CIPHER raid update

cipherOur new guild, CIPHER, is developing nicely. We’re slowly growing, albeit from friends of current members joining us right now – no-one is beating a path to our door because of our uber reputation yet 🙂 .

We downed Auriaya for the first time last night. We had a few wipes on her because of mistimed pulls, and once because Anelf’s WoW client crashed mid-fight. We struggled last week because we tried to follow the strategy. This week we just ignored the Feral Defender (except for the Off-Tank who tried to control it as much as possible), and it was so much easier. If the raid group keep together there’s not too much problem with it’s pounces.

We had our first attempts on Hodir too, but didn’t quite get him. We made a meal of the trash between Auriaya and Hodir (kept getting surprised by patrols and wiping), so it was getting late when we started on him. It was obvious the raid was getting tired by then so we stopped after a couple of attempts.

We’ve not gone back and done the optional bosses yet (Ignis and Iron Council), so we’ve now downed 5 Ulduar bosses. And its fair to say we have the first 4 on farm. Just need to keep farming to gear up the team and keep chipping away one a a time at the higher bosses to learn the fights.


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