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Death Knight Quest Rewards – Hellfire Peninsula (and leveling mining)

86912Pre-Outland – Mining – Level 58-60

My Death Knight left the Death Knight starting area at 58 in her Blue Death Knight gear, and then stayed in Azeroth mining until she had power leveled mining to the point that she could mine Fel Iron in Outland (mining level 300).  

During this time I did a few but not many quests and killed a few mobs that got in the way. Happily Death Knights start off with all the old world flight paths, so no riding to each new zone in quest for ore.  You have not explored each zone, though, and get small amounts of experience points for uncovering new areas of the map. I killed Hogger while mining copper in Elwynn Forest (lol); I killed spiders in a cave in Wetlands while mining for tin; orges and trolls in arathi highlands died on my quest for iron; silithids in Tanaris bit the dust in the name of mithril.  I did do a few of the quests in Winterspring while mining thorium.  The guide I was using which had some helpful maps ( suggested Winterspring as the best place for Thorium, but I didn’t actually find as much as I hoped.  A better place for leveling up your mining quickly (although with a mix of mithril, thorium, and dark iron, so maybe less thorium for professions) seemed to be the Burning Steppes.  I also did a couple of the quests here.

Due to the increased experienced gains, I was 60 by the time I had finished leveling my mining and was ready to go to Outland.  I didn’t get any upgrades pre-Outland.  Since all the Death Knight blue gear is item level 70, you are unlikely to find an ungrade even if you run instances.  

6321960-63 Hellfire Peninsula

I dislike Hellfire Peninsula.   It’s just too red and dusty.  I like questing in interesting looking areas, the most interesting thing about HFP is the sky.  Give me the giant mushrooms of Zangamarsh, the Norse landscapes of Howling Fjord, or the snows of Winterspring.  I thought of skipping it altogether and going straight for Zangamarsh, but a little research suggested a different approach.

Blizzard has not adjusted the quest rewards in Outland with the advent of Death Knights, so many of the quests do not provide upgrades or gear suitable for Death Knights.  However, one or two of the better Hellfire Peninsula quest rewards do provide upgrades for the Death Knight.  A little research on WOWhead identified these quests.  I ran just these quests, and the chain quests leading up to them.  These are the ones I suggest.  I soloed all but 2 (it’s probably possible to solo these 2 as well, but Anelf was in the area finishing off his Guardian of Cenarius achievement, so I dragged him along for a quick finish).

Here are the updates and their related quests.  Sorry hordies, some of these are alliance only and alliance named quests, but a quick search on WOWhead should find the Horde equivalents, and I did find a couple of nice pieces that were horde only.

1.  Battlemaster’s Breastplate  – reward from Drill the Drill Master – longish chain but worth it.  Starts with Know Your Enemy from Force Commander Danath Trollbane in the Keep to Ill Omens.  Ill Omens is handed in to Corporal Ironridge at Expedition Point, who then gives you Cursed Talismans.  At the end of Corporal Ironridge’s quests he asks you to return to Honor Hold and talk to Assistant Kaltu, who is upstairs in the inn. Assistant Kaltu has a couple of quests for you which culminate in the Exocism of Colonel Juels.  After this, you get to go back and talk to Trollbane who will finally give you Drill the Drillmaster quest.  Go kill him and get your breastplate reward. All easily soloable.

2. Bladefist’s Breadth – reward from Overlord (Cruel Intentions for Hordies) – no previous chain required just kill Warbringer Arix’Amal who drops Burning Legion Missive which starts this quest once you hand it in (he is the end of another quest chain, but you don’t need to do that quest chain to get the missive to drop, just go and kill him).  Arax’Amal easily solable, not sure about Overlord as Anelf happened to be there, possibly is.  (There is also the Regal Protectorate as a tanking option from this quest.  I am not intending to be a tank in the shortterm, so the dps item was for me.  Also, I need to research DK tanking, and see how good an item with defense rather than parry is for a DK tank, although the health bonus is nice.)

3. Hellboar Carving Blade – reward from Testing the Antidote Cenarion Outpost.  One pre-quest Denomic Contamination – This is a nice looking 2h samurai style sword (that looks a bit like a lightsaber when you rune-blade it).

4. Charm of Alacrity – reward from Voidwalkers Gone Wild.  One pre-quest – In Case of Emergency from the goblins near the crashed zepplin.  This is a trinket which is pretty good for tanks or for meleeing high damaging elites.  However, how good it is for a DK tank, I am not sure, as it is a Dodge trinket, and DK tanking is more about parry than dodge.  Still, I thought it was worth nabbing as it is easy to get. 

5. Golden Cenarion Greaves – quest reward from Natural Remedies – kill the giant colossuses until one drops a crystal that starts a quest for this one (you may as well pick up the quest to kill 5 of the colossuses while doing this).  These are actually Paladin boots and have intellect and mp5 on them (plus they are light beige – pallies having no dress sense).  But they have a lot more armor and more strength (i.e. attack power) than your current boots, so I felt they were an upgrade for me.

And that’s it.  5 rewards.  The other blue chest piece from the bombing quest is a pally one.  The reward from the quest to kill demons that usually gave a kick-ass weapon upgade doesn’t give anything for a DK that is better than your runeblade.

Of course I haven’t mentioned instances.  You might want to try and get in a group to run Hellfire Ramparts and hope the group isn’t made up of 4 Death Knights and a Holy Pally who specs Ret on his days off, as you will all be fighting over Hellreaver, should it drop.

After finishing with Hellfire I was 63 and a third.  Reviewing WOWhead there does not seem to be much worth having for DKs in Zangamarsh but there are a couple of nice pieces in Terrokar so I am off there next, followed by Nagrand for the mining.


Death Knight starting experience – not for the conscientious objector


Kibeth - Tinuviel's Death Knight

There is one player who is never likely to start a Death Knight – Noor the pacifist – the crazy (in a good way) gnome rogue who is leveling through WOW without deliberately killing anything.  I think the Lich King would have weeded Noor out early on as being unsuitable to be a Death Knight.

The Death Knight starting experience is a big win.  Everyone should try out a Death Knight and go through the starting experience, even if you have no intention of taking it further.  There is so much to praise about it and little to fault.

The very best thing about this is how increasingly immersive it is.  It draws you into this story and chain of events, requiring you to do things you are increasingly uncomfortable with doing.  Often you have only one quest in your quest log, you have to complete this part of the chain to get to the next.  I am not sure whether it was possible to find a way out of the starting area before you had completed all the quests, but for my part, I knew that at some point I was going to be given a quest that would allow me to escape my evil life and seek redemption, and so I carried on.  But it engrossed me so much, that I began to hope that each quest would be the one that rescued me from my fate.  This too is deliberate, quests that are part of the continuing chain have titles like A meeting with fate.

Easily the most uncomfortable and saddest quest is A Special Surprise.  You are asked to execute a prisoner in the adjacent prison hut.  It’s only one prisoner, you have just slaughtered a whole army single-handedly (twice).  How hard can it be, right?  You walk into the prison hut, there is a prison of every race in there.  Is it random that you are asked to kill the prison of your own race?  No, it is not.  As you approach, the prisoner begins to speak, and then stops.  They recognize you!  They are horrified at what the dark side has done to you.  The night-elf quest was truly sad.  I was hoping through her speech that I would be able to rescue her instead of killing her.  But no, at the end she instructs me to put her out of her misery.  At this point I wanted to throw down my sword, and join Noor as a conscientious objector.  I didn’t care if the Lich King ripped me into little bitty pieces and fed me to his pet goldfish (Mograine told me it’s called Bubbles) – I’d had enough of being the bad guy.  But there was no way out.  To fulfill whatever destiny I had, I had to swing my sword and kill my childhood carer.

Eventually you do get redemption.  You travel out of the starting area to Light Hope Chapel where you participate in an epic scripted battleThe Light of Dawn – led by Mograine.  This is similar to the Vetran of Wrathgrate questline culmination in Dragonblight and its aftermath.  In terms of epic-ness and an instanced scripted story they are both superb.  Don’t miss out on either.

tabard_of_the_ebon_bladeAt the end of this wonderful piece of story, you are sent as an emerssary to herald the newly formed Knights of the Ebon Blade to King Wynn in Stormwind.  As you walk/run through SW, you are pelted with rotten fruit by the guards, who hurl insults at you for your traitorous and evil ways, while the citizens flee from you, wailing in terror.  Finally the King accepts you and you are now redeemed, about level 58, all in blues with one follow on quest in your log.  It has been some ride.

To the dark side – Tin makes a Death Knight


The Dark Side

Having dinged 80, I decided to try out the new Death Knight class.  I thought that the breaking (oops, I mean changes to) feral droods had cured my altitis.  I was happy with my hunter.  But 80 came up a bit too fast, hunter nerfs are rearing their ugly head, and I have felt less than enthusiastic to dive into end game pvp and heroics gear grinding.  

I’ve got a bit disheartened with the big changes and ‘balancing’ to the main classes.  I wanted to level up another DPS and largely melee class, but I was worried that I would put all that effort in, only to find ‘the rug pulled out from under my feet’ at the end of it.  Hence, the attraction of the Death Knight.  Blizzard want their new hero class to work – it doesn’t strike me that a DPSing Death Knight is likely to be a Ret Pally at its lowest ebb.  

There was also another attraction to the Death Knight:  Anyone who has read my About Me page, will know that I have always wanted an engineer, but that my low level engineers have never survived my level 26 cull.  Here was a character I could start at 55 and power level engineering, and hopefully one who could quickly get to the stage of being able to supply Tinuviel with Mammoth Cutter bullets and other goodies.

My Death Knight, Kibeth, has finished the death knight starting area quests, and is now level 58.  The name Kibeth comes from the excellent young adult fantasy, Old Kingdom trilogy, by Garth Nix (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen).  The series includes good and evil necromancers, who bring the dead back from death, or reanimate rotting corpses with the souls of dead creatures.  I thought this quite appropriate for a Death Knight 🙂  She is also another Night Elf.  I tried to create another class, I really did.  I kept making new Death Knights, all named Kibeth, on the start up page, and leaving them there for a few days, before deleting them and trying another class.  I was tempted to create a horde Death Knight, or a dwarf, or even a human for the diplomacy bonus to rep.  But in the end, I like the new shadowmeld so much, for both soloing and raiding, that I found it hard to think about passing up on this excellent racial.

I have taken a break from leveling to power level my mining and engineering, so that I can mine in the Outland when I go there.  Look out for a couple of posts coming up on my Death Knight experience and some handy info for Death Knights.  Actually, I have been looking around for a good Death Knight blog.  I haven’t found anything yet, can anyone suggest anything?  I don’t know if others are finding it difficult to find Death Knight information, but compared to hunters and even druids the new class seems to be rather thinly represented by detailed information.  I am thinking of broadening this site to try and fill some of this gap, and also give Anelf a bigger part.