Anelf’s Resto Druid Naxx-10 Guide (Part IV)

Part IV – Military Quarter

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The military quarter was the first quarter we downed a Naxx boss in. We came along in our mostly blue gear and the tanks practiced the Razzie mind control dance until they got it right. The first drop was a nice leather belt for Anelf. Then we went to Anub’Rekhan and wiped by messing up the kiting so we called it a night 🙂 .

The guild then stopped raiding for over a month because no-one was willing to organize it. Then we stepped up and formed a raid committee, and we stormed through the whole instance (by then everyone had collected their Heroic and crafted purples).

Instructor Razuvious


Physical – AoE and targeted DoT.


Another tank and spank as far as healers are concerned. If you’re a tank healer, set your tank’s Understudy as your focus so you can easily select him as a target if you’ve targeted a raid member to help with raid healing (which you have to do if you’re running with two healers). Just heal the Understudy like you would your tank, but let his health drop off a little as Razzie is about to die so you can kill him quickly at the end.

Once Razzie is dead, the tanks will release mind control on the Understudies one at a time. Remember to heal the tank tanking the last Understudy. (Sometimes a few people in the raid get a bit excited when Razzie goes down and forget about the Understudies 🙂 ).


If you’re the raid healer, watch for someone being hit by Jagged Knife. It does a lot of damage, so you’ll have to throw a few heals on them (a Swiftmended Rejuvenation, or a couple of Lifeblooms). The rest is simple AoE damage, so position the raid for effective Wild Growth.

Gothik the Harvester


Living side – Nature and Shadow

Dead side – Shadow, Arcane, Physical (Whirlwind and AoE), drain life.

Gothik – Shadow, and stacking debuff reducing everyone’s stats by 10% every 15 seconds

Another simple healer fight. The raid splits into two, so you’re healing a small group. If you’re running with a Priest or Pally, then you’ll probably be on the living side in case the Priest or Pally need to use their special abilities against Undead. The Dead side mobs are harder, so the group will often be divided 6-4, rather than 5-5 (unless you put all your weakest DPS in the Living 5). If you have three healers, you may even do 7-3. Stack your hots on the tank and throw the group heals as needed. I’ve never needed to use Entangling Roots on the Living side, but I do occasionally have to Shadowmeld when the tank misses an add.

Once Gothik joins the fight, stack hots on your tank and join in the DPS fun in between refreshes.

The Four Horsemen

Lots of movement in this fight – which plays to a Druid’s strengths.


Stacking marks – Shadow

Korth’azz (front left)– Fire (Meteor strike)

Rivendare (front right) – Shadow

Blameaux (back left) – Shadow

Zeliek (back right) – Holy

At the front …

Simple if you can heal and run at the same time. Make sure everyone is standing on the tank to mitigate the meteor strike damage (if it just hits one person it can kill them) – and everyone standing on top of each other is the Wild Growthers dream 🙂 . Just keep the tank hotted up and group heal the rest of your group.

If you have mana to burn, then throw some heals on the other front group as you run past them.

Ask your pally for Fire Resistance aura.

Someone at the front (one in each group) has to call the switches. The times I’ve been in a front group, that’s always me. I’m not sure if that’s because Druids are such great multitaskers, or if its because half our raid always find their microphone has stopped working as they step into the instance 😉 .

At the front (alternate) …

I ran a pug this weekend (hoping to get my T7 helm – it dropped but I lost the roll 😦 ). They did this fight very differently from the mass transit approach described above …

One tank and one healer stand at the right front, another tank, healer and all the front DPS stand on the left. The when the marks stack to three, the tanks run to the middle of the room and swap bosses.

This approach is far simpler for the tanks (who have to taunt on the run using the other method), but it puts a lot of strain on the healer of the lone tank with Meteor Strike only shared between two people.

Its still basic tank healing or tank+group healing. Which side you go on depends on who your fellow healers are. If you’re the best AoE healer, then you should go on the DPSers side.

At the back …

Before the fight starts (and assuming your partner at the back can’t self-heal), make sure you and your partner have checked where you can stand and still be in healing range of each other. I like to stack a Regrowth (and maybe also a Rejuvenation) on us both just before the tank pulls. (I’ve seen Druids who don’t pre-heal die before they can get their stacks up). Then I keep full hots up on both of us. When the raiders from the front join us, I just heal whoever needs it (as do the other healers).

The usual way to die at the back is to forget to watch for Void Zones spawning under you (back left) because you’re busy watching Grid.

Make sure you get one DPS hit on each of the bosses at the back (the one near you at the start, the other the first time you switch targets). If someone on their aggro list isn’t near then then they’ll cast their AoE and wipe the raid. After that just concentrate on healing. The back bosses do a reasonable amount of damage, so don’t let your attention wander too far off your hots as you move to avoid the voide zones and to swap positions.

Tin and I always take the back bosses, because we can talk to each other IRL (so don’t interfere with the raid voice channel). However you’re communicating, make sure both players are able call the switch when their marks stack to three.


Congratulations on yet another achievement. Go refresh your martini, because its time for the last two bosses.

Next time: Part IV – The Frostwyrm Lair.


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