WHU Guild Event screenshots

This evening, I had great fun taking part in the WHU (Warcraft Hunter’s Union) Guild Event run by Frostheim of Wow.Com and Warcrafthuntersunion.com.  I want to give a shout out to him and to Minibella and the other officers and helpers for making a fun and awesome event, and for their patience in herding 250+ level 10 cats (oops I mean dwarves).  Unfortunately, I had to leave before the very end of the event, although I did get to die heroically killing a world dragon, but here are my screenshots of a million screaming baby dwarves invading Icecrown Server.  Btw my little baby dwarf is a level 10 female with black pigtails by the name of Soupdragon 🙂

1.  The dwarf army in Kharanos

2.  People went to huge lengths to train rare pets – there were northrend birds, blood elf dragonhawks,  rares from Mulgore galore.  The rule of the event was also not to level above level 10 – therefore once people got to level 10 they turned off their xp (to do this there is a rogue in sw cathedral to whom you pay 10G for the privilege of ninjaring your xp bar) and then went about twinking their level 10 hunters.  I heard of some people getting upwards of 350 agility on a level 10!  (To put it into perspective, my non twinked hunter has about 30).

3.  There was a long queue for beer in the tavern with all those dwarves.

4.  We mobbed a NightElf after someone said he was Taylor Lautner in disguise (but he refused to take his pink mageweave shirt off 😦 )

5.  We killed a few horde guards at Splintertree Post because they didn’t know who Taylor Lautner was.

6.  Then we went to kill a world dragon.

7….. then I died, and left my ghost to jump servers and go raid ICC.  Hope you all had a good time, sure that dragon was cat fud and  glue by the end of it.


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