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The truth about Druid Bear Form

Blizzard launched the new Druid Feral forms with a big fanfare, and Druid bloggers have been proudly posting pictures of these new forms in lots of heroic poses. I agree that they do look good from the front. But when you play a Druid, you rarely see the front view – you spend hours staring at the back end.

I’m sorry to be the one to reveal the truth about the Emperor’s New Clothes, but from the back the new form looks like a badger (The British kind, not the American kind). Even worse. If you have white hair, your Bear Form looks like a shaved badger.

A badger - front view

A badger - front view

A shaved badger - rear view

A shaved badger - rear view

I really hope when they revamp Tree Form that it won’t make me look like a vegetable.

The new Druid treeform skin?

The new Druid treeform skin?


A public service announcement

Support your local skinner – Loot you kills

(That’s all. Bye.)

Who’s the Pet?

Questing in Zul’Drak today, my group portrait screen confirmed what I’d suspected for some time. Tinuviel’s pet is now so powerful that it has become the master and she’s the pet. Here’s a screenshot to prove it ūüôā …

Who's the pet?

Behold the power of the BM Pet!

Blizzard Birthday Campaign

Tin and I were discussing achievements last night (as she was writing her last post). Talking about other achievements Blizzard could introduce, we hit on the idea of birthday presents. Either:

  • An in-game present on the anniversary of starting your account, or
  • A present for each of your alts on the anniversary of their creation.

By coincidence, Abruzzi made a similar comment on Tin’s Achievements post, so we’re obviously not the only people who think it would be a cool idea. You get a Zhevra for introducing a friend, so I think at least a pet or toy would be appropriate for giving Blizzard $180¬†a year.

So a call to action:

This blog alone is still too small to exert any great influence on its own, and I’ve not noticed this being mentioned elsewhere, so let’s spread the idea in the blogosphere to see if we can persuade Blizzard to implement this. If you write a blog, post an article about this yourself. If you read blogs or newsgroups, post comments suggesting it.

And tell us what birthday presents you would value?

Tin wants a baby kodo for her birthday. I’d quite like a hamster in a rolling ball :-).


[And thank you again to Abruzzi for being the catalyst].

Ten things that make Tinuviel yell at her computer

Hi. Anelf here again with more non-Hunter rambles.

I’ve never rolled a Hunter. Never.

There never seemed any point, because Tinuviel has rolled enough for the both of us. And any Hunter I played was always just going to be following in Tin’s wake.

But I’ve learned a lot about Hunters just by sitting by Tinuviel as she plays. Here are ten things (in no particular order) that make her yell at her computer. (Or in some cases cry with frustration).

(Yeah – ok – so some of them are my bugbears too :-)).

1. Trap breakers.

Ok. Kind of obvious this one. But if its so obvious, how come so many people screw it up. Only tanks or Hunters should be breaking Hunter traps. Tanks when they’re ready to kill that mob, or Hunters when they need to retrap before the trap breaks and the mob runs off to kill the healer.

And if the trap breaks early. Leave your Hunter friend to retrap unless they ask for help. They definitely can’t retrap once you’ve put your DoT on their target.

2. Hunters who can’t chain trap.

¬†A Hunter’s CC doesn’t last as long as other classes’ CCs. Sheep and Shackles last a lot longer. So if you’re serious about raiding, you need to be able to chain trap. No excuses.

The Mage should be asked to CC before the Hunter. And their sheep should be further down the kill list. But once in a while (or all the time in Kara), you will be asked to help with CC. So get kiting those Clefthoofs into Telaar.

I’m a resto Druid (=no aggro dump), so my wallet is painfully aware that poor trapping = big armor bill for the tree dude. Same goes for trap breaking. (Never seems to be the guy who broke it who dies).

3. Hunters who equip +Strength gear.

I’m really not sure what’s going on here. I see a lot of Hunters with +Strength items. Strength is fine if its a minor stat that came because you equipped the item for a useful stat. But this does nothing for a Hunter (although see item 4). If even a Druid knows this, how hard can it be to remember?

Buying gems and BG gear for +Strength Рjust say no. 

4. Melee Hunters.

Maybe this goes with item 3. If you want your Hunter to be a melee class, then you might as well go ahead and equip for +Strength.

But wait a minute. What’s that animal thingy standing by you? What do you use that for again?

5.¬†Healers who¬†don’t heal pets.

Ok. So pets should never take priority over players*. But healers should remember that a BM Hunter’s pet can account for 40% or more of their owner’s total damage. Pet health bars are hard to see in the standard UI, so get yourself an addon like Grid that shows the pet’s health the same size as everyone else’s, but puts them in their own group so you don’t get confused between people and pets.

*Exception – If the player is doing less damage than the pet, then the healer should let him die and keep the pet alive. (And tell him afterwards why you did it – whether you wsp or shout that depends on how bad they were and how much you like them ;-))

6. Rogues.

Tinuviel’s bete-noire of the BG. Nothing surpasses the frustration of being stunned the whole time a rogue is taking you from 100% health to ex-Hunter. But at least Hunters have flares and traps to help a little.

(Tin is in the process of interviewing her Rogue friends right now. She lulls them into cooperation with a few easy question, and then hits them with “So what’s the best way to kill you in a BG?”

Funny thing is – when I rolled a Rogue twink, I could never finish anyone off. I’m really that bad at melee-ing. (But hey – you get more BG honor as a healer anyway :-).

7. People who kill critters in instances (just before a pull).

Picture the scene …

Zul’Gurub. The raid is lined up waiting for the tank and off-tank to make the pull. Trigger fingers hovering over our hotkeys …

Suddenly someone at the back sees a level one squirrel between the group and the target. Clearly a bigger threat to the group than the Elite dudes we’re targetting. He lets fly at the critter. Several players see the shot go off and dive in. The tanks are standing there feeling a little foolish as the whole raid dies around them. Then they die too.

Serious question though – why do people kill critters in instances? Do they really need that extra couple of damage points? Or do they just really hate spiders and snakes?

8. Not doing your homework.

“Right. First we attack Midnight. Then the Hunter appears and the second tank takes him. Hunters use Misdirection to help the tank pick him up. They the Huntsman mounts Midnight when Midnight reaches what percentage health, Jenkins? … What’s wrong Jenkins? Didn’t you do your homework last night?”

Its your first ever Kara run, and you didn’t read about any of the Kara bosses during the whole week you knew you’d be coming? Weren’t you even a little excited about it?

(And – no – you can’t sheep Moroes’s guests – they’re all Undead).

9. Guilds¬†with ‘No Hunter’ recruitment clauses.

We’ve seen this a lot recently. Or maybe its been going on a long time and we’ve only just noticed. The typical general chat recruitment spam will say something like:

“L2Raid are recruiting for our second Kara group. Need healers, tanks and DPSers of all classes (no Hunters).”

(Particularly odd, since Kara is very Hunter friendly).

This is seriously frustrating to a good Hunter who has devoted the majority of their game time to learning to play their class really well. Do they have to level a Priest to 70 and get that alt into a raiding guild so they can convince them to let them bring their Hunter too?

I have a few suggestions of why this might be so¬†(based on no evidence whatsoever – I told you I’ve never rolled a Hunter):

  • Hunters are the most forgiving class to play, so ‘not very good’ players will tend to stick with the class after trying and failing at other classes.¬†This means you’re much more likely to group with a bad Hunter, and so non-Hunters don’t realize how useful a Hunter is for a raid.¬†[Before you Hunter readers flame me, that’s not saying every Hunter is a bad player – far from it – just that there is a larger pool of not so good players compared to other classes].
  • Hunter mistakes are more obvious. You don’t really notice the misplaced CoA that pulled the wrong group and wipes you, but everyone sees your pet running off and coming back with a group of friends. (And every Hunter¬†has forgotten at least once to dismiss their pet before jumping down somewhere).
  • Or perhaps all these guilds just have a full complement of Hunters already (Hunters being the most popular class).

I’d love to hear your opinions on this. Post a comment with your thoughts.

10. Comcast.

We used to have Comcast. Over 20mbps download speeds. Would have been great for downloading these WOTLK patches. But the connection would die every 1-2 hours and take 15 minutes to reset (while our raid party sat around wondering if we’d be coming back online or not).

Comcast couldn’t fix it. So they started charging us for visits from their technician. So we switched to DSL.(DSL is a lot slower, but at least its constant).

[See Comcast Customer Service – I told you I’d start dissing you in the Blogosphere if you charged me for that visit :-)].


So  what makes you yell at your computer? Post a comment to tell us.

Behind every good hunter is a sturdy tree

Tinuviel has mentioned me a few times in her blog, so I thought I’d pop my head around the door and introduce myself properly. Anelf is a Tree of Life Resto Druid, and can normally be seen in Tin’s Kara and ZA videos standing somewhere at the back – quietly keeping LifeBlooms rolling on the tanks and throwing HoTs around the raid to keep them bubbling over. (Sometimes I even bang my drum when I think they’re too slow killing the boss to drop loot for me).

IRL isn’t much different really. You’ll normally find me sitting in a chair next to Tin, as we quest together through Azeroth. (Its easy to know someone needs healing when they’re sitting 3 feet away shouting at you :-). I also get early warning that someone broke her trap for the same reason. If you’re a resto Druid, you’ll know that [Broken Trap] = [Dead Druid] ūüė¶ ).

I’m the person who got Tin addicted to WoW when I bought her a copy for Christmas 2006. I got what I deserved really. For year’s she’d been complaining that I’d keep buying new computer games and get obsessed with them for several weeks until I finished them –¬†locking myself away in the computer room and ignoring her when she tried to communicate with me. (It’s partly her fault – I never tell her what I want for Christmas, so she buys me computer games).

Then came my cunning plan …

I set myself a goal to find a computer game she’d get addicted to. Then she wouldn’t complain that I was ignoring her. My advice to others with this idea is be careful what you wish for.

After my many failures with desktop games I bought her, Tin’s mother introduced her to Runescape. She wasn’t obsessed, but she played it more than any other game I’d seen her with. (Most of the games I bought her¬†never even¬†made it out of the cellophane).¬†So I bought a copy of WoW to see if she’d take the bait. Almost two years later, and I’m still not sure if this was one of the best or worst gifts I’ve ever bought: I’ve had to buy my own WoW account so I can talk to her when she’s playing; I’ve had to buy us both TBC upgrades; and I’ve had to buy us both new laptops so we can appreciate the Outlands graphics. And my boss thinks its highly amusing that I play the same game as his two teenage sons.

So be I’ll be¬†visiting here¬†occasionally with a few observations on being married to (and raiding with) a Hunter.

[BTW I wasn’t always a resto Druid. I specced Balance through to lvl 70. But everyone wanted me to heal anyway, so I gave in to the inevitable.]

Huntard’s Guide to Instances

The Huntards Guide to Instances :>P

Tongue is firmly in cheek here…

Ensure you have plenty of empty bag spaces for loot before you set off, by reducing the pet food and arrows you bring along with you, other party members will be happy to share.

Ensure your pet is on aggressive; this will increase the damage you do with your pet.

When attacking the same mob as the tank, spam growl with your pet (and Intimidation if you have it), to try to take the aggro off the tank and onto your pet, the tank will thank you for this, as it will reduce the damage the tank takes.

When jumping down or across any areas, don’t worry about your pet, he will find his own way around and will join up with you at the bottom.

When your party is ready to pull, make sure you shoot before your tank does.  This will help ensure the priest stays aggro free if they throw a heal on the tank at the wrong time.

Use tab targeting and spam auto-shot and multi-shot when it is off cooldown.  This will maximise your damage, allowing you to quickly attack any mob in the vicinity.  Tab targeting and pet attack also works well to send your pet in quickly.

If your party is in a tough fight, feign death early and stay feigned for the remainder of the fight.  This will save on armour repair costs and the annoying run back from the graveyard.

  When playing with warlocks, frost trap the mob they have thrown DOTs on, you can then leave the mob in the trap to die. (Warlocks should be told to DOT any mob you are about to trap before it runs into the traps for the same reason.)

Kill any critters you see in the instance, especially if you see one just as people are ready to pull. Critters can be dangerous if annoyed by AOEs and should be eliminated.  Killing critters helps your party, and is in no way distracting to other players.

Roll need on any maces you see, they usually have good stats for hunters.

Roll need on any items with strength and/or spirit on them, these are the best hunter stats.

Heck, roll need on all blue weapons, all weapons are hunter items (except maybe wands, you can let the mages and warlocks have those, they need all the dps help they can get compared to an experienced huntard).

Get yourself a sporebat pet, they are without doubt the best pet, accept no substitutes.

Oh and I more thing…

You regain health and mana faster if you sit down between fights, so type /camp to rest between pulls :>)¬† (please don’t try this at home unless you are a die-hard huntard)

And before you think, is she talking about me?¬† I didn’t have anyone I know in mind when I wrote it, it’s just a bit of fun, turning the advice on it’s head.