About us…


“Everybody wants to know about me, how keen” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Who is ‘me’?  Tinuviel or the real me?

Tinuviel is a Night Elf hunter.  At the time of starting this blog she was at the level 70 cap in BC, on the US Antonidas Server, in the great family and weekend raiding guild, Soldiers of Fortune.  Don’t ask me how old she is, I have no idea, but she looks pretty young for an elf, with punky green hair.  She loves pets, raiding with her guild, exploring the world, fishing and cooking, and questing with her partner in crime Anelf.   Her favorite WOW activity is the Opera event in Karazhan (not sure why, just like the concept and the suspense of waiting to see which it will be).  Oh, and she likes killing stuff.  She doesn’t like anything girly and doesn’t do the elf dance in public.  She makes her money from herbs and potions (it’s probably what turned her hair and eyebrows green).

Update:  Tinuivel is now level 80.  I have to say my favorite event so far in Wrath was the Wrathgate cinematic and the follow on epic quests to Orgrimmar and Undercity with Jaina Proudmore and King Wrynn (awesome sauce).

I’m not a Night Elf hunter.  At the time of starting this blog I am a 30 something British female living in the US.  We moved over here 2 years ago with my partner’s work, and after a high flying job, I have been taking a deliberate career break to write novels, try my hand at blogging and feed my WOW addition (last part was unintentional).  I’ve just started a part-time job in a bookshop as a children’s bookseller, so that I can meet real people who aren’t gnomes with green hair, or orcs trying to kill me, while still giving me time to pursue my other interests.  I love pets (my siamese cat fights for lap space with my laptop and enjoys WOW time, as I sit still), exploring California where I live with my partner in crime, Anelf, and experimental cooking (i.e. I can’t follow a recipe to save my life).  I tried RL fishing once, but the fish gasping for breath as my brother took screenshots (oops, I mean photos) upset me (well, I’m asthmatic so I empathized), so I will stick to WOW fishing.

My alts.  I have altitis.  I keep curing it by culling the alts once they reach about level 26 (like some kind of WOW version of Logan’s Run), but it always comes back.  I’ve lost count of how many hunter alts I’ve started, though I currently have 4.  I currently have 8 active characters mostly on the same server, 7 alliance and a lonely orc.  Usually my characters are female, although my banker Piratejoe is the poor male servant to all these adventuring females, stuck in stormwind making money for them on the ah, and my orc HarryLime is also a male (love the dance and the sillies and not keen on the female orc model).  I also love dwarves and the dwarf culture and lore; goats are my favorite mounts in the game; and I would love to have a high level engineer.  But somehow no dwarf or engineering alt of mine makes it to 30.  They’re doomed never to ride a goat or make a mechanical dragonling.  My night elves desperately try to get IF rep to ride goats, but have never manage to do it before 60 in order to ride one of the slower goats.  But I have never made a night elf engineer, it seems very un-night elfish somehow.  Anyway here is my current alt list, until the next culling:

Updated list of alts, oh how they change:

  • Tinuviel – level 80 – Night elf hunter – MM/BM at the mo  -alchemy/herbalism
  • Piratejoe – level 80 – Bloodelf Paladin – Protection/ret – Mining/engineering
  • Bluebear – level 80 – Night elf druid – boomkin – Inscription/herbalism
  • Soupdragon – level 70 – Draenai shaman – banker – jewelcrafting/mining
  • Giltine – level 69 – Night elf priest – shadow priest – tailoring/herbalism
  • Curiousjo – level 52+ – Undead mage – leveling frost – alchemy/herbalism

I would really appreciate feedback on the site through comments to articles.  You can also contact me at shakyshot@gmail.com Note:  Spammers and other undesirables will be fed to the devilsaur.


“Feral for leveling. Balance because its fun. Resto because they ask you to heal anyway.”

I’ve become jealous of Tinuviel’s blogging success and so I’m trying to get in on the action – adding a little info on achievements, general game dynamics, and how to heal Hunters 🙂 . IRL, I’m Tinuviel’s hubby – read this post if you want to know how she got me into playing WoW. I leveled as a Balance Druid, but found everyone always asked me to heal so I gave in and specced Resto. Then I discovered I preferred the challenge of raid healing to raid DPSing.

At the time of writing, my non-banker alts are:

  • Anelf – Level 80 Resto Druid. Maxed out Leatherworker and Enchanter. My main.
  • Amaethon – Level 70 Affliction Warlock. A Tailor and Enchanter, who (very) occasionally kills a few things.
  • Anastasiya – Level 64 Frost Mage. Miner and Skinner (for the cash while leveling). Currently mothballed.
  • Viktoriya – Level 66 Ret Pally for leveling, planning Holy for end-game. Miner and very bad Engineer.
  • Stormshadow – Level 80 Holy Priest. Also a Miner and Skinner. I may have to change her name now she’s specced Holy.
  • Shambolic – Level 51 Enhancement Shammy for leveling. Planned to respec to Resto at end game to complete the healer set.
  • Shuggie – Level 20 Hunter. Struggling to live up to Tinuviel’s high standards 🙂 .

Tinuviel’s Pets

Mithril – wolf – formely known as Old Cliff Jumper

Silmaril – cat – formerly known as Sian-Rotam

Touche – turtle – formerly the boss turtle in Blackfathom Deeps

Beren – bear – formerly known as Ursius

Cat – cat – formely broken tooth – just because he was there.


11 responses to “About us…

  1. Awesome read. Looking forward for more of your first hand experience of hunters in the betas. Just curious what kind of novels do you write ?
    Not to double post * Regarding you experiencing both of my fav types of hunters (NE and Orc ) wich do you like best ?

  2. Thanks for the comment – glad you are enjoying the blog :>)

    As to novels, they’re children’s books aimed at 8-13 year olds; a modern day Alice in Wonderland set in a hidden library of lost and unpublished books, whose stories want to be told, and whose energies distort reality. Morris the hero, uses a wheelchair, his sidekick Rollo is a specially trained (but rather silly) helping friend dog. I have a small fan base of test readers who are waiting for the 3rd book in the series, but have yet to secure an agent or publisher :>( Still, I am enjoying the process.

    As to hunters, I love both the orc and the elf. However, I started mainly on the alliance (with a dwarf pally initially – RIP Weyland), and my guild and friends are over on alliance, hence that’s what I play now. So I would have to side with the elves. But then, they don’t have the great spoons and forks silly song :>(

  3. Cardinal Sin!!! You don’t have BRK’s podcast linked in the required listening section. :0

  4. Will rectify it immediately, Paul :>D
    It’s new, give me chance. And anyway, even though he’s my hunter hero – his head’s a bit big for his dwarfy boots sometimes, lol. Actually, it’s a superb podcast – everyone should go check it out immediately!

  5. Halp! I’m a hunter trapped in a priests body!

    I initially rolled a hunter (and yes, I have …err… well, more hunter alts than I care to reveal here) and while I enjoy my hunter the most, I find that it is my healer that my guild needs.


    Guild>>>all. So, I heal and in my holy heart lurks a mighty snake-charmer and dragon killer! I actually am enjoying healing and RPing my priest, but I miss the pewpew and I miss the pets.

    The point I’m trying to come to (yes, there is a point. ramblerambleramble) is welcome! I love hunters! I love talking to hunters! I want the world to see more fun, funny, intelligent, witty and wonderful hunters!

  6. Haha just relooked at this – and guess what? Smilla the level 19 dwarf engineer is no more – she really did have a red shirt on. I needed the space to make way for a horde banker alt for Harrylime, whose been wheeling and dealing, rather like his name sake.

  7. Torg (70 Dwarf Hunter)

    Hi there all WOW Hunters!
    What a great site I seem to have found here by sheer luck on a google search!
    I was just installing WOTLK and booted up firefox while i was waiting and hit a search for “new quest reward weapon in WOTLK” and amongst all the hits was this site.
    Great reading so far, keep up the good work!
    Anyway got to dash as it looks like I am ready to start exploring WOTLK.

  8. Great site !! Your sense of humor makes the dry process of looking up stats and specs and figuring out what you want to be in WOTLK when you grow up much more enjoyable !! Are there any other sites you can recommend with good Hunter info on them, its been very hard to find anything current. Keep up the good blogs!!

  9. Thanks for the support Jaslan, I’m glad you like the site! I read MMO Champion for the latest information, along with WOWinsider (although the hunter info on the latter is not the best imho). My favorite hunter sites are Less QQ, More PewPew and Diaries of a Marksman Hunter. I also check out Petopia and Mania’s Arcania for the latest pet changes.

  10. Bubbette says get back in the game! 😉
    Bladefist – Mything Persons – Alliance

  11. Hey there… 😉

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