Anelf’s Resto Druid Naxx-10 Guide (Part III)

Part III – Construct Quarter

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I consider the Construct Quarter to be the hardest Naxx quarter, and that includes the central Frostwyrm Lair. The Gluth fight in particular is made a lot easier if you have a third tank. (Maybe that’s why we find it hard – we don’t always have a third tank available).



Only physical – only on tanks

Patchwerk is a simple gear check. You can keep both tanks fully hotted up for this one. (Just keep Regrowth and Rejuvenation up on the tank you’re not assigned to if you’re tending to go OOM).

Be ready for the Frenzy at 10% health. Have your hots stacked and be ready with Swiftmend and Nourish.


My least favorite fight. Turn your graphics card settings up to make sure you can see the gas clouds.


Nature – Ask a Hunter for Aspect of the Wild. (Shammy totems aren’t so good, because you’re moving around a lot).

Main Tank:

Just follow the main tank around as he slowly kites Grobb along. The main tank won’t get hit with Mutating Injection, so you don’t have to worry about that, but you might be – so be ready to tell your fellow healers to take over on the main tank as you run away to explode.

Apart from your own Mutating Injection, the fight is a bit of a tank and spank from the main tank healer’s perspective.

Off Tank:

The off-tank will get hit by Mutating Injection, and will drag the slimes with him as he runs off, so you have to be ready to run after him to stay in range. As for the main tank healer, be ready to tell your fellow healers to step in when you get the Injection.


When raid healing, cast a Rejuvenation on Injected players (including yourself) as they run off. That will tick their health back up after they’ve exploded.

When a tank healer is Injected, one of the other healers will have to heal his assigned tank until he returns.


  • Ask the raid leader to put a raid marker on the off-tank so you can see where he is if he runs out of range (i.e when he runs off with Mutating Injection on him, or if you do).
  • If you have slightly low DPS in the group, and a coupe of people are dead, then Mutating Injection gets cast very frequently towards the end of the fight. Healers can end up spam healing everyone because at least one healer always has the Injection on him.



All physical – Tanks receive a stacking debuff to reduce healings. Zombie Chow stack a debuff that increases physical damage on the kiter with every hit.

Main Tank/Off Tank:

Tank healing is pretty easy for this fight. Just make sure the tanks tell you they’re about to taunt so you can get your hots stacked on the tank who’s about to take aggro. A reasonably geared Resto Druid can easily heal both tanks because only one is taking aggro at a time. Be ready to Swiftmend the tank with aggro when decimate hits.


Kiter healing can be hard. The Zombie Chow stack a debuff every time they hit the kiter that reduces healing. If something goes wrong, have your Rebirth ready so you can get them back into the fight really quickly. Used at the right time, allowing the kiter to die and quickly rezzing is a way to reset the stacking debuff – not the ideal tactic though.

When Decimate hits, stack a couple of Hots on your target and join in the DPSing. Casting Hurricane in the Zombie Chow’s path can help a lot. Using Entangling Roots can help too, but I tend to leave the crowd control to players who can slow down multiple mobs at once.

The good news is that, if the kiter does his job, the raid doesn’t take any damage – except in the Decimate phase. Cast Wild Growths and Rejuvenates around after Decimate is over to restore health. The kiter will be restored to full health by the stack of hots you had on him, so you just have to get your stacks renewed before he starts the next kiting round.


  • During the Decimate phase, you can help DPS the zombies by casting Hurricane in their paths. Every bit of DPS counts if it stops Gluth having a snack. You can use Entangling Roots too, but your cast time will probably be too slow.
  • This fight can be easily be done with two reasonably geared healers. So if you have a bear tank off-spec, you might want to volunteer for the kiter role. Bear Druids have a lot of health, which makes them a lot harder for the zombies to kill.


Thaddius is two fights in one – the mini-bosses together and then the big guy.


Nature – and Feugen casts AoE damage on group fighting him.


On the mini-bosses, be ready for the tanks being flung from one platform to the other. Its polite to send your tank on his flight with a full stack of hots on him. The mini-boss on the right (Feugen) casts AoE damage, so be ready with the raid heals too. Assuming two healers for this fight, you’ll each be healing your own 5-man team, so there’s no distinction between tank and raid healer (and both tanks are main tanks).


On Thaddius himself, just heal your assignment (pre-agreed before the fight, of course 🙂 ), and watch your polarity like everyone else. But if everyone watches their polarity, then its very straightforward healing – keep the tank alive and keep the raid topped up.


That’s it. Congratulations on another achievement. I hope Thaddius dropped a tier token for you. Through the portal and back to the middle again. Just one more quarter to go before you can say hi to Sapphiron and Kel’huzad.

Next time: Part IV – Military quarter.


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