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WHU Guild Event screenshots

This evening, I had great fun taking part in the WHU (Warcraft Hunter’s Union) Guild Event run by Frostheim of Wow.Com and  I want to give a shout out to him and to Minibella and the other officers and helpers for making a fun and awesome event, and for their patience in herding 250+ level 10 cats (oops I mean dwarves).  Unfortunately, I had to leave before the very end of the event, although I did get to die heroically killing a world dragon, but here are my screenshots of a million screaming baby dwarves invading Icecrown Server.  Btw my little baby dwarf is a level 10 female with black pigtails by the name of Soupdragon 🙂

1.  The dwarf army in Kharanos

2.  People went to huge lengths to train rare pets – there were northrend birds, blood elf dragonhawks,  rares from Mulgore galore.  The rule of the event was also not to level above level 10 – therefore once people got to level 10 they turned off their xp (to do this there is a rogue in sw cathedral to whom you pay 10G for the privilege of ninjaring your xp bar) and then went about twinking their level 10 hunters.  I heard of some people getting upwards of 350 agility on a level 10!  (To put it into perspective, my non twinked hunter has about 30).

3.  There was a long queue for beer in the tavern with all those dwarves.

4.  We mobbed a NightElf after someone said he was Taylor Lautner in disguise (but he refused to take his pink mageweave shirt off 😦 )

5.  We killed a few horde guards at Splintertree Post because they didn’t know who Taylor Lautner was.

6.  Then we went to kill a world dragon.

7….. then I died, and left my ghost to jump servers and go raid ICC.  Hope you all had a good time, sure that dragon was cat fud and  glue by the end of it.


Where in the WOW is Tin?

sickmooseApologies for not posting for a while, I’ve been sick with bronchitis and asthma, spaced out on drugs, and not been able to string anything sensible together.  I’ve been playing WOW, of course, from my sick bed, but all I’ve been able to cope with is leveling up a new little alt.  And here’s a surprise, this committed night elf hunter, and occasional night elf druid, has fallen in love with…wait for it… a gnome mage!  I created her on a whim, I’ve never been able to get a mage, or a gnome past the doldrums of the mid 20s before, but this time I am flying ahead and loving every minute of it.

vertyHere’s Verty at 45 (I know, not the sexiest gear ever, she looks like an Outland wannabe – it’s chosen for stats, not style).  Her main spec is frost for leveling, but I splashed out about purchased dual-spec at 40.  I got heckled by a guildie wondering why the hell I wanted to waste my money doing it, but here’s the thing;  I like to learn how to play.  I like to try different talent specs, experiment with the different trees and do the research.  I know that if Verty gets to 80 and runs heroics and raids she won’t be a frost mage, so I want to understand the other trees before I get there.  If you can afford to buy the dual-spec, its a great way to do it.  It allows you keep a main spec and experiment with the other, or run two specs side by side and test the difference.  My off spec is fire.  I originally off-specced in arcane, but realized that was a mistake before level 60, as you do not have your major arcane nukes in your arsenal before then, and so the rotation is nothing like your end game play style.

The’ boom boom mob is dead’ of fire is great.  I use that when duoing with Anelf’s shaman, Shambolic, or when soloing non-fire resistant mobs, where one can be pretty confident of pulling one at a time.  I can usually 2 of 3 shot mobs of my level, with my decent gear, which includes a number of bind on account hereditary items.  Frost, though, is great for survivability, for handling multiple mobs and for kiting.  Ice barrier is awesome sauce, and cold snap allows for a rinse and repeat of frost nova and blizzard when you get adds.  With frost nova, cone of cold, blink, and the slowing affect of your frostbolts you can kite mobs to your hearts content.

For someone who likes pure damage dealing from range, the mage has an awful lot going for it.  Watch out Tin, you might have competition from a little green haired gnome 🙂

How to be Eye of Eternity Geared and hit 3k DPS within a day of hitting 80.

bbMy Druid Bluebear hit 80 a couple of days ago.  Within a day of hitting 80 WOW heroes recorded her as being geared for Naxx 10 and 25 man and Eye of Eternity 10 man.  The day after hitting 80 I went to Obsidian Sanctum 10 man with my guild where I was dealing over 3k damage on the trash (AOE) and 2.7k damage on the boss.  I am not writing this to boast, I am just writing it to say it’s possible, especially with an alt, and here’s how.

1.  Plan ahead.  I researched a pre-naxx gear list and a raiding gear list well in advance of hitting 80.  For druids, Grey Matter does a great job on both.

2.  Make money and gather mats with your main.  Most of Bluebear’s gear on stepping into OS was crafted or BOE blues and purples, either made by myself or friends with mats I had gathered, or bought from the ah.

4.  Follow the prices of your gear list on the ah and buy low.  I started looking for, and buying up, Bluebear’s gear from the time she was about 73.  This gave me time to find good low deals, and to spread my purchases, rather than having to spend all my cash at once.

5.  Get the appropriate gems, enchants and armor kits.  Too many people go into raids not appropriately enchanted.  Enchants make a huge difference to your gear.  I sent nearly every green I got when levelling to Anelf for disenchanting to stock up mats for my enchants.

6.  Learn to play your class.  Err, this sounds obvious.  Do some research on blogs like this one and Elitist Jerks etc.  about the best spec, stats, shot rotations, etc. for raiding.  Playstyle for raiding is often very different from that for soloing and grinding or even from 5-mans.  I respecced to my raiding spec at 78 and practiced it both when soloing (even though it wasn’t optimum for that) and on the target dummies.  Don’t forget practice on the target dummies with recount or a damage meter allowing you to measure your shot rotations.

7.  Get the appropriate raiding addons for your class.  For Bluebear, Squawk and Awe a boomkin addon allowing me to measure Eclipse cooldowns helps enormously, as does PowerAuras.

8.  When you raid ensure you have the right buffs, flasks, food, etc.

Now OK this might be a bit easier with some classes than others, there is an excellent range of BOE caster leather and cloth out there (BB is wearing a lot of cloth), but there are crafted epics and BOE pieces for most classes if you do your homework.