Tin’s Hunter/DPS Naxx 10 Guide (Part III)

Part III – The Plague Quarter

Following Anelf”s excellent Plague quarter run thru for healers, here is the DPS versions (especially for all you hunters out there).


patchwerkPatchwerk is a simple tank and spank, where you can stand still and really test your max. DPS and perfect shot rotation.  The only thing you need to watch out for is your aggro, ensuring that the tanks remain no.1 and no.2 on the aggro list for the entirety of the fight.  Patchwerk has a frenzy at 10% so if you have trinkets or other cooldowns you can use you may want to time them with the frenzy to help the healers and tanks out, but this fight is about maximizing your DPS through the entire fight to bring him down as quickly as possible.  Although you may have been using Aspect of the Wild for the trash pulls, you don’t need it for Patchwerk, there is no nature damage to worry about, so make sure Aspect of the Dragonhawk is on and have fun.


GlobbulusA hunter definitely needs Aspect of the Wild for this one.  You will be given one of two roles, either to focus DPS on the boss, or to assist the off tank with the adds.  If working on the boss, stand in the middle of the room and DPS from there, moving when needed as the tank kites him around the outside of the room.  If you are working on the adds, stand in the middle of the room with the rest of the DPS and misdirect the little slimes onto the off tank, help DPS them down, but you should also be able to put some DPS onto the boss as well, and I usually keep my pet on the boss (although if the tank is not kiting him quite fast enough the pet may need a heal as he can take some poison damage).

When you get mutating Injection make sure you move quickly.  You need to move to the edge of the room, either behind the boss, or opposite where they are now, before you explode.  When you explode you leave a posion cloud on the ground.  DO NOT exlode in the middle of the room, where the healers and range DPS are standing or you will wipe the raid.  DO NOT explode in front of where the tank is about to kite Globbulus, or you will wipe the raid.  Try not to stand in any poison patches, but its better for you to die thanfor you to wipe your raid.


GluthWhen I first heard of level 80 Naxx, I heard people talking about needing a hunter to kite the zombie chow for Gluth.  I am highly skeptical that a hunter could do this successfully.  We always use a plate wearer or bear tank for these.  In the early days, we tried a shammie, boomkin and frost mage at different times, but none worked out well.  I would be interested to hear from people about classes they have seen do this successfully.  The zombies need to be kited around the back of the room.  If they hit the kiter they stack a nasty debuff that reduces the healing done on the target.    Since you need to collect them all up and make them interested in you, and since you don’t really want them to hit you, I think this is not a good role for a hunter.  (I have wondered about a BM tanking specced hunter with a thunderstomping pet on passive, running after the hunter, while the hunter controls the growl, taunt, and thunderstomp, drops frost traps, and heals the pet.  Might work, but I haven’t been called on to experiment).   Also, you should have at least one hunter on the boss, because we have a very useful spell in our arsenal for this fight… Tranquilizing Shot … yes I will say it again …. Tranquilizing Shot.  When asked to use this shot on the fire elementals in OS the other day, a new raider friend of mine in her first raid said, “I don’t think I have that one”.  Not surprising, she probably hadn’t used it since Black Morass (you do all hunters have it, its in your spell book on the Markman tab).  It’s on my toolbar for two fights, the fire elementals in Obsidian Sanctum and Gluth.  When Gluth enrages (as he does periodically throughout the fight) tranquilzing shot will remove the enrage, helping out the tanks and healers.

So here is the fight from my perspective.  First, before you run down the pipe to Gluth’s room, dismiss your pet, he will get stuck at the top of the pipe, and you won’t be able to use him in the fight, otherwise.  Jump down, MD Gluth onto the main tank, summon your pet.  Get into position and start your rotation on Gluth.  Use tranquilizing shot to remove the enrage every time he grows big and red (or DBMs or BigWigs tells you he is enrgaged).  Keep an eye on any loose Zombies, MD these back to the kiting tank, if they are chomping on the healers or DPS.  Keep an eye on the decimate timer, when it is close keep your frost trap cooldown current (this means not refreshing Black Arrow in my shot rotation, though in 3.2 I will be able to do both).  When decimate hits place a frost trap between gluth and the zombies, and volley them down for all you are worth, trying to do everything you can (with the rest of the group) to stop them getting to Gluth.  If they get to Gluth, he eats them and regains lots of health.  He has an enrage timer, so if he eats too many zombies, you are likely to wipe.  BTW you don’t need Aspect of the Wild for this one.


thaddiusFor the first part of the fight the group splits into two and works on Thaddius’ two minions, these guys need to die within a couple of second of each other.  If you have Deadly Boss Mods or similar, it should show you health bars for each so that you can see how you are doing.  DPS in each group may need to take it in turns to hold back on DPSing, if the health of the adds is going down unevenly.  For this you can either turn away, so you cannot shoot him any more, or do as I do and have a hot keyed macro to target yourself.  I find /tar Tinuviel works well in lots of situations when I need to turn off DPS quickly.

You do need Aspect of the Wild for this fight – the lightning damage from the adds and the boss is nature damage.  I don’t use my pet for the first part of this fight, but have him dismissed.  This is because, when the two adds are dead, you have to jump from their platforms onto the bosses platform, and I have found my pet does not jump, and does not dismiss automatically, but gets stuck so is out of the boss fight.  I have also missed this jump a couple of times 😦  A hint use aspect of the cheetah helps, run straight and jump just at the take off point.  As soon as you are on the platform, make sure you turn aspect of the cheetah back off – and Aspect of the Wild on if its your job to cover the raid with it.  You need to be on the correct side for the polarity buff you have (your raid will have agreed beforehand which side pluses and which side minuses are to stand).  If you mix polarities you wipe the raid.  You need to try and stand as close to the boss as you can, while still being able to shoot from range.  This is because the similar polarities stack, giving you a damage increase, plus when polarity changes you need to run quickly to the other side of the boss, if you are too far away you might not have time and will hurt yourself and the rest of your raid badly.  Don’t worry about your pet, he doesn’t seem to be affected by the polarity shifts.

If for any reason you miss the jump, you will need to run onto the platform and jump again.  However, by this time the fight has started and you will be either positively or negatively charged.  Make sure you jump from the appropriate platform.  If you leap to the wrong side you may kill your team mates.  You may be able to shoot the boss from up on the platform (especially if you have Hawk Eye), however you will not get the increased damage buff that you get from standing next to other people with the same polarity, so best to make the jump.

Congratulations – you have completed another quarter!  Next stop – my favorite quarter – the Military Quarter.


2 responses to “Tin’s Hunter/DPS Naxx 10 Guide (Part III)

  1. Broron - Doomhammer

    For the Thaddius fight, you can put your pet on stay by the door as you enter the room. When you engage the first two mobs you can use your pet to attack them. After the first two mobs die, the pet will run back toward the door as you make the jump. You will be far enough away that the pet will automatically despawn. After you engage Thaddius, just whistle your pet back. Works everytime and is good for the extra dps on the first two guys.

  2. Excellent idea! Will do this next time thanks 🙂