Good Night and Good Luck

As you may have noticed we’ve not been posting much recently.  We’re still playing WOW, but with the collapse of Soldiers of Fortune guild and the short life of the little guild we formed afterwards, we’ve changed our play-style significantly.  We’re not currently raiding; and I don’t feel on the cutting edge of hunter news to pass it on to you.

We’re enjoying our new casual play (mostly on the horde 🙂 ).  But with casual play, comes being more casual about blogging too.  Therefore, we’ve decided to stop posting here for the foreseeable future.  We will keep the site open so that you can access the old information pieces.  And who knows, maybe we will want to blog again in future, perhaps when Cataclysm gets imminent.  But for now, we’d like to thank all our loyal readers and casual surfers.  We hope you found something interesting and/or useful here, and we hope you continue to enjoy your WOW playing, as we are.

So it all that is left for me to say is,  “Good Night and Good Luck.”

Good Night and Good Luck!

Good Night and Good Luck!


5 responses to “Good Night and Good Luck

  1. /salute

    I really enjoyed your posts, but never commented before. I must say, you will be missed =)

    Level 80 Hunter on Cenarion Circle

  2. I too enjoyed your site. Enjoy your time away from the blog; if the interest strikes you it’s good to have it ready and waiting.

  3. Going to miss this blog. Hope you return. Still on my Favorites list 🙂

  4. Wow… all the bloggers seem to be leaving… Good luck

  5. Aww, what am I gonna do now when I’m not playing?

    Thanks a lot anyway. This blog has been really helpful and interesting.

    Hope to see you again in Cataclysm!
    A hunter