GMFD – How not to handle inter-server guild recruitment

Continuing in our series of Guild Mastery for Dummies (GMFD), is a little anecdote from Anelf on how not to handle recruiting someone to your guild from another server. I hope your amusement at my ineptitude will ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did πŸ™‚ .

I was winding up playing yesterday (Wednesday) evening – Β preparing to log off for the night – when someone whispered me to ask me if I was busy. I shift-clicked him and it was a level 1 toon in Stormwind.

“Oh great!” thought I, “this is either a goldseller or a beggar,” so I was immediately on my guard. (Those people have a lot to answer for by destroying my trust in humanity so).

I didn’t reply immediately as I was busy doing stuff, but he whispered me again so I replied.

It turned out he was thinking of changing servers and was interested in joining a causally serious raiding guild like the one Tin and I are trying to put together.

Now, given that someone was interested enough in our guild to consider switching servers to join, I should have been really pleased and done everything I could to convince him we were a good option for him (assuming he fit the profile of people we’re trying to recruit).

But instead I started worrying:

  • OMG! Someone was considering paying to move servers to join our guild!
  • What if he doesn’t get on so well with us?
  • What if we don’t get on so well with him?
  • What if our raiding expectations and preferences don’t match?
  • How bad would I feel if someone left their friends on the old server and then found raiding with us didn’t work out?

Combined with my initial assumption that this was someone trying to scam me, I think I probably came across quite negatively 😦 .

The GMFD lessons I learned from this one chat are (for casual raiding guilds at least):

  1. If someone is thinking of switching servers, they’re likely to roll a low level character to try it out and talk to recruiting guilds. So don’t assume that level one is whispering you to try to sell you something.
  2. Be proud that someone is considering taking such a step to raid with you, rather than worrying about whether it will work out. As long as you have an open and honest discussion, and if they are happy to take the risk with switching servers, then focus on the benefits – not the possible points of failure.
  3. The price of a server transfer isn’t that high, and Blizzard are reducing the transfer cooldown, so don’t assume that is a big barrier to the other person. (I’m a bit of a miser πŸ™‚ ).
  4. The worst case scenario is that you agree to go your separate ways after trying it out.

If the person who talked to me yesterday is reading this, then I hope I didn’t sound too cagey. If you need any more info to make a decision, then read about our guild’s goals on or whisper me in-game again πŸ™‚ .


2 responses to “GMFD – How not to handle inter-server guild recruitment

  1. That makes me think … I wonder how many potential applicants I’ve already scared away. My conversations with level 1s tend to go like this:
    [imalvlonetoon] “Hi, how are you?”
    [me] “Fine, but I won’t buy your gold.”

  2. As a recent server-transfer toon, I feel I have a good handle on this subject πŸ™‚

    I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to raid more. Problem was, I really can only raid during the (US) daytime. There were no guilds on my server that raided daytime, and my attempts to solicit interest in a daytime raiding guild on my server did not go well. A Google search revealed a number of daytime raiding guilds on other servers tho – I chose a couple and rolled level 1’s on those servers to talk to officers in the guild.

    In the end, I settled on VoG on the Muradin server, because the guild chat and vent chat revealed the guild to be consistent with my needs. I had to complete an application – the guild is not a trade-spamming guild. I have since transferred all my toons to the Muradin server and am loving it πŸ™‚