An update from your friends at Steady Shot

Last time I wrote, I left Tinuviel sleeping in Dalaran, I think Anelf was off doing the tree dance in some dodgy area of the Underbelly.  We decided to stop blogging as we were playing very casually, but left the blog open in case things changed.  Well, recently we’ve started raiding again, so I thought I would post a quick update on the blog, and maybe update a couple of the posts on macros and PowerAuras.  I don’t intend to come back to blogging regularly, but I might add some information that I think is useful from time-to-time.

So what have we been up to?  We had fun leveling Horde characters on our server Antonidas (I’ve secretly always preferred the horde 🙂 ).  Anelf rerolled a Tauren druid, Pamplona, and I leveled a warlock.  But once we got to 80 and thought about doing heroics and raiding again, I realized I was still a hunter at heart, so Anelf paid for a character transfer, for Tinuviel, as a valentine’s pressie (lol).  Tinuviel is now the awesome troll hunter, Petrel.  Much better valentine’s pressie than a bunch of roses 😀

LMAO – btw I was posting this on 1st Apr – went to the wow armory to link Pamplona and Petrel – if you didn’t see it this morning, they changed all the characters to look like tuskarr, you primary professions have been changed to fishing and fishing, and all your achieves say things like “ninjaed [Zod’s Reapeating Longbow] vendored” – very funny.

Having run a lot of bgs and quite a few heroics to gear up, Pamplona and Petrel joined the raiding guild Fatal a few weeks ago.  Since then we have been raiding ICC 10 and some 25man, VOA, weeklies, and a couple of other raids.  It’s great to finally be in a guild doing real end game content.  The last two nights I have been incredibly lucky (as well has having run with some great guildies – Bubbette and Gettacow shout-outs to you especially) – I won Njordnar Bone Bow from Lady Deathwhisper in 10man ICC on Monday night and then upgraded it too Zod’s Repeating Longbow from Lady Deathwhisper in 25man ICC last night!  Not only is it an awesome bow, but it’s even more awesome given my trolly racial bonus with bows 🙂

So that’s where we are at the moment.  I’d like to give a shout out and /wave to any of our old friends and regular readers who chance on this post.  Missed you all, hope life and WOW is treating you well.  I’d also like to give a /salute to Brian “Frostheim” Wood who has been keeping me up-to-date with hunter goodness over on WOW.Com and  Great posts Brian, keep ’em coming.

As for my posts, I will throw up the occasional thing I think is interesting or informational.  For now I am going to update the macro and poweraura posts in the next few days as those are the ones I often find myself looking for on other sites.  Keep on hunting and FOR THE HORDE!!!!


5 responses to “An update from your friends at Steady Shot

  1. I was wondering if the information you have on Power Auras is still correct for the last patch (not sure why it would make a difference but thought I’d ask); and if you have a version for MM spec?

    I’ve been endlessly frustrated trying to configure it; I’m also a mid-30s female type person with a hunter main, well, a holy pally and a hunter – lately my hunter is in more demand, as my guild doesn’t need my pally.

    I’d love to – and need to – get set up for ICC raiding as a hunter (something I haven’t had the chance to do until now) and thought Power Auras would be helpful as well as any other suggestions you might have – some of the material here is older, and I’m not sure which things are still current or ideal for the last patch.

    I don’t have any hunter specific addons – parts of addons that relate to hunter but nothing actually hunter specific and I know I should, but not sure what – any suggestions or directions to another place or list would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. @Jordana – hi there. Yes I am pretty sure the power aura info I have works for 3.3. I raid as an MM hunter so will post my power auras for MM shortly. I have just posted the addons I use. None are hunter specific. In the days of chain trapping (oh Moroes’ adds how I loved thee), I used to use specific hunter addons to manage the cooldown and availability of my next trap, but not so much now. I find a combination of power auras, macros and omni cc does all I need for my class. Will also update my macro post soon; have a couple of icc macros that might help.

    Good luck and have fun hunting 🙂

  3. Tinuviel – I’m so very frustrated and stressed. My guild wants me to raid huntress, and I’m willing but my hunter hasn’t been my main since Naxx, and I’m all nerved up about it 😦 I’m a “professional” adult in real life, I shouldn’t let a game stress me out this way, but I hate to come across as clueless and I’m having horrible difficulty with Power Auras and being a “raid” hunter since I haven’t for so many months.

    It would be a tremendous kindness if you’d assist – should I go MM or stay Survival at (and I hate this addon but here we go) 5250 gearscore; 232 level bow/gun, most items 232 or 245, a couple 219, a couple 264.

    All the gear is the best I could get, I’ve gemmed for agility pretty much exclusively other than the nightmare tear and the other gem needed for my meta.

    That said, with no Arpen gems, I’m only at 583 Arpen – EJ says if you’re not at 800, don’t change to gem to Arpen – I’d love to know what you think.

    Also – I was an East Coaster, now I’m in WA state; I would love to also play my well-geared pally (she’s been my main the past 8-9 months) but there aren’t many guilds on this East coast server that raid late enough – server time 7 pm is 4 my time, and a bit early.

    I’d share who my pally is in direct email with you, but not in public (or if you could hide a post here I could do it that way) possibly with the idea that I’d be open to suggestions as to which server or servers you think might be good ones to move to from Thrall – I love it there, have friends, and will stay there with at least some characters, but I do want to raid on my Pally healer; I’ve learned that class well now, and it would be a shame to bench her.

    I’m very much looking forward to your Power Aura and addon information; I understand that you’re busy, but for me it can’t come too soon – I don’t have a hunter resource; the one I did have suggested coming to this website and asking you 🙂 – ah, the price of fame – (but it’s good to know people think that highly of you, isn’t it?)

    I am fairly clueless as to macros; I have one that auto switches when I put up hunter’s mark (to human, beast, elemental, whatever it may be) to get that extra 5 percent damage) – it’s incredibly complex and it was indeed a cut and paste from a friend – “go here and copy that” – I’m not familiar with Omni cc – is that the name of the addon?

    I realize I sound sort of – well, scared and intimidated and a bit desperate 😦 it’s how I feel; I love my hunter, but suddenly going from Naxx with nothing intervening except VoA 25s and such, to be expected to perform at least moderately well in ICC is scary – the guild (this one raids late) doesn’t need my holy pally, and I really do want to hunter again – I also want to play my pally.

    Any help, and the sooner the better, would be appreciated and then some; if there is any way I can return the favor, not sure if you do paypal on the website, a contribution, or something of that nature, I’d be very happy to – I’d offer you legal advice (if you need it, by all means email me!) but you’d probably prefer, if you’ll accept anything, the courtesy of a donation.

    I try to do that any site that benefits me; it’s only fair – you do the work of putting the information up, it’s not fair that you should also foot the bill of keeping the site up.

    Best wishes and thanks again in advance,


    Jordana, the used-to-be confident, now hiding under the table, Huntress

  4. Ouch that was long – please feel free to delete it after you’ve read it. It takes up far too much space and conveys too well how intimidated I’m feeling at the moment; things I’d rather no have immortalized, lol.

  5. @ Jordana – don’t panic!

    First remember WOW is a game – if you are not having fun, do something different. Give raiding with your hunter a go, you might find you enjoy it, but if you don’t either tell your guild you want to go back to you Pally, or find another guild who will let you raid on your pally.

    We had a long break between being about 1/3 way thru 10man Ulduar to starting raiding again in ICC. I was a little rusty, but soon got into the groove again.

    Play which ever spec you are most comfortable with. I have raided all three specs (BM when it was the best). Now you have 3 choices – all are perfectly raid viable – pick which ever you like playing the most and suits your playstyle – Surv, MM standard agility build, or MM armor pen build. As you are not at the ArmPen cap you should not gem for it, but you are over ArmPen 400-450ish so you can change your spec and rotation as I have done and prob see a slight increase in DPS. I also find this a slightly easier rotation to play than the standard MM one.

    Elitist Jerks Theorycrafting Forum – Hunter DPS for overview.
    WOW.Com Survival 101 and Marksman 101 and Marksman the Armor Penetration Years.
    Also look at the online DPS analyzer – you can download your character and play around with gear combinations etc. to see what is best for you.

    Good luck and have fun 😀