Going solo (or duo)

Going SoloAs Anelf mentioned in a previous post, our foray into running a guild was pretty short lived.

Actually, I’m pretty relieved.   While we have never been in a hard core raiding guild, we have been casually serious, organizing raiding for our guild, and raiding three or four times a week for nearly eight months.  For the most part, we’ve enjoyed it.  We wanted to organize the raids and work out the strategies, rather than been carried through content.  We’ve had a lot of fun talking over WoW stuff outside of WoW, and made several friends within game.

But in RL we have also only used our tent once, and our mountain bikes not at all this year.  Nearly every weekend we have stayed indoors, raiding. [Anelf’s comment: That’s what we call ‘casual’ raiding – weird huh! 🙂 ]. So we decided it would do us good to give raiding a break for a while, and I have to say I’ve been having the most fun I’ve had in a long time in WoW.  Once you get over the hang up that you don’t have to be up there ‘achieving’ at raiding and acquiring the top end gear, there’s a lot of other fun to be had with an eighty.

I’ve always liked soloing, exploring, revisiting old world content, mount and pet collecting, and the achievement system, so there is lots of stuff to do there.  I will be writing another post on it soon, but one of the most epic fights I have had for a while in WOW was soloing Onyxia on my Paladin alt.  I’d never been into Onyxia’s lair before, so it was great fun.  Anelf and Tin then went to duo it (as once Patch 3.2.2 comes out Onyxia becomes an 80 raid instance, and will no longer be soloable).  It was a simple thing to duo with two ranged DPS, one of whom could heal and the other who had a turtle tank. It was harder to solo with the Pally, because of phase 2, where Onyxia is airborne and becomes harder to hit efficiently with a melee class.  Next week I will try soloing it with Tin.

My 80 Paladin has also gone through some changes, as you will see in the Adventures of Piratejoe Part 1 (coming soon).  My male bloodelf Paladin, Piratejoe, has a dark secret…. he was once a plump female dwarf paladin called Hollie!  Going through a faction transfer has given me a lot to do with Piratejoe, a whole set of different mounts to collect, and achievements to go for.  I am also looking far forward towards the expansion, and thinking of building up resources on both sides, so my goblins and well as worgens will have a sugar daddy to help them out.  Anelf is enjoying leveling some of his alts right now, but I am hoping to persuade him to try duoing some other old world raids with me, and perhaps go mount hunting in ZG and MT :).


2 responses to “Going solo (or duo)

  1. I agree it’s so easy to get caught in the “must raid” mentality.

    Sometimes it is nice to stop and actually leave the house 😛

    Or, as my partner and I did last night, try your hand at farming rare drops (I will have a raven mount, I WILL!)

  2. Good luck with your raven mount Hollicow 🙂 I was incredibly lucky to get one on Tin. I’ve been farming the Baron in Strat to try and get the pony but no horsey for me yet. I really enjoy soloing low level instances, especially when there’s the chance of a mount or pet or something else I can use 🙂