Raids to the power of eight

cipherSorry for the terrible pun in the title – I just couldn’t help myself šŸ˜€ .

Last night was our first raid as CIPHER. We’re still quite small, and the raid was scheduled at quite short notice, so we only had eight raiders available. We really didn’t want to bring pugs into our first guild raid, so we decided to go for the OS Less is More achievement by eight-manning Sarph and her Drakes (we were about to start seven-manning, but we had a late arrival šŸ™‚ ).

I’d turned my nose up at those kinds of achievements before, but that was partly because I always felt mean having empty raid slots when someone was online who wanted to come – even if they were so badly geared they were a carry through. I’m glad we did it because it was a lot of fun. The OS achievement turned out to be incredibly easy, and the raiders we already have in the guild all showed they know how to play their classes and put out decent damage – even though some were on their alts who still needed gear and EoHs from there.

OS was so quick that we decided to do a quick 8-man Naxx wing as well. Not quite as smooth, because our 2nd healer realized at Heigan that he’d never done the dance before – and you know people always die on their first dance :-s . Good job we had a Shadow Priest to take over dispelling the disease. Other than the disease single healing the dance is pretty straightforward for a Resto Druid.

So we’re one Naxx wing into our The Dedicated Few achievement. Shame its not quite the instant gratification you get with Less is More. Now I’m keen to give Malygos A Poke in the Eye.

(Congrats all to Eyecandy, Nebakanezar, Anelf, semajtseirp, Neombra, Sarcastic, Keyras, and Tinuviel.)


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