Addons for a 3.3 raiding hunter


My UI – I play on a laptop, so have a fairly small screen.  Therefore, I go for utility rather than looks when it comes to set up, as pretty docking bars across the bottom of the screen take up too much space.  The large action bar to the left is my pvp, oh sh*t click buttons, and buttons I change around a lot.  The heartstone isn’t usually there, but I was in the Exodar last night getting the old warbear 🙂

I use a number of different addons.  From time to time I try to cut down, but they slowly creep back in again.  There are some, though, that I would find it very hard to do without, and which definitely add to my DPS and ability to raid.  I also have a couple of  favorite non-raid addons.

Remember, always download addons from a reputable site like Curse Gaming.  Click load out of date addons in your loading screen.  I am using all of these in 3.3.2 (I have noted the version they have been updated for at the time of writing, all say they are compatible with 3.3.0 at least).   I have had the occasional error pop up, and a couple have not been specially updated for 3.3, but for the most part they work fine.  The links take you directly to the Curse Gaming Site link for each addon.

Favorite raid addons

1. Deadly Boss Mods – (3.3.0) most raiders wouldn’t run without this or a major alternative like Big Wigs, and many groups won’t let you.

2.  Omen3 threat meter – (3.3.0) not as essential as it once was, with ingame threat meters and changes to threat and aggro, but still useful in certain circumstances.

3.  Recount damage meter – (3.3.3) well you want to be able to brag when you have the highest dps on a freak aoe trash pull, right?  Seriously, use it as a tool to improve your DPS, analyze your shot rotations, compare yourself to others of the same class, their rotations, their dot uptime etc.

4.  OmniCC -(3.3.0)  cooldown timers – shows a number on each of you spells on your action bar, counting down the seconds until it is off cooldown, helps you plan your shot rotation.  Very useful and simple addon.

5.  Power Auras Classic – (3.3.0) one of my favorite addons.  Can be fiddly to set up, but hugely programmable.  Allows you to set up alerts for buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, rotations, all sorts of things.  I already have an older post about this, and will write a separate updated post about this one shortly.

6.  Bartender 4 – (3.3.0) replaces the standard action bars with configurable bars.  I play on a laptop with a small screen, I find the standard bars take up too much space.  I can have more buttons with bartender while still taking up less screen room.

7.  Atlas – (3.3.0) dungeon maps – why aren’t these properly in the game as a standard part of the UI?  Weird.

8.  Quartz – (3.3.0) a cast bar timer – I only use the minimum capability of this addon, just to show any lag on my casting and when I can stack up the next shot to cast.

9.  Grid – (3.3.0) unit frame showing members of the raid.  Useful in fights like the blood queen when you need to target someone quickly to bite them.  Alternatively you can just drag and drop the raid groups out of the raid window onto your screen, but that takes up more screen room.

10.  MikScrollingBattleText – (3.3.0) replaces the text that scrolls about your head showing damage done etc.  Editable, and shows some useful extras.

11.  Gearscore – (3.3.0) love it or loathe it, it is an interesting and useful addon in the right hands, don’t dismiss it because some idiots misuse it.

You will notice I don’t use a Unit Frame Addons like XPerl or PitBull.  I’ve tried them but found they don’t do much for me.  I do sometimes use MoveIt, to locate my character icon and target icon at the bottom of my screen so I can look at health bars and action bars easily at the same time, but this seems to be a bit buggy as of 3.3.

Minimum:  If I had to choose I would go with DBM and OmniCC, followed by bartender and PowerAuras, then recount.  Others are more optional.

Non-raiding utility addons

1.  LoadIT – (3.3.0) allows you to easily switch addons on and off ingame without having to log off and on.   Note this is a great addon, but has not been updated recently.  A couple of the commenters on Curse think it’s causing them problems.  It doesn’t seem to have caused me any problems.

2.  Mapster – (3.3.0) replaces some of the features of cartographer with the new ingame map system.  E.g.  you can see the complete maps for zones, and color fog for unvisited places if going for the explorer achievement.

3.  SilverDragon – a personal favorite addon (I almost don’t want to tell you about this, it’s so good, it feels like cheating) – it sends you an alert if there is a silver elite nearby.  I’ve killed a lot more silver elites since getting it, and tamed my spirit beast.  It is a bit buggy though, and can throw up lua error messages, or false positives.

4.  HandyNotes – (3.3.0) works with mapster and silver dragons to show up the places silver elites spawn on you map so you can hunt them.

5.  Titan Panel – (3.3.0) needs no explanation – I use the minimal panel for money and durability.

6.  AuctionLite – (3.3.3) I prefer this to auctioneer.  Try it you might like it, plus its less resource hungry.

7.  Collect Me – (3.3.0) as a mount and minipet collector, I use this one from time to time when hunting for pets.  It also adds a button to summon a random minipet.

8.  Ackis Recipe List – (3.3.0) tells you which trade recipes you are missing and where to find them.

Minimum:  None are essential but I don’t like to be without LoadIT and SilverDragons.  When raiding I often turn off some or all of these if I experience any lag.


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