Brewmaster Tinvuiel: Insulting Coren Direbrew and disturbing the peace

ScreenShot_092408_225601Today is the start of my favorite festival of the year – beer, oom-pah music, hairy legged dwarves in lederhosen – what’s not to love?!  And today I achieved the meta-achievement for Brewfest, and scored myself the title of Brewmaster 🙂

Now, you won’t be able to do it all in one day, unless you had completed some of the achievements last year and still had some of the regalia.  I already had two pieces of brewfest clothes sitting in my bank, and so needed 1 more piece, or 100 tokens, to complete the set and some of the achievements.  You can earn at least 147 tokens on the first day.  I also had my Great Brewfest Kodo from last year and was in the Brew of the Month Club, so a couple of the achievements were already filled in.

Here is your guide to completing the achievement over the course of the festival:

Coren Direbrew (provides 40 tokens per day)

Killing Coren Direbrew last year, doesn’t count, you will have to repeat it again this year.  You must be level 75+ to be able to pick up the quest, as Direbrew has been upped to a level 80 elite.  Lower levels can take part in a group, as the fight takes part in BRD with a low instance restriction. But unless friends are running you through, most people are going to want everyone in their group to be 75+ and have the quest, so that the group can kill him 5 times and have 5 lootings of the corpse.  As with last year, he is pretty easy, and is a loot piñata.  Our group 4-manned him easily, and could have three or possibly 2-manned him as geared 80s.

If you haven’t done this before, you may be able to pick up a quest – Save Brewfest! – from Darna Honeybock (a female dwarf) near the barrel thrower for the ram racers in Kharanos (Alliance) or Slurpo Fizzykeg in Durotar (Horde).  Darna didn’t have the quest for Tin, so I headed straight over to Black Rock Depths.  There is a spy in the Grim Guzzler (the neutral tavern part of the intance) who will give you the daily quest – Insult Coren Direbrew.  If like Tin, you have your Direbrew’s Remote (dropped by Direbrew last year) you can teleport you and your party straight there. (Otherwise, use the transporters to your right just after you’ve entered the instance).

The fight is the same as last year, except Coren and the two barmaids are level 80 elites, and the little adds are 80 non-elites.  Coren starts with 3 non-elite adds, you start the quest and you tank aggros all of them.  Other non-elite adds will spawn behind/within the ranged party through mole machines.  Part way through the fight the two barmaids will spawn.  Its an easy tank and spank, just make sure your healer isn’t overwhelmed by the adds and watch for two other things.  First, keep your backpack open and the first space free. Beer gets thrown at you – drink it as soon as it appears, or you get stunned when a second brew is thrown at you. Second, someone (usually the tank) gets a barrel on their head.  This will incapacitate them for a few seconds.  If this happens, make sure the squishies stay away from Direbrew.

The loot hasn’t been updated yet on Wowhead (Direbrew) – but I can confirm that he drops level 80 (ilevel 200) trinkets, equivalent to those purchasable for 25 Emblems of Heroism.  I guess he still drops the mounts at the same low drop rate, plus some updated shankers and his remote, but we only saw trinkets on our first days runs.   They don’t share cooldowns with the emblem trinkets, so both can be equipped at once and can proc at once.

Loot (someone helpfully listed these on wowhead – we saw the first three drop today):

Mithril Pocketwatch

Coren’s Chromium Coaster

Ancient Pickled Egg

Brawler’s Souvenir

Bubbling Brightbrew Charm

Bitter Balebrew Charm

Direbrew’s Shanker 2.0

Great Brewfeast Kodo

Swift Brewfest Ram

Direbrew’s Remote

Down with the Darkiron

The Dark Iron Dwarves will attack brewfest, appearing in the mole machines and trying to steal the three large beer kegs.  To stop them, drink the beer samples on the tables next to the kegs, and hurl them at the dwarves.  If the dwarves are successfully repelled, a cog is left on the ground, which anyone can click on to get the daily quest (and the achievement, the first time you do it).  You don’t have to have taken part in the battle, so look out for the cog with a blue exclamation mark over it each time you are at brewfest.

Strange Brew

Drink all the brews listed for the Strange Brew achievement.  All are available from the vendors at brewfest.  I particularly liked the Mudder’s Milk – a reference to Firefly, one of my all time favorite TV Shows.

The brewfest diet

Eat all the Brewfest diet food listed.  These can all be bought from the vendors.

Brew of the Month (requires 200 tokens)

If you joined last year, you should already have this achievement.  Otherwise, you need to save 200 tokens and purchase the Brew of the Month Club Membership and complete the quest.

Disturbing the peace (requires 250 tokens)

Wear 3 pieces of brewfest regalia and /dance while drunk in Dalaran.  You need to purchase a brewfest hat; shoes or boots; and dress or regalia.  It will cost you 250 tokens in all.  Go to the inn in Dal, buy 4-5 alcoholic drinks, drink until you get the emote you are smashed, then slash dance and try not to fall over.

Drunken Stupor

This is the same as the old Going Down? achievement, accept you need to be drunk when you do it.  I jumped off the tower to the side of the elevator tower of the scryer terrace in Shattrath.  Even if you’re Aldor the robots don’t bother you there.

Does your Wolpertinger linger?

If you don’t have the pet from last year, just do the quest to get one.  Tip:  speak to the quest guy, who will give you some glasses you can use to do this and the pink elekk quest (do this one too – its not an achievement but awards 40 tokens).  The glasses make you drunk, without having to bother drinking, lol.  And even better, when you take them off you are instantly sober.

Have Keg, Will Travel (requires 2 tokens)

You no longer need one of the permanent brewfest mounts to achievement this one.  I was lucky enough to get a Kodo last year, so I’m all set.  But if you don’t have one, you can use either fresh or preserved hops to transform your mount into a kodo to get the achievement. 20 fresh hops cost 2 tokens.

Ram racing

This is not an achievement – but you need to do the ram racing to get the tokens.  There are a couple of training quests before you are let lose on the daily barrel run.  For this you need to ferry barrels, back and forth along a course in kharanos or outside Orgrimmar.  You get 2 tokens per barrel.  The trick is to keep your ram at a gallop the whole time, and never let him get exhausted, plus to also take the shortest route possible.  To do this you need to ride close to at least two of the four barrels of apples along the route.  These give the ram more energy.  You see two buffs, a circle (green = trot; gold = canter; red = gallop) and a ram with a number – if the number gets to 100 you get an exhausted ram for several seconds.  Hot key the ram reign to a button, smash it for all you are worth, and race up and down, taking your ram close to at least 2 barrels as you go.


They’ve changed this slightly from last year. Its now easier, as you only have to get around the flags in the time, not back to the vendor.  Once you get to the last flag, the quest is complete, and you can dismount from your ram and hand in later.  Pick up the Barking quest from any of the three vendors.  He gives you a ram, you need to race around Ironforge/Orgrimmar on it, past the flags at 4 locations.  In IF they are in each of the quarters.  I found if I kept my ram at a canter the enter time, he didn’t get exhausted and I did the quest in the time.  There are no apple barrels for refueling for this one.

Besides the achievement you might also want to collect tokens for other items.  Pet collectors will get excited by the new non-combat pet Pink Sized Pink Elekk, which costs 100 brewfest tokens.

And there you have it – your guide to Brewfest!  Have fun becoming Brewmasters.

tin2And why was I so interested in doing Brewfest so quickly?  Well…  for me it was the last part of the meta-mata-achievement What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been.  So after killing Coren Direbrew there was a very nice reward sitting in my mail…. a violet proto-drake 🙂  I’m one happy Brewmaster today – cheers!


3 responses to “Brewmaster Tinvuiel: Insulting Coren Direbrew and disturbing the peace

  1. Grats on the proto-drake!

  2. I’d like to disagree with a couple of the facts, at least on EU servers it’s different (I’m not mentioning the lack of the Wopperlinger and Pink Elekk quests). First of all, the regalia cost 200 tokens, the boots 100 tokens and the hat 50 tokens, so it makes 350, not 250 tokens for the set. Second of all, it seems that Coren grants you 40 tokens only on your first kill, not the subsequent kills. I’ve killed him approximately 15 times already, and only once (the first time) got the item to return to Brewfest in order to claim 40 tokens. You can get at least 20+10+15=45 tokens daily. 10 is for the dark irons, 15 for barking, and 20 for a ram run (I found the absolute max per run to be 24, but it has to be a perfect run then). The ram runs should be doable every 12 hours, but it’s buggy and sometimes it resets every 18 hours. It’s not a daily quest, you just have to click the NPC who gives the initial ram racing quest, and he offers you an option to get more barrels, if the cooldown is over. If doing all the dailies every day, it should be possible to get Brewmaster in approximately 10 days from the event start.

  3. Just a tip. Do Disturbing the Peace before Brew of the Month. Once you have saved the 350 tokens for gear, hearth to Dal, dress, drink and dance to get Disturbing. Once you have it, go back to vendor and you can return the gear and get the 350 tokens back. Then you can buy the Brew of the Month club membership.