that). The raid can take AoE damage from Heigen if they’re too slow getting off the platform when Heigan returns.

The melee DPS may take damage if the tank leaves Heigan positioned so they are standing in a different quadrant from the tank (or if they just screw up their positioning).

During the dance phase, you need to be able to heal as you run. This is where being a Druid makes you shine – and where you should be raid healing even if you’re the tank healer for phase 1 …

… Someone in the raid is bound to get caught in the lava, and will take a lot of damage because of it. They’ll probably die if they get caught twice in a row, but you can top them back up as you run. I tend to use Lifebloom (sometimes adding Rejuvenation) during this phase to quickly bring them back to health as I run. Use Swiftmend too if you think they’re going to get caught a second consecutive time. In this way, someone can get caught out a few times and not die.

Make sure your keyboard is setup so you can run and heal at the same time, and you’ll be the star of the show.


  • Heigan has a debuff that increases cast time by 300% is he’s within 20 yards of you. Scream at the tank if he gets too close to you. Although, with Rejuve, Lifebloom and Swit=ftmend being instant cast, you won’t be too worried about that debuff.
  • One of the other healers will have to deal with the disease Heigen casts on one player as you return to the platform for the next tanking phase.
  • Don’t waste your battle rez on someone you know is a bad dancer. Save it for the tank, another healer, or your best DPSers/dancers. There’s no enrage in this fight, so you can down him with just a tank, a healer, and one DPS (if your mana lasts).

The gauntlet

Not a boss fight, but the run through the room separating Heigan from Loatheb that no-one tells you about. Put a tank front and back to grab the maggots, and stop by the plantpots to temporarily beat down the eyestalk things before moving on. If you just try to run all he way through, you’ll have too many lasers shooting at you, and someone in the raid will die. Use your hots on the raid as you run, and be ready to Swiftmend someone who’s taking a lot of damage.

Its really hard to go back and rez someone if they’re in the middle of the room and the raid are at the finish. The whole raid has to go back to the start of the room to run them through again.



  • Nature and Shadow

Even more than Heigen, this is a fight where there is no traditional tank/raid healing split. You just heal whoever needs it most. You could arrange with the other healers who will heal who, but we tend to just catch as catch can.

Loatheb (an anagram of Healbot) is my favorite Naxx fight. Loetheb casts a Necrotic Aura that only allows healing for three seconds every twenty seconds. This suits Resto Druids really well because we can cast Lifeblooms on two or three targets in advance and time them to bloom during those three seconds. With my talents and glyphs, my Lifebloom lasts 10 seconds, so I start casting when DBM shows 10 seconds of aura left. As the timer ticks past 2 seconds left, I cast a Regrowth (or a Nourish slightly later), once into the three second healing window, I cast Wild Growth on someone to heal them and the four other people standing near them.

If someone is really low on health, pre-stack Lifeblooms on them so they get a triple bloom in the healing window.

So, although your first thought may have been that a three second healing window is really bad for hot healing, the bloom mechanism of Lifebloom turns you into the god of the 10-man Loatheb fight.


  • The ranged DPS and off-tank will be chasing the Fungal Spores around the room. You may have to chase them a bit to keep them in range, but don’t crowd the Spore. The buff doesn’t do anything for you, and you being close could give you a buff at the expense of a DPS who does need it.
  • The fight has a soft enrage, with the raid damage rising until your healers can’t cope. If the fight does go on too long, make sure you prioritize the tanks, healers and highest DPSers. I.e. let the guy at the bottom of the DPS list die first.
  • If you know someone isn’t going to get a heal in time, tell him to drink a health potion.
  • Don’t put Thorns on the off-tank – they can kill the spore before the DPSers reach him.


Congratulations on completing the Plague Quarter. Go through the portal back to the center of the instance and get ready for Part III – The Construct Quarter.


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