CIPHER is nothing to do with his guy.

CIPHER is nothing to do with his guy 🙂

We wrote on Sunday about our guild leaders’ (Entrigan and Carys) decision to cancel their WoW subscriptions. This put our old guild (Soldiers Of Fortune) into maintenance mode.

Had our old guild leaders continued playing, we would have stayed with SOF and continued to run its raiding program. But with their departure we wanted to be able to adopt a slightly more serious (but still not hardcore) attitude to raiding. SOF was founded as a casual family guild, and still has that at its heart, so we felt there was no way to move it to a primarily raiding-focussed guild without upsetting a lot of people we respect.

We’ve really enjoyed organizing our guild’s raiding program over the last six months, so (rather than try to find an existing guild that meets our needs) we’ve decided to start a new guild – taking those raiding members of Soldiers of Fortune who want to continue raiding with their old friends. (We were really happy to receive our old guild leaders’ blessing for this endeavor – they’ve even made an extremely generous donation our guild bank. Thank you again Ent and Carys).

And so CIPHER is born, with Tinuviel’s level one alt (Cipher) as its guild master. (The guild leadership is actually being shared by Tin, Anelf, and our good friend Neo). Our goal is to progress our 10-man raiding through the current content and into the new 3.2 instance. Maybe we’ll move up to 25-man content in time, but we’ve always preferred 10-man raids. They are more intimate, and (in some respects) more challenging (by which I mean that there’s less room to hide in 10-man content – there’s less redundancy to make up for one of the team making a mistake).

We hope that having a guild membership based on raiding from the get-go will help us recruit and retain the kind of people we want to raid with – people who know their class and take their raiding seriously but don’t want the strict attendance requirements of the more hardcore guilds. But we’ve not chosen the best time to start a new raiding guild – during the summer lull, and just before a major new content patch. CIPHER may be very short lived if we’re unable to recruit a critical mass and appropriate class mix of players to schedule regular raids and to make significant progress.

However, if nothing else, it gives Tinuviel more in-game experiences to write about as she learns the ropes of guild management. Even getting a new charter signed gave us a few surprises.

And if you know anyone on Antonidas-US who is looking to work their way through the 10-man end-game content in a mature friendly guild, then send them our way 🙂 .


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  1. Good luck with your new guild, it sounds a lot like the guild i am in now, we are progressing through ulduar 10 man, we have now downed hodir and continue to progress, the family atmosphere is nice, and in 10 mans it takes alot more team effort then in 25 man where all you need to do is keep the raid in line.