Part II – The Plague Quarter for Hunters and DPS

Following Anelf’s guide for healers, here is the hunter/DPS version.  Remember we are talking about 10-man Naxx, some of the strategies for 25-man are different.

First, there is an awful lot of poison and other nature damage in the plague quarter.  A hunter should be using Aspect of the Wild (or if not a shaman should be using a nature resistance totem or poison cleansing totem).

gargoyleBefore you even get to the first boss you have to clear some trash including the gargoyles.  When the gargoyle gets to 30% health you have 6secs to kill him.  If you don’t he will heal to full health and you will need to DPS him down again.  At the same time he is stacking acid volley on everyone which cannot be dispelled.  If you fail to kill him on a couple of attempts, chances are most of you are nearly out of mana and the acid debuff is really hitting your health.  Best to run out and reset him and try again.  Save you trinkets, cooldown and big hits for when he hits 30% and then blow everything.  First two gargoyles you meet are singles, then you get two pairs as you travel down the corridor to Noth’s room.  They are still and untargetable till you approach.  We have the off tank grab one, and the tank grab the other.  All DPS and pets must be focussing all DPS on the same gargoyle, if you split DPS or try aoeing them, its unlikely you DPS will be high enough to bring him down in the 6secs after he hits 30%.  If you make sure you understand and do this, they are not a big deal.  Otherwise, they are a pain in the butt.

Noth the Plaguebringer

172px-Noth_the_PlaguebringerThe main tank grabs Noth and drags him into the opposite corner of the room from the entrance.  Most of the DPS follow him and work on Noth for most of the fight as a simple tank and spank.  The off tank and one DPS (usually a hunter) remains in the centre of the room.  Periodically, Noth will summon adds from the bone skeletons at the back of the room, they will run to help Noth.  The off tank and his assistant must pick these up and stop them beating on the group, they burn them down, while the group work on Noth.  We use a hunter to help the off-tank because of misdirect.  The off-tank will pick up 2 of the adds, and I will misdirect the other on to him, then I will help him burn them down with volley, dropping feign deaths to manage my aggro, and saving my MD for the adds as they spawn.  At certain times during the fight, Noth will teleport to a balcony and become untargetable, he will summon more adds.  Now the tank and the rest of the group can help the offtank and his helper with the adds and burn them down before the next round.  Rinse and repeat.  I usually keep my pet on Noth.  Also, when Noth is low on health I will leave the off tank to tank his adds, and turn my DPS on Noth, just throwing an MD if needed.

Heigan the Unclean

169px-Heigan_the_UncleanI love this fight.  If you have never done it before, watch a video like this one before attempting it.  Most people die on their first dance, just because you need to experience it or watch it to understand what is going on.

Heigan stands on a platform.  When the tank engages him he runs off the platform to meet him.  Hunters and other ranged DPS run onto the platform.  During phase 1 the tank moves him about the room trying to avoid the waves of lava that spring up from the four quarters of the room.  Your pet is likely to die here, as it is hard for the tank to position Heigan to keep himself and the pets, who are behind Heigan out of the lava.  Tanks need to try and remember the pets are there, and pull Heigan further forward than they otherwise need to.  Melee DPS should stand in front of Heigan with the tank, or slightly to the side, not behind him.  In part 2 of the fight, Heigan teleports to the platform and will kill anyone on it.  Everyone has to jump off quickly, jumping to the right hand corner near the entrance.  The waves of lava now come much faster, and you have to run, or dance between waves, across the room and then back again.  As a hunter you can continue to shoot Heigan while running, however I have stopped doing this as it resulted in my dying a couple of times due to the massive aggro I built up.  When Heigan transports back down, the tank has to pick him up and the DPS run onto the platform again.  If the tank taunts and I can get onto the platform and then feign death before DPSing again, then I can DPS on the run, otherwise I am a dead duck, as Heigan runs straight for me as he comes off the platform.  I have found it better to regen mana and concentrate on staying alive during the run.  There is no enrage timer on this fight, we have finished Heigan off with just me, a tank and two healers before.

Managing your pet in Heigan fight: This is one of the most pet unfriendly fights I know.  Perhaps readers know some better trick, or are just better at it than I am, but my pet dies just about every time.  A couple of suggestions though.  I have taken the pet talent Heart of the Phoenix for this and a couple of other pet unsafe fights.  That gives your pet a self-rez with full health ever 10mins.  I usually let him run with the tank for the first part of the fight and then when he dies, I rez him next to me, and put him on passive, using him just for the buff to my DPS (he’s a wolf).  However, I still find he often dies on the dance, as he doesn’t run exactly at my side when he is on follow, so if I am close to the lava and he is a little behind or in front he will catch it. Obviously, you could look at respeccing him to give him more resistance at the expense of some DPS, make sure he has some stamina food, and throw him some heals, but I suspect whatever you do, he is going to become crispy wolf kebab.


200px-Naxx2This is Anelf’s favorite fight.  I find it one of the most boring.  For a hunter it’s basically a very long and dull tank and spank, with the exception that you need to watch for the spores spawning and run to stand next to them, so that when they are killed you get the buff that massively increases your critical strike rate and therefore your DPS.  As a replenishment class, whose replenishment relies on crits, I find that if I keep the spore buff up, that I can keep my mana up at over 50% for most of the fight.  However, if the buff falls off, the long fight soon hits my mana and I have to take a pot or go into aspect of the viper.  The spores’ buff also reduces your threat to zero, so you don’t have to worry about your massively increased damage leading to you pulling aggro.  The big DPS numbers are nice, but otherwise its a fairly unexciting fight for a DPS with good healers who have got their back.

Parts 3 and 4 cover the construct and military quarter – harder but much more interesting fights – yeah 🙂


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