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Trial of the Champion – First Encounter

Patch 3.2 has dropped with no noticeable problems so far, although I turned my major addins off just in case (except for Grid, which worked fine).

First chance we got, we were into the new 5-man Heroic – Trial of the Champion in the Crusader’s Coliseum. There follows the best description I can prise from my frazzled brain. This is a confused account because that’s how the encounter was this first time – maybe you can decipher the rantings of this disturbed Druid ūüôā .

BTW My executive summary for the fight is that I found it was actually rather dull. (Sorry Blizzard).

Its rare you get to do an instance without studying the strategies in advance, but this time we just went in without planning and tested our luck – hence my addled brain. We walked into the instance, and found a bunch of jousting mounts standing around the side and a guy in the middle waiting for us to speak to him. Equip your lance, jump a mount, talk to the guy, then go make a cup of tea while he spends about 5 minutes announcing the fight.

Then a bunch of jousters from the opposite faction walk in and you’re on your way.

There are jousters from each of the 5 opposing races – 3 minions plus a boss (the boss is the grand champion of his race). You get to fight a random three of the five races. The first set of fights (the minions) were really easy (just like the normal tournament jousting), but then it all got a bit confusing because we’d not realized that once we’d killed the minions, the three grand champions all attacked together.

We all died at least once on the grand champions because of this confusion. It didn’t help that half the group didn’t notice there were a few spare mounts around the edge that you can run to when your first mount dies. I released my spirit and ran back into the instance to find all the enemy jousters ‘dead’ (presumably thanks to my teammates ūüôā ). We stood around waiting for something to happen for a couple of minutes until we noticed a group of NPCs standing to the side that we could attack. These were the bosses we’d just defetaed that we now had to take on again on foot. Each one is a different class with different abilities. All I know is I spent most of the fight yelling at people to stop standing in the green poisonous pools ūüôā .

Note: Remember to equip your normal weapons in place of your lances before you start the fight on foot.

After defeating these you get to fight one of two bosses – we got Eadric the Pure (the other is Argent Confessor Paletress). (You have to speak to the contest organizer to start the next round).

Again, before the boss, you have to defeat some minions. Now my recollection is that this was a couple of groups of three casters that you can just AoE down, but the comments on wowhead I just read seem to describe it differently.

Eadric keeps hitting the group with a ‘flash of light’ AoE damage and targeting a random player with a ‘hammer of the righteous’ that does a lot of damage and stuns you. Other than that is was pretty straightforward tank and spank. There are no adds in this fight.

Tip for this fight – turn away to stop yourself being stunned when he flashes (you get an emote to warn you).

Finally you get the Black Knight to fight (after speaking to the organizer again). The problem with him is he summons adds (ghouls) that spawn around the room (and quickly run for the healer). Some of the ghouls explode, and they’re pretty hard for the tank to gather in. You have to kill him three times – different adds in each phase.

The Black Knight hits the tank very hard. I was using more Nourish casts than hots, which is unusual for me.

Edit: The loot drops after each boss as usual. Its item level 219. And, of course, there and those nice Emblems of Conquest ūüėÄ .

Tinuviel’s Edit:

After completing this instance with our first five-man, in a slightly confused but pretty easy run, myself and another member of our party jumped on our alts (Blubear my boomkin in my case) to help some other members of the guild with the instance.  This run was much more difficult, and we ended up not downing the final boss, the Black Knight, proving that the group mix and/or coordination does play a big part.  Here are the additional things I learnt from my two runs:

  • Coordination in the jousting helps, especially when jousting the champions. ¬†Try and all focus on one target, rather than spreading yourselves out. ¬†Also, watch out for your teammates health bars, try and pull mobs off a team mate whose mount is low on health, by charging or lancing it repeatedly.
  • Once one of the three champions is unhorsed, he will lie on the ground playing dead. ¬†He will then get up and walk slowly to the wall and remount on a full health mount and rejoin the fight. ¬†To stop him, you have to ride over him on your mount, this will knock him onto the floor again and stun him for 15 seconds. ¬†Keep doing this as you are fighting the other champions.
  • Once all the are unhorsed they get up and fight on foot. ¬†Be careful here, your group is likely to be in the middle of them, riding over their bodies as you unhorse the last one. ¬†The tank needs to pick them all up, and the healers, ranged, need to get out of the middle of the group. ¬† We wiped on this part. ¬†If you do wipe, they reset by the big wooden doors where they came in. You can come back into the instance, eat and buff up and re-engage them when you are ready.
  • The three champions you get are random. ¬†The tauren seemed to be a shaman, the troll a hunter, we had a blood elf mage, the second time, and an undead who died quickly the first time and didn’t seem to be too much of a problem (edit: ¬†he’s a rogue and drops poison on the ground, move out of the poison). ¬†The first time we did them the tank gathered them all up, and we took the tauren down first, as he self-healed (and possibly healed the party, we weren’t sure). ¬†Then the others died fairly quickly. ¬†The second time we did this we really struggled for a couple of reasons. ¬†First, we wiped as when we unhorsed the third one as we were all standing in the middle of them. We didn’t manage to get them onto the tank quickly enough, so the healer died. ¬†When we came back in and they were by the doors, we had a bug, where the shaman was standing back into the alcove and seemed un-targetable by the ranged dps (kept getting line of sight problems). He was targetable by the melee, but they found it hard to move him. ¬†Third attempt, we concentrated on the shaman but the hunter and the mage were not focussed on the tank and were interrupting and stunning the healer and DPS. ¬†We finally too them down, and my addled brain forgets the actual successful strategy.
  • After the joust champions you get your rewards in a chest, and get to to talk to the tourny master to start the next round. ¬†This time you get 3 groups of 3 mobs on foot. ¬†They can be pulled separately and all pretty easy. ¬†Each group contained a priest, a paladin and an monk. ¬†We killed the priest first, then the monk then the paladin, but I am not sure whether it made much difference. ¬†Behind them will be the next boss, either Eadric the paladin or a priestess, the boss will engage once the adds are dead.
  • Both times we got Eadric. ¬†And yes turning around when you get the warning to ‘shield your eyes’ works.
  • Edit: ¬†Last night we did the heroic and the normal – on the normal we got Paletress the Priestess. ¬†Her trick is the ‘memory of a previous encounter’ this can be on of various bosses (we got cynagosa) ¬†– amusingly it can also be Hogger. ¬†When she summons the add, make sure the tank picks it up immediately, and all burn it down (she is immune and not attacking at this point).
  • My second group had a big problem with the black knight and finally gave up on him after several attempts. ¬†We failed to keep the ghouls off the healer, and failed to keep the tank alive. ¬†In the first group, I was misdirecting the ghouls and volleying them down. ¬†I used my wolf a couple of times to drag them off Anelf (turned his growl on), or shot at those on Anelf myself to attract their attention. ¬†In the second group I had some success with my moonkin’s typhoon – standing behind the healer to knock the ghouls back, and then using hurricane to aoe them down. But I was having to switch a lot between DPS and support healing.
  • My first group found the initial joust and the 3 champions a little confusing, and the zombies that spawned from the dark knight a tiny bit taxing, but mostly it was easy, and might soon get pretty boring.
  • My second group, found the joust and especially the three champions from the joust hard, and could not complete the dark knight. ¬†The two rounds in the middle (the three healers and Eadric weren’t too bad).

Crusaders’ Coliseum for Dummies

An overview of the new dungeon types and loot drops from the development teams Q&A session.  Bring on Patch 3.2, I’m excited!


The Crusaders’ Coliseum is the new 5, 10 and 25 man dungeon being introduced in patch 3.2.


5-man version (normal and heroic) = Trial of the Champion.

10 and 25-man normal version = Trial of the Crusader.

10 and 25-man heroic version = Trial of the Grand Crusader.


Each type of Crusaders’ Coliseum will be modelled similar to the Ring of Blood in Nagrand or the Ampitheatre of Anguish in Zul’Drak, where a monster is introduced and the group must defeat it gladiator style, before progressing to the next monster.  (Apparently, there are a couple of twists, but this is the general feel.)


The 5-man versions are supposed to be of similar difficulty to the current 5-man normal and heroic dungeons in game.

The normal 5-man will have no lock out, so can be repeated multiple times in the same day, however it does not have a daily quest.

The heroic five man has the usual daily lock out, and is included in the daily heroic dungeon quest rotation.


One phase of the Trial of the Champions is a joust.  It will be similar to that at the Argent Tournament Grounds.  The difficulty will be similar too, so horses will not scale with gear (it will not be necessary).


Champions seals will drop in 5, 10 and 25 man version of the dungeons.


5-man normal Trial of the Champion = item level 200 pieces

5-man heroic Trial of the Champion = item level 213 219 pieces (Edit – iLvl 213 was wrongly stated in the Blue Q&A post)

10-man normal Trial of the Crusader = item level 232 pieces

10-man heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader = item level 245 pieces

25-man normal Trial of the Crusader = item level 245 pieces

25-man heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader = item level 258 pieces


There is also a tribute run with extra rewards in a chest at the end.


10- and 25-man normal and heroic raids will awards 2 Emblems of Triumph per encounter.

1 Champion’s Seal and 1 Emblem of Conquest will be awarded per encounter in the Heroic Trial of Champions.


Tribute runs in 10 and 25 man heroic verions:

At least one player in the raid must have cleared the normal version to unlock the heroic version.

As the group works through the heroic version, a counter will be displayed, monitoring unsuccessful attempts.  A maximum of 50 unsuccessful attempts is allowed per week.  After this point the group is locked out until the reset.  If the instances is cleared before 50 unsuccessful attempts the raids loot is awarded according to its performance (it seems that the fewer unsuccessful attempts you have, the better loot you get.)


The tribute system rewards players no just on downing a boss, but on how effectively it is done.

OK, that’s the overview. ¬†To me this sounds really exciting. ¬†Firstly, I loved the Ring of Blood style fights, so having one I have an excuse to repeat daily, as well as a raid based around that sounds great. ¬†Secondly, like many people I am going to have to go back into heroics to farm the new Emblems of Conquest and Triumph for gear upgrades. ¬†There is no gear for me in any other heroic, but here is one that drops item level 213 pieces, and is fresh and new. ¬†Plus it drop Emblems of Triumph not Conquest, as well as (it seems Champions Seals).

The 10-man sounds exciting too, giving 10-man raiders another progression route besides Ulduar.  I will be interested to see how difficult it is compared to Ulduar and how the gear compares too.  But this all looks great!