Blizzard Birthday Campaign

Tin and I were discussing achievements last night (as she was writing her last post). Talking about other achievements Blizzard could introduce, we hit on the idea of birthday presents. Either:

  • An in-game present on the anniversary of starting your account, or
  • A present for each of your alts on the anniversary of their creation.

By coincidence, Abruzzi made a similar comment on Tin’s Achievements post, so we’re obviously not the only people who think it would be a cool idea. You get a Zhevra for introducing a friend, so I think at least a pet or toy would be appropriate for giving Blizzard $180 a year.

So a call to action:

This blog alone is still too small to exert any great influence on its own, and I’ve not noticed this being mentioned elsewhere, so let’s spread the idea in the blogosphere to see if we can persuade Blizzard to implement this. If you write a blog, post an article about this yourself. If you read blogs or newsgroups, post comments suggesting it.

And tell us what birthday presents you would value?

Tin wants a baby kodo for her birthday. I’d quite like a hamster in a rolling ball :-).


[And thank you again to Abruzzi for being the catalyst].


One response to “Blizzard Birthday Campaign

  1. My buddy told me nothing special will ever happen with Blizzard for out account bday’s mentioned the only thing we will ever get is saving $3.00 a month with buying a six month membership so me being bored while waiting to get my 10 arena’s out of the way for the week. I opened a ticket not thinking anyone would answer that late at night. “Lord Abruzzi how can I assist you this fine evening?” I am like yah Lord Abruzzi has a nice ring! But I am not a RP person so I told him to talk to me normal, and stated my case. Gave me the email address to put my suggestion in. That email I am sure you can look up on the blizzard web site I would have the link but I am on my black berry bored ass hell at work. Thanks for the blog! Abruzzi out!